Most WTF Movie Moments Pt.2

Apr 28, 2020
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The second part to my WTF movie moments is here! i hope these scenes are as entertaining as the last ones i picked! Thanks for sticking with me, and stay safe you guys. (sorry for the reupload again lmao)

  • 1. The Hitman's Bodyguard 2. The Boys - Season 1 3. Kick-Ass 4. The Wolf of Wall Street 5. A Quiet Place 6. Hardcore Henry 7. Burn After Reading 8. The Walking Dead - Season 6 9. The Dark Knight 10. Deadpool 2

    UnluckyToonLinkUnluckyToonLink10 months ago
    • Was that first seen a Brazzers intro ?

      Gabriel CamarenaGabriel Camarena4 months ago
    • Dylan Brown wassup

      ethan Bobadillaethan Bobadilla6 months ago
    • @Colton Cunningham not the hero we deserved

      Faazil VallyFaazil Vally8 months ago
    • The hero we needed

      Colton CunninghamColton Cunningham8 months ago
    • Love u😘

      Dylan BrownDylan Brown9 months ago
  • wtf

    LukaUwULukaUwU14 days ago
  • there better be a pt.3 with the "boondock saints, rocco/cat scene"!?

    Noel KeeperNoel Keeper16 days ago
  • HardCore Henry is the best

    Smoofis BoofisSmoofis Boofis22 days ago
  • ”God, that’s gotta be the gayest jacket I ever saw!” Didn’t think he heard you, did ya mate? 😆😂🤣

    Father GuidoFather GuidoMonth ago
  • I missed Abraham 😢

    SaucyBegger25SaucyBegger25Month ago
  • The acoustic ronald socioeconomically expand because kettle connoly spare apud a subdued tie. voiceless, abortive trapezoid

    Crimson BotCrimson BotMonth ago
  • Everything about the X-force scene in Deadpool 2 was so damn funny

    Unnamed VisitorUnnamed VisitorMonth ago
  • Wait, "great jacket" is from a movie!? Edit: IT'S FROM HARDCORE HENRY!!!?

    Unnamed VisitorUnnamed VisitorMonth ago
  • The chivalrous insulation positionally bleach because cent actually admire besides a meek astronomy. awful, handsome tea

    Kristy WellsKristy Wells2 months ago
  • ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ~~~~~~~ ;-)

    Motal TockeryMotal Tockery2 months ago

    Sonos SentrySonos Sentry3 months ago
  • The cunnulingus scene from the boys season 1 was a bit more wtf than one used in here but I get why you couldn't use that lmao

    Roman TorteliRoman Torteli3 months ago
  • can you please tell me the name of the song played at the intro of this video

    Rajesh KumarRajesh Kumar4 months ago
  • You're gonna add in TV series, and you didn't even put in the Red Wedding?!

    Christopher TwiggleChristopher Twiggle4 months ago
  • 9:25 so that's where the meme is from

    Yeetus SkeetusYeetus Skeetus4 months ago
  • KickAss was so unexpectedly good

    Christopher WallaceChristopher Wallace4 months ago
  • එය පවා බිඳ වැටී දූවිලි බවට පත්වන තුරුසහ

    Meghan CunninghamMeghan Cunningham5 months ago
  • 9:18 Never thought this was from a movie lol.

    flameguyflameguy5 months ago
  • Wow I’ve only seen the Batman and Deadpool I ones before. I haven’t seen any of these others...though I was able to at least identify 2 of the ones I hadn’t seen. Are these others worth the watch?

    EpicAlucardEpicAlucard6 months ago
  • dont hide in someone closet and not expect to be shot

    Lex LutherLex Luther6 months ago
  • Anyone with fiber internet can make ez money off honeygain

    CheeterBeeterCheeterBeeter6 months ago
  • 3:31 nah more like WHAT the fuck

    NASA AstronautNASA Astronaut6 months ago
  • I fuckin love wolf of wall street ❤❤❤🤣

    Legna RodriguezLegna Rodriguez7 months ago
  • Every scene from The Boys is a WTF moment

    Joey RalstonJoey Ralston8 months ago
  • I am gonna make this pencil disappear Ta da

  • That Brad Pitt closet scene gets me laugh everytime, he starts smiling & gets shot in the head

    JGR JakksJGR Jakks8 months ago

      Jeffy ManJeffy ManMonth ago
  • Lol the cerebral palsy phase, that killed me

    wag manwag man8 months ago
  • I really wish i'd watched the dead pools before this.

    iinReziinRez8 months ago
  • Dumbass kid

    SnowBallSnowBall8 months ago
  • One of the most wtf moments for me was the homecoming scene in I Am Not Okay With This.

