Most Savage Movie Moments Pt.1

Jun 12, 2020
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First things first, be warned because this is definitely my most violent comp yet (and probably the most violent im ever going to release). These are all scenes where our hero goes a little past badass and starts to push into “okay hes dead you can stop stabbing now“ territory. Dont get this mixed up with my badass movie moments series because these moments are meant to be over the top, so be ready!
Also, it took a while to make this video because I had to many scenes to choose from and I decided to cut out a few because they were a little too much. But if you're curious, these are the scenes I deemed “too savage“:
The Punisher
True Detective

  • 1. The Boys - Season 1 2. Legend 3. Daredevil - Season 2 4. Sicario: Day of the Soldado 5. The Walking Dead - Season 4 6. Inglourious Basterds 7. Joker 8. Sicario

    BenjyBenjy11 months ago
    • @Dan Pastor Just be Happy.

      John BrownJohn Brown11 months ago
    • @Dan Pastor No.

      John BrownJohn Brown11 months ago
    • love your videos man but you think you could add time stamps to the scenes? thanks

      Dan PastorDan Pastor11 months ago
    • Your comps are shit

      Jake CaplanJake Caplan11 months ago
    • Great compil..Thks Guy ! 7. Joker: what do you think of the tv show scene..?

      Armel KonanArmel Konan11 months ago
  • The final club scene w/Henry Rollins in "He Never Died"....

    Larry RichardsLarry RichardsDay ago
  • That Sicario helicopter shootout... woof, that makes me uncomfortable.

    Sept77Sept779 days ago
  • Man the last one was terrible.

    Ahsan UllahAhsan Ullah23 days ago
  • So we not gonna mention Jokers luck/skill with that gun to injure the third guy?

    Virus - 1462709Virus - 1462709Month ago
  • Great video! I was also thinking of the Iron Man tank scene

    Sneaky PilSneaky PilMonth ago
  • The church scene in the walking dead was also badass

    ÔTG RiqÔTG Riq3 months ago
  • 69,420th view BOIZ

    The Anti-Swag CorporationThe Anti-Swag Corporation4 months ago
  • Inglorious bastards in the thumb nail what a film

    ẞøøkzi wintzẞøøkzi wintz5 months ago
  • Very mistitled on this vid. Lots of these are from shows

    CHRISMED2CHRISMED25 months ago
  • Oh shit

    stayy Lit tstayy Lit t6 months ago
  • Prepping the next wave of boys to fantasize about murder? Proud of it too

    Jhon FamoJhon Famo6 months ago
    • Thats exactly my goal

      BenjyBenjy6 months ago
  • part 2 please!!

    Alissa TobinAlissa Tobin6 months ago
  • Legend looks like a real banger

    Christopher WallaceChristopher Wallace7 months ago
  • Can someone make a list of what movies these are

    RadicalralsRadicalrals7 months ago
    • I got the list pinned at the top of the comments for ya!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • more of this please

    Clum SieClum Sie8 months ago
  • whats the secont one

    Young KingYoung King8 months ago
  • Is rambo pulling the guys heart out seriously not here

    Spazo420voltSpazo420volt8 months ago
  • rick was not here to play games

    Stv1xX T1xXStv1xX T1xX8 months ago
  • 2:27 The guy smiles AFTER being shot between the eyes. WTF, LOL!

    Loretta MowellLoretta Mowell8 months ago
  • watch mojo sucks in general, but especially compared to this

    xXStealthSneakXxxXStealthSneakXx8 months ago
  • You know the Daredevil Punisher scene on Netflix was so bad ass that I pissed myself. But then they come out with the Punisher series and made it about gun control and they honestly talked shit about the vets. So I couldn’t stand it. I was hoping it would be more like that one scene for the whole series as I’m sure most red blooded Americans wanted.

    GreenMan 0352GreenMan 03529 months ago
  • -Not in front of my boys. You said it, *no boys-no problems*

    LUMBAGO TVLUMBAGO TV9 months ago
  • I'm so happy you include so many scenes from Sicario. They're so goooood

    AidanAidan9 months ago
  • You make some badass compilations homie

    gary johnsongary johnson9 months ago
  • As someone who is part german. I have absolutely no problem with seeing a Nazi getting his brains bashed in with a baseball bat.

    Walter HaleWalter Hale9 months ago
  • It's hard to do a good knife kill scene these days. Personally, a lot of them can come off as overrated so you have to do something crazy and creative went it comes to knife scenes today

    dannydanny10 months ago
  • Legend is just 1 giant savage movie moment after another.

    ShahiFriendShahiFriend10 months ago
  • 8:17 Brutality! Nightwolf wins!!!

    R33zR33z10 months ago
  • "Most Savage Movie Moments" - There's 3 tv series in the middle of this LOL

    Dinis SilvaDinis Silva10 months ago
  • Sicario dinning is by far the most savage thing I've seen in a movie

    Atomsk_StarkAtomsk_Stark10 months ago
    • @Alissa Tobin 😲 I never noticed that

      Atomsk_StarkAtomsk_Stark6 months ago
    • when he says dont forget about my daughter. the wife knew. lol

      Alissa TobinAlissa Tobin6 months ago
  • Never seem walking dead cause i heard it can get boring or bad at times. But that scene was crazy 😂

    Brian VincentBrian Vincent10 months ago
  • Bro you killed it with this 1 great job

    Jason MadlockJason Madlock10 months ago
    • Thanks!

      BenjyBenjy10 months ago
  • I was absolutely stunned that entire Walking Dead scene when I first saw it. Didn't even know how to react.

    ManaRawkManaRawk10 months ago
  • P R I S O N S H A N K

    Gak RGak R10 months ago
  • Hey Benjy! I've been binge watching all your content. It's the only thing helping me stay sane in these times. Keep up the great work 👍

    daviddavid10 months ago
  • nigga say what you want but if the zombie apocalypse is happening and someone show a lil bit of turn their back on me im killing them on spot lol...that nigga that got bitten by rick deserve it

    ZrD_AxLZrD_AxL11 months ago
  • make more brutal savage moment bro

    ZrD_AxLZrD_AxL11 months ago
  • Anyone else found him when searching benjyfishy?

    Lil BIBLil BIB11 months ago
  • Logan could have replaced the walking dead easily. I'm just being nitpicky, best badass moments vid I have seen so far, great work!

    Justin KincheloeJustin Kincheloe11 months ago
  • This is easily one of the best compilation sites on YT. Thanks for your hard work, much appreciated.

    Bilbo BigbollixBilbo Bigbollix11 months ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • Sicario kinda upset me. Obviously we have no idea what he must’ve been going through in that moment, but to kill children? That’s a bit much. At least he killed the mom first so she wouldn’t have to see her kids die

    MegamindMegamind11 months ago
  • Found your channel yesterday. I love the clips and the new movie choices. Thank you

    Djävlar BeatsDjävlar Beats11 months ago
    • No thank you!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • That man expects mercy from the man whose son he was about to rape?

    Zoë MacGregorZoë MacGregor11 months ago
  • I love Joker. Such a good movie.

    The Brown ManThe Brown Man11 months ago
  • It's back!

    Zoë MacGregorZoë MacGregor11 months ago
  • This channel never dissapoints, thanks for taking the time man.

    KraYarKKraYarK11 months ago
  • da man fam.

    Ochola JonathanOchola Jonathan11 months ago
  • Small part but amazing in my eyes. "Donnie!" "Yeah?"

    KingCookie 30733KingCookie 3073311 months ago
  • Congrats your video is back.

    IndianIndian11 months ago
  • Love this channel :)

    CazmaRazzCazmaRazz11 months ago
  • A on some 💯ish this channel is lit as f****great context family

    tony latrelltony latrell11 months ago
  • "Donny!" " *Yeah?* " "We gots a German here who wants to die for country, *oblige him!* " Makes me smile wide each time

    Jakob The VikingJakob The Viking11 months ago
    • @MrTmel123 Facts

      L RL R4 months ago
    • @Stephen Grigg Oh shut up! All these Nazi praisin' shits nowadays.

      MrTmel123MrTmel12310 months ago
    • @Stephen Grigg I won't lie, he took his death like a true soldier

      Jakob The VikingJakob The Viking11 months ago
    • I actually thought the German was badass in his own way. He didn't snitch, or cry or beg. He accepted his fate and wouldn't back down

      Stephen GriggStephen Grigg11 months ago
  • You can fill this whole video with Clint Eastwood

    William SmithWilliam Smith11 months ago
  • Do you monetize your videos? I have premium so i dont get any ads. I hope you do and you're making money because these are by far the best video clips i've seen!

    Hector MartinezHector Martinez11 months ago
    • @Benjy I hope you do bro cuz these compilations of movie clips are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      Hector MartinezHector Martinez11 months ago
    • Sadly I dont:( I'm workin on some sponsors tho! Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • Sicario man that was some cold ass shit.

    CJ PocketsCJ Pockets11 months ago

    Ivan MolinaIvan Molina11 months ago
  • love your videos man keep making these

    Rohit KashyapRohit Kashyap11 months ago
  • You seriously forgot the time when Sam Winchester beheaded Gordon with razor wire and the time dean slaughtered a house full of people because of the mark of cain.

    Alfie EvansAlfie Evans11 months ago
  • I'm dumb. What's the difference between savage and badass?

    Pandas are coolPandas are cool11 months ago
    • I explained a little in the description !

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • Love Inglorious Basterds!

    JOHN GRJOHN GR11 months ago
  • Holy shit

    Mubeen MoosaMubeen Moosa11 months ago
  • Movie?!

    Jake CaplanJake Caplan11 months ago
  • Time to Meet God

    z Kamiz Kami11 months ago
  • Have you seen Happy? I think you could pull scenes from that series to cover pretty much any of the categories you post :) Another good compilation as always, thanks man.

    martin swervmartin swerv11 months ago
    • Of course of course.

      stupid monkey805stupid monkey80510 months ago
    • I'll check it out!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • Business is Business. Thumbed Up! Great Work!

    John BrownJohn Brown11 months ago
  • The joker!

    Ricky SarmientoRicky Sarmiento11 months ago
  • You're channel deserves more recognition for being objectively one of the best compilation channels out there.

    StukevStukev11 months ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • That walking dead scene was fucking amazing

    juliojulio11 months ago
  • Why not "most savage moments on film? A lot of these aren't "movies"

    Slayer RunefrostSlayer Runefrost11 months ago
    • @Benjy gottcha, that makes sense

      Slayer RunefrostSlayer Runefrost11 months ago
    • "Movie moments" is a commonly searched term so it helps secure a place in the algorithm

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • You the f *in goat benjy!

    Jae!Jae!11 months ago
  • Great list man. Love the inclusion of Sicario.

    Magnar The BreadMagnar The Bread11 months ago
  • Why do you watermark videos that aren’t yours?

    The epic JuanThe epic Juan11 months ago
    • This is my video, it's an original compilation. I'm not claiming to own the rights to the movies just tagging my work.

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • Last one wins, hands down.

    nhaskellnhaskell11 months ago
  • Damn ninja cutting onions. That last scene is sad af. He'll not only live with the murder of his own family but also with the bitter taste of revenge on his hands.

    LoicLoic11 months ago
  • I think we were all suprised when Rick bit his neck off... I mean holy shit it was so damn brutal

    Z HendersonZ Henderson11 months ago
    • its more better if he just put carol savage moment tho

      togashi yuutatogashi yuuta10 months ago
    • Best way to fight imo. Animalist instinct combined with methodic thought process. Even better if you can trick your opponent into believing youve gone into a blind rage

      OneBirdAllStonedOneBirdAllStoned10 months ago
    • Its taken directly from the comics. Still an awesome moment, but the source material deserves its credit

      Stephen GriggStephen Grigg11 months ago
  • Jon Bernthal was such a thug in Daredevil. Damn I wish that show never ended Edit: that scene from Walking Dead is also unforgettable. So satisfying

    MajikMajik11 months ago
  • Oh hell ya another video from the best movie editor!!! 🔥🔥😭

    Phillip ChaidezPhillip Chaidez11 months ago
  • Yooo benjy my dude, would ya recommend watching the boys?

    Ronnius McRonRonnius McRon11 months ago
    • Absolutely it's such a crazy trip!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • Keepem commin please. And thanks for taking requests.

    Michael PipkinMichael Pipkin11 months ago
  • My fav is joker

    K N Naveen kumarK N Naveen kumar11 months ago
  • Yessir

    Steve RichardSteve Richard11 months ago
  • This definitely needs a multiple parts

    Eric PEric P11 months ago
  • The show happy has lots of worthy clips

    Miracle Alien CookiesMiracle Alien Cookies11 months ago
  • Bro... Benjy you really are my favorite USworlds channel always coming through with the best content! I love not having to try and remember all these movies, and just being able to come here and watch em all. Appreciate all the work bro. Keep killing it!

    Lurkin TurkLurkin Turk11 months ago
    • thanks my man it means alot!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • You are awesome man keep going.

    the albanian kingthe albanian king11 months ago
  • Forgot how well acted that scene was in Inglourious Basterds. The look on Donowitz’s eyes before he swings is insane

    OWEN TABEROWEN TABER11 months ago
  • This is by far the best movie clip USworldsr. No bullshit. Definitely deserves likes and any support you can give

    StatiC XtractStatiC Xtract11 months ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • Inglorious bastards is one of the best movies ever. No restraint what so ever.

    SackmattersSackmatters11 months ago
  • I love watching these videos faded

    Daniel SalgadoDaniel Salgado11 months ago
  • Benjy literally bringing the hits. Great video.

    Lane MyerLane Myer11 months ago
  • Some of these aren’t movies. Just saying

    *MEB **MEB *11 months ago
  • Bro that last one took a quick fkn turn, thx to that imma watch it. Keep up the work!!

    Angel 467Angel 46711 months ago
  • Out of "park"

    Rick ThomasRick Thomas11 months ago
  • We all need a plug for something and Benjy happens to be my movie plug💯

    King ChrisKing Chris11 months ago
  • Josh Brolin shows us a textbook cartel takedown. Class is over

    Doey JiazDoey Jiaz11 months ago
    • @Dakota Holland no, she was fine. Just a little bit of emotional trauma and scarred for life

      SpekzYTSpekzYT11 months ago
    • Pretty sure he shot her as well. Shot him through her actually

      Dakota HollandDakota Holland11 months ago
    • Except for when he shot at the guy holding the girl hostage multiple times while having the gun set to fully automatic, that wouldn't be a very good idea

      Sarbur GidegSarbur Gideg11 months ago
  • Love how you inserted the build-up too, rather than just showing the deaths without context, makes it much more interesting to watch. Btw have you seen S. Craig Zahler movies (Brawl in Cell Block 99, Bone Tomahawk, Dragged Across Concrete) ? Those movies have very raw gore and pure savagery, I don't know where you would put those in the list haha

    Razzi PermanaRazzi Permana11 months ago
    • i literally watched Bone Tomahawk after reading this, and it was absolutely insane and i loved it

      AjaxAjax11 months ago
    • The scene where the guy is split in half in bone tomahawk is probably more terrifying than most horror movies

      Stephen GriggStephen Grigg11 months ago
    • Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve seen bone tomahawk and it’s great I’ll have to check out the others g looks

      Nick PNick P11 months ago
  • Sun!

    Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson11 months ago
  • brilliant, very helpful when it comes to finding good shit to watch

    no nameno name11 months ago
  • As a German I actually enjoy watching a Nazi getting his brains beat in.

    Walter HaleWalter Hale11 months ago
    • "Nobody likes a Nazi"

      sam Jacksonsam Jackson10 months ago