Most Savage Movie Moments Pt.2

Apr 21, 2021
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Alright, I'm back! Today I got the 2nd part to my savage movie moments series. These are some of my favorite clips where our hero goes a little overboard (sometimes understandably, and sometimes not). Nevertheless, these are some brutal clips. I think the opening scene sets the tone very well for the rest of the video, so if you cant stomach that, maybe this one isn't for you. I attempted to add some newer movies into the mix like Tax Collector, but USworlds wasn't having it, so I stuck to the movies that I know and love like Inglorious Basterds and shows like The Boys, both of which are full of savage moments. Either way, I hope you enjoy!
Sorry for the long break in uploads, I was feeling a little uninspired the last few months and I was running out of clips. The way I make these videos is I build of lists of clips over time, and filter out ones that dont match or dont fit with the others. But recently I haven't been watching as many new movies, which means I haven't been building as many lists. I've just been focusing more on my studies, working out and spending time with my friends. I actually recently got invited to do a Co‐op internship at a company doing IT, a company called Sub‐Zero Inc.! I'm really excited about that. But recently I've been feeling inspired again so I decided to put together for a video for my awesome subscribers. I'm very fortunate to see that my channel has actually grown in my absence, so I want to welcome my new subscribers! Though I cant promise that ill be posting weekly like I used to, I am going to make more of an effort to post some more videos in the near future. I always try to put out videos that are high quality and that I myself enjoy, which sometimes takes time, as well as trial and error. But thank you all so much for sticking around and I hope you all are having a good 2021 so far.
and as always; I love you guys, stay safe and be good people.

  • 1. Kick‐Ass 2. True Detective ‐ Season 2 3. The Boys ‐ Season 2 4. Drive 5. The Punisher ‐ Season 1 6. The Irishman 7. Inglorious Basterds

    BenjyBenjy22 days ago
    • thanks for posting dude

      DeathDeath22 days ago
    • How do you do such a brilliant job uploading this without issues of copyright claim? I bow to you sir.

      Pandas are coolPandas are cool22 days ago
    • If you get a chance, watch Black '47. The "Police Station Escape" scene seems "Benjy-worthy" to me.

      Bruce LortzBruce Lortz22 days ago
  • Benjy's back babeyyyyy

    Suicidal_CookieSuicidal_Cookie5 days ago
  • Got to admit black noir would be a good dad

    Blcksn_Blcksn_6 days ago
  • It's always bugged me how Brad Pits bow tie keeps changing in the last part of the movie. 🇦🇺 🏴‍☠️

    ILikeTurtlesILikeTurtles7 days ago
  • Aye bro can I get a like since you liked everyone else comment?

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  • No one: Frank Sheeran: yee haw fucko

    Bubsy FinniganBubsy Finnigan7 days ago
  • The song playing during the punisher..? Anyone know it?

    Crön BensonCrön Benson8 days ago
    • Wish It Was True by The White Buffalo

      BenjyBenjy7 days ago
  • I’d love to see the inclusion of Arrow on these lists some time. It’s been around since 2012 and has some of the nicest fight scenes I’ve seen. Check out the 1x21 hallway fight, the 2x18 warehouse fight, or the 8x10 factory fight. You’ll get what I mean by any one of those clips. Thanks!

    Nathan CadyNathan Cady9 days ago
  • Gods bless Benjy, always a pleasure.

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  • FINALLY! P.S. Post when ever you can benjy. Your time spent on your studies and family/friends is more imporatnt..just don't forget us.😅👍🏼

    Ricky SarmientoRicky Sarmiento11 days ago
  • Best grunts/screaming in acting.

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  • It’s been a while!!! Good to see you back bro!

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  • You should do coolest stealth moments next

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  • God! Finally Benny! Bruh....I’ve watched and rewatched ALL your videos countless times! Sooooooo glad you came thru for your ppl with that 🔥

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  • As cool as Drive is, the elevator scene still hurts to watch. The way he kisses her is like he’s saying goodbye or something. Anyway great vid as always, and glad your back man.

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  • So glad to see the compilations back! Keep it up!

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  • Hey man, great video as always. It's been a while since you last posted, hope everything is going good with you in life. Lots of love. Cheers! Welcome back :)

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  • Aye ive been creeping the page lately, something told me there would be a new video soon!

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  • I just finished inglorious basterds last night and thought of this channel when watching that exact scene

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    • @Benjy kinda cute no homo

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    • Great minds think alike ;)

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  • 7:15 this scene was so soothing and calming. Almost like a dream.

    Vivek KaushikVivek Kaushik20 days ago

    Sayu_Beats „息子と月“Sayu_Beats „息子と月“20 days ago
  • People who complain about this not being movies specifically, please enjoy the fact that King Benjy uploaded and took his time to put this compilation together. Either way, welcome back, King Benjy.

    Broke Boi ChrisBroke Boi Chris20 days ago
    • Facts these comps actually help u find diamonds in the ruff that u might have never heard of 🤷🏼‍♂️ like for me cuz of this video I will definitely be checking out the Irishman which it’s existence was unannounced for me till I saw this vid 👌🏼🙌🏼👑

      Titus Trey-FrazierTitus Trey-Frazier5 days ago
  • I hadn’t watched you in so long that I had to go back and check if I’d missed part 1 not realising i watched it way back already😂🙌🏽

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  • Hope ur doin well, u find one of the best clips love to see it👍🏾

  • YO BENJY! My guy! It's been forever. I use to comment on your stuff all the time under Binx...but that account got banned. Good to see you alive and kicking.

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    • @Benjy So its your fault for reminding me you exist but when the next 20 mins of entertainment coming...

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    • Binx good to see ya man!

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  • God I hope you keep these coming they are fucking great. Don't try to push yourself yo hard tho. Shit can get boring we understand

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  • Hey Benjy! Got the notice during the day, but waited until the evening to watch. Big fan of Benjy after dark. :) Love you brother. Another fantastic video. You are the best!

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    • Always love your comments Paul! Love you brother

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  • Good to see you back. Still getting ripped I trust!

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  • That last clip is definitely the most savage ending in movie history

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  • Seeing Ryan from 'The Office' scalping Nazis is something else.

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  • welcome back benjy and congrats on your internship! hope you upload more as these are the only compilation videos that actually do the movies justice

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  • Out of every character of the boys, Black Noir scares me the most

    Empty VodkaEmpty Vodka22 days ago
    • Well, just remember that technically speaking, his name is Black Black

      Floyd ClemensFloyd Clemens14 days ago
    • Dude, Black Noir in the comics is a cold stone Psychopath, definitely check out the comic, it’s really good, and the characters are more fleshed out per say.

      Broke Boi ChrisBroke Boi Chris20 days ago
    • @HyperSami lmao true

      Empty VodkaEmpty Vodka22 days ago
    • Black noir ain’t so tough just carry around and almond joy

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    • It’s def homelander for me

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  • Man, back when I sold appliances before i got into IT I always wanted to sell a Sub-Zero fridge. Never did though as they were a bit pricey for my area's income.

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    • That scene is so disgusting, the person who created that is just sick in the head.

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    • I always love that scene in Drive, how he moves her into the light, gives her "a kiss goodbye", and then turns into a monster.

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