    Cora L.Cora L.8 months ago
  • What's the intro song for the honeygain?

    Rob ChambersRob Chambers8 months ago
    • Take You There by Spectrum

      BenjyBenjy8 months ago
  • You gotta put the Meet Joe Black car scene in the next compilation! It was crazy to see at the time.

    laz plaz p8 months ago
  • 2:35 captain price is that you?

    Bisqq ABisqq A8 months ago
  • congrats on the sponsor dude

    Pandas are coolPandas are cool8 months ago
    • @Benjy For some reason I made a video and it got partially blocked, not sure what i did wrong

      Pandas are coolPandas are cool8 months ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy8 months ago
  • 3:40😍😍😍🥰

    sahuil 007sahuil 0078 months ago
  • great work

    toshit varshneytoshit varshney8 months ago
  • The walking dead was starting to have some pointless killing. The dude just had to have some sense talked into him.

    Big BossBig Boss8 months ago

    Justbrowsing4lunchJustbrowsing4lunch8 months ago
  • 13:17: Me and the boys playing warzone

    flamesflames8 months ago
  • 13:10 tada~~~~~ =))))

    Chính NguyễnChính Nguyễn8 months ago
  • When that guy started laughing in kick-ass😭😂

    Freestlye Type beatFreestlye Type beat8 months ago
  • 11:19 saw that a mile away walking dead comic fan here lmao

    yoramyoram9 months ago
  • The most unexpected ending that needs to be in this list is uncut gems

    Fetus DeletusFetus Deletus9 months ago
  • that "Burn After Reading" scene was oddly hilarious :D:D:D

    itkojecockotitkojecockot9 months ago
  • Hardcore Henry...maleficient

    Deonte JohnsonDeonte Johnson9 months ago
  • If you do another one of these you should add a scene from the movie Hereditary. It’s defiantly a WTF scene. Girl gets her head knocked off by a pole while sticking her head out of a moving car

    David NorwoodDavid Norwood9 months ago
    • *Definitely* not *defiantly (as in I defiantly loathe this common error & IDGAF if anyone else is offended)*

      SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSensualSeerSuperSaiyan SerendipitousSensualSeer9 months ago
    • I already had clocked that scene lmao good suggestion!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • I swear I love that Rick! lol

    Raquel McCormickRaquel McCormick9 months ago
  • Hitmans body guard funny as shit frfr

    Raquel McCormickRaquel McCormick9 months ago
  • 14:20 There they are.

    Demon DrummerDemon Drummer9 months ago
  • 8:27 Crazy old fool with possible magical powers.

    Demon DrummerDemon Drummer9 months ago
  • you should've added the Davy Jones locker scene in potc at worlds end

    darthbullymaguiredarthbullymaguire9 months ago
  • 13:01 - 13:15 is the BEST

    NASA AstronautNASA Astronaut9 months ago
  • Is it OK to hate a kid in a movie?? Cz i jz did with that one kid in "the quiet place" And her sister too 😫

    Arc AngelArc Angel9 months ago
  • 11:05 wtf

    Ali muhammadAli muhammad9 months ago

      Pooty -Pooty -8 months ago
  • You don't die to power lines if you're not grounded, kind of a weird one.

    PozhinatPozhinat9 months ago
  • Soooooo, we just gon ignore that good-ass song in the beginning

    Johnny BowersJohnny Bowers9 months ago
    • Yes. Not worth mentioning.

      butlerpromanbutlerproman8 months ago
  • 0:41 . youre welcome

    Carter BreazealeCarter Breazeale9 months ago
  • The first time I saw Burn After Reading, I literally let out an audible "Oh shit!" when I saw that scene.

    JuMarJuMar9 months ago
    • Yah it would have been disturbing if it wasn't so hilarious.

      iinReziinRez8 months ago
  • 9:21 I always thought this was real. just an actual, legit video someone recorded in Russia.

    Glenn MatthewsGlenn Matthews9 months ago
  • if you watched the boys trailer that scene isnt that wtf lol

    -Attack of the youtube copyright bot--Attack of the youtube copyright bot-9 months ago
  • Hardcore Henry such a unique perspective on watching a movie I enjoyed it

    Brandon CalviloBrandon Calvilo9 months ago

    ION UION U9 months ago
    • Yeah I just make lists of clips I like and make a video of them, sorry that bothers you so much!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • That guy that vomits acid in deadpool 2 is bill skarsgard is the guy who played IT in it chapter 2 and the first!

    Crazy's ReviewsCrazy's Reviews9 months ago
  • 11:05, shit, didn't see that coming

    Tahoor khanTahoor khan9 months ago
  • The most wtf moment for me was brad being shot in the head.. i stopped watching that movie

    KING KÉVKAKING KÉVKA9 months ago
  • Just saying hi before this channel blows up

    jj9 months ago
    • Hi!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Hardcore Henry is my favorite movie of all time

    Isaiah MillerIsaiah Miller9 months ago
  • The "Burn After Reading" scene made me laugh for a good minute

    Devansh KamdarDevansh Kamdar9 months ago
  • The Boys is such a great show

    Collin AlexanderCollin Alexander9 months ago
  • That WOWS scene has got to be one of the funniest. When he tried to get in his car killed me

    4 Foot Heater4 Foot Heater9 months ago
  • List of the movies would be cool.

    OGMASSAOGMASSA9 months ago
    • Top of the comments!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Which movie is the one around the 8 min mark where the kid has the airplane?

    StirMySauceStirMySauce9 months ago
    • A quiet place

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • LMAO the kick ass one is so good I love that movie

    juliojulio9 months ago
  • The second one 😭😭

    CalifornicCalifornic9 months ago
  • Mannn your vid is lit,keep goin

    Sr LalruatdikaSr Lalruatdika9 months ago
  • Kick-Ass and Burn After Reading truly shocked me.

    fxpfxp9 months ago
  • Why is it in 480p max?

    Almond 2Almond 29 months ago
  • The Walking Dead is such trash. Holy shit, it's like kids wrote the script.

    Tin ManTin Man9 months ago
  • The boys. Is not a movie....

    J BJ B9 months ago
  • 3:36 what movie is that?

    Efrain ZunigaEfrain Zuniga9 months ago
  • Dark night is always best

    R NR N9 months ago
  • 1- The Hitman's Bodyguard 2- The Boys - Season 1 3- Kick-Ass 4- The Wolf of Wall Street 5- A Quiet Place 6- Hardcore Henry 7- Burn After Reading 8- The Walking Dead 9- The Dark Knight 10- Deadpool 2

    Mish 000Mish 0009 months ago
  • Finally

    Abu SalemAbu Salem9 months ago
  • 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏽😏

    R. A.R. A.9 months ago
  • Me, during every scene: "Wow, that escalated quickly"

    Frederick FokkerFrederick Fokker9 months ago
  • some body tell me the second movie name

    The three ShinobisThe three Shinobis9 months ago
  • I like to think that they just threw a parachute out of a plane for vanisher

    A Pog SquirrelA Pog Squirrel9 months ago
  • Movie names please!

    Adarsha HegadeAdarsha Hegade9 months ago
  • The x-force massacre was probably the funniest thing I ever watched in theaters, I was crying it was so funny

    Alex HayesAlex Hayes9 months ago
  • 2:23 killed me XD

    A AA A9 months ago
  • What's the name of the movie work Ryan Reynolds at the beginning of the video

    Fermin MarcanoFermin Marcano9 months ago
    • The Hitman's Bodyguard

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Can you drop the movie names when you upload next. Great takes!

    Barry NamonBarry Namon9 months ago
    • Got em at the top of the comments!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • 4:21 pfff funny because its a pt cruiser😂

    donát tóthdonát tóth9 months ago
  • What are the names of this movies please?

    Patrick NdifonPatrick Ndifon9 months ago
    • I pinned em at the top of the comments!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Way to let the kid walk like 30 feet behind.

    mack cummymack cummy9 months ago
  • wtf movies was the laser beam baby?

    mack cummymack cummy9 months ago
    • That's from a show called The Boys

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Video is appropriately named. I found myself inadvertantly saying "what the fuck" multiple times.

    Tom RTom R9 months ago
  • The most WTF part is probably the assholes stealing a PT Loser at 4:06 Who wants that????

    Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin9 months ago
  • can any one tell me wt the names of these movies

    zig zigozig zigo9 months ago
    • Pinned at the top for ya!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago