Most Holy Sh*t Movie Moments

Jul 21, 2020
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Alright y'all I’m back. I’m sorry for leaving you guys with no videos for the last month, I had a rough couple weeks and then right when I got through it, my computer decided it didn't want to work anymore! Now I finally got my computer back after being fixed so I’m about to start posting regularly, and dont worry because I did not run out of video ideas.
Now I know what you're thinking; ”But Benjy, you already have a WTF movie moments video. how are WTF movie moments different from Holy Sh*t movie moments?“. Well Im glad you asked, my WTF movie moments video is more centered around funny or shocking scenes, while these scenes are more grounded and intense. Some of these scenes could definitely be included in a WTF video, but they ended up here. I hope you all enjoy!
Channel Update:
When I was looking at my analytics I noticed that since I broke my pattern of posting a least once a week, my channel views have dropped from around 300k views a day down to only 20k, so I’m prepared to have my next few videos have lower views until hopefully the algorithm notices me (plus the profanity in my title wont help but I’m not changing it lol). But even if it doesn't and my views stay down, I’m going to keep posting cuz idgaf and I love making videos for y'all. I appreciate all of you who stuck around while I was absent and so just for your patience, I’m gonna crank out a couple more videos this week for just for y'all.
Love you guys, stay safe out there and be good people.

and wear a mask

  • 1. Atlanta - Season 2 2. Ozark - Season 1 3. Dredd 4. End of Watch 5. Sicario 6. The Revenant

    BenjyBenjy7 months ago
    • Thanks

      Kevin CovinsKevin Covins26 days ago
    • Digging ya shit bro. Just subscribed 👍

      The Dallas Daniels showThe Dallas Daniels showMonth ago
    • Both Sicario movies have plenty of wtf moments. I can't wait for the third one now that the director has finished filming the Dune movie.

      Roberto BonanoRoberto BonanoMonth ago
    • That last clip was like and in depth version of bambi.. but with bears 🤓

      Rose 117Rose 1173 months ago
    • Good shit bro . Still waiting on bank robbery moments lol

      stayy Lit tstayy Lit t7 months ago
  • In the Revenant you can really feel the suffering. Phenomenal acting by Leonardo

    Johan LiebertJohan Liebert23 days ago
  • The words "Mama don't play" Come to mind with that bear attack.

    alsuncatalsuncatMonth ago
  • I'm still confused on the first clip.

    The Big Head EddieThe Big Head EddieMonth ago
  • How can he be wearing a mask and Still be ugly af?

    You know my name.You know my name.Month ago
  • 9:09 SHIII...ya know the Popo had some Big Brothers in the pen take some pipes to Fatman.

    1 Bad Jesus1 Bad Jesus2 months ago
  • Fucking Cersei with a machinegun is terrifying!

    Sam NSam N2 months ago
  • පුර පසළොස්වක පොහොය මෙවර එය වඩාත් නරක විය

    Cori ThomasCori Thomas5 months ago
  • I def gotta watch "end of watch" and "sicario" now

    Sylvia BarbozaSylvia Barboza5 months ago
  • Is Atlanta a good show? Cause holy shit

    Sylvia BarbozaSylvia Barboza5 months ago
    • It's a great show except it's not normally that action packed

      BenjyBenjy5 months ago
  • End of watch is fully one of the most underrated movies in recent history

    Rory AlcockRory Alcock6 months ago
  • Yooo holy sh-

    Gavantha _Gavantha _6 months ago
  • The end of watch scene really sticks in my brain , no pun intended

    Bipolarbear 4873Bipolarbear 48736 months ago
  • That scene in ozark was DEFINITELY a holy shit moment!!!!

    Mark millerMark miller6 months ago
  • Underated scene: Invasion USA/Chuck Norris/ once the National Guard opens fire on the terrorists. No CGI etc. great holy shit scene lol

    C Monster7DC Monster7D6 months ago
  • 4:00 Dude was like "No problem, I can always come back some other day"

    Hülegü El KhazarHülegü El Khazar7 months ago
  • My man put Ozark on the list 🙏

    Mike JonesMike Jones7 months ago
  • those ol skool toyota camry's making nice add on scene's and they can get up too.... get a camry if you want to drive away in style

    Lex LutherLex Luther7 months ago
  • End of Watch stars prominent Movie stars but it still feels like a documentary. Brutal as fuck!!

    Swapnil JainSwapnil Jain7 months ago
  • Damn i said holy shit lmao

    stayy Lit tstayy Lit t7 months ago
  • ~Come On, The BEAR Was Just Protecting Her CUBS, --Why We Always Infringing On Others Property, They --Ain't Got Much Now For What's Left, As It Is... LOL! :D

    Seniko UseniaSeniko Usenia7 months ago
  • That restaurant must have replaced all the stainless steel with kevlar.

    Shawn PurvisShawn Purvis7 months ago
  • here it goes the "That's not a movie" comment

    nac5000nac50007 months ago
  • Everyone has a plan until someone pulls an AK on them. It may even have been a fully semi automatic AK. Don't worry I know the difference between semi automatic and automatic, just joshing 😁

    vinniesdayoffvinniesdayoff7 months ago
  • Damn i love that 2:00 hmm fck with me hmm

    May there be Peace in the worldMay there be Peace in the world7 months ago
  • Every one a gem Benjy....

    Nosey ParkerNosey Parker7 months ago
  • Full ak clip and he lives... weird and shouldve tooken that knife out when you still had both arms

    john vangjohn vang7 months ago
  • Guns at 5:40: pew pew pew pew. Kanye West: no one man should have all that power. Also, np logical way that judge would have survived that.

    Bravian ShawBravian Shaw7 months ago
  • Some people in the hood don’t need guns. You hit everything it the right thing

    YaBoiMagicYaBoiMagic7 months ago
  • ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    Soldier 4lifeSoldier 4life7 months ago
  • Im glad to see you back! I hope you're doing much better now!

    GojiraGojira7 months ago
  • Ok that first scene is really holy shit

    AkenoAkeno7 months ago
  • So much for sleeping in the next couple of hours...

    banditBoy943777banditBoy9437777 months ago
  • My man tryna get the glizys

    Lilgermx 5768Lilgermx 57687 months ago
  • You know plot armor is being abused when the dude at the beginning missed all his shots with an automatic 🤦

    Rogue NpcRogue Npc7 months ago
    • Those registers didn’t stand a chance

      C Monster7DC Monster7D6 months ago
  • Hulk smashing Loki was one of those moments

    Thunda BawltThunda Bawlt7 months ago
  • 6:06 don't they see it's a goddamn warzone?! GET... YA ASSES... DOWN ON THE FLOOR! QUIT RUNNING WHEN YA GOT GODDAMN MINIGUN FIRE INCOMING?! but whatever, lotta recycled meats... i feel sorry for most of them... -__-

    Sean WilsonSean Wilson7 months ago
  • Question civilian. Do you guys wanna die?

    Cristian TolosaCristian Tolosa7 months ago
  • Great choices! THANKS 🙏🏻

    DeViLiSh AnGeLDeViLiSh AnGeL7 months ago
  • Welcome back 👍

    Mark JonesMark Jones7 months ago
  • How you didn't include the bank robbery shoot out in the streets from the movie "heat" with al pacino , robert de nerio , and val kilmer is ridiculous.

    Joseph MatteJoseph Matte7 months ago
  • What exactly happened in the end of that first clip? Was the chick shot or something? I haven’t watched Atlanta before

    Kane BehneKane Behne7 months ago
  • I love how the first guy is shooting his AK47 with his plastic glove on. Shoot the tires next time. They never shoot the tires.

    AnonymousAnonymous7 months ago
    • That's what I thought he did

      Bequanis LoobyBequanis Looby7 months ago
  • One thing you should always learn if the criminal is running away STOP SHOOTING, Or it will be you who goes to prison

    steven csteven c7 months ago
  • damn Son !! never saw some of these pcs Good show

    Ronald RickardRonald Rickard7 months ago
  • Glad to see your back man. Awesome clips as always

    Mike 3161616Mike 31616167 months ago
  • Was that the this is it restaurant in the beginning?

    恚Λᴍʙɪᴛɪᴏɴッ恚Λᴍʙɪᴛɪᴏɴッ7 months ago
  • Just an average night in Chicago.

    chrisjpfaff314chrisjpfaff3147 months ago
  • when a poindexter looking dude with an AR pointed at u tells u not to do something and then begins to back away, DO NOT do what he told u not to do!

    jackson_craft_gaming Scatesjackson_craft_gaming Scates7 months ago
  • Scenes like the one from dredd never made sense to me; how tf do the baddies know where the protag is running when they're throwing out a hail of bullets? The entire city block is a smokescreen and they're right on his butt 100% of the time he's running, but if they're just spraying the area to get him, how do they never pass over him? Ya know what I mean? RNG gods blessed them

    BuhklaoBuhklao7 months ago
  • Great clips!!!

    Dan KellyDan Kelly7 months ago
  • Even all the messed up lena heady still looks hot

    SpockBorg5SpockBorg57 months ago
  • Loved it when that ugly bitch got hers in Dredd

    Moe BettaMoe Betta7 months ago
  • That bear caught him slippy😲😨

    Not So Invisible LibraNot So Invisible Libra7 months ago
  • Sicario is one no nonsense movie.

    YesAwakeYesAwake7 months ago
  • This is my new favourite channel. Everything is just right

    roba wekuroba weku7 months ago
    • Keep up the good work.. Keep us intrigued

      roba wekuroba weku7 months ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • Bro great video ,and it would be dope if u did a best human or man vs animal scenes

    Jovanny HernandezJovanny Hernandez7 months ago
  • When I first experienced that scene from dredd. I was like Jesus Christ.

    quityourwaaaaaaquityourwaaaaaa7 months ago
  • The miniguns in Dredd and nice finish with the bear attack.

    Eric MooreEric Moore7 months ago
  • More like WTF moments

    Jordan GishJordan Gish7 months ago
    • Lmao right

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • End of Watch is the only movie that's ever made me cry. Extremely real and the characters have such beautiful and relatable lives. The ending is absolutely tragic, man

    A ToiletA Toilet7 months ago
    • Me too man ripped my heart out

      Bipolarbear 4873Bipolarbear 48736 months ago
  • Excrement is unholy. All nonbelievers are currently eternally pathetic.

    CauseAndEffectCauseAndEffect7 months ago
    • Warning. Incel that will never get laid ;)

      TheIcelandicGeekTheIcelandicGeek7 months ago
  • Good ones, all of them!!

    Michael BordenMichael Borden7 months ago
    • Thanks!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • Beginning and end of the wild bunch. Changed my life

    larry robinsonlarry robinson7 months ago
  • Rolls up to drive through: Ill have two number nines, a number nine large..

    Dr. Hugo G. HackenbushDr. Hugo G. Hackenbush7 months ago
    • Sorry, I've only got an AK 74

      Carl MagrathCarl Magrath7 months ago
    • two number forty fives 😁😁😂😆

      Rick TheWriterRick TheWriter7 months ago
  • Haha..AK47 at a 2-Meter-Range no hit...4 sure!

    Ste phenSte phen7 months ago
  • Tay k!!!

    Theelast OGTheelast OG7 months ago
  • absolutely love your channel man

    big cheesebig cheese7 months ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • Thank you for giving Dredd some love. I was just wondering when you were going to put out another video.

    Michael PipkinMichael Pipkin7 months ago
  • I like this one. Keep these coming

    apocalypticalkitty1apocalypticalkitty17 months ago
  • That bear in "The Revenant" should have been given an Oscar as well in a supporting role. Awesome scene.

    Henning FuchsHenning Fuchs7 months ago
    • @Johnny Boom

      EmptyssifyEmptyssify6 months ago
    • Well it wasn't a bear. It was a stuntman. And it was motion capture with allot of cgi. So @Henning Fuchs could've meant the stuntman when he posted his comment. But you're just wrong.

      EmptyssifyEmptyssify6 months ago
    • @Emptyssify It wasn't.

      Johnny BoomJohnny Boom6 months ago
    • If it weren't cgi then yes

      EmptyssifyEmptyssify7 months ago
  • Two things of note from the first clip: -Why did he have an automatic weapon? -How did he miss???

    Good morning, Sunday morning!!!Good morning, Sunday morning!!!7 months ago
    • @Sleepy Toast Asmr STFU, it's a movie

      Good morning, Sunday morning!!!Good morning, Sunday morning!!!Month ago
    • @Good morning, Sunday morning!!! you're stupid if you think he got that legally lmao

      Sleepy Toast AsmrSleepy Toast AsmrMonth ago
    • Can't hit a barn. Ment to just scare. All bark no bite

      trashiest potatotrashiest potato3 months ago
    • @Good morning, Sunday morning!!! LMFAOOOO @FBI

      Alissa TobinAlissa Tobin4 months ago
    • Waited for the guy to come out instead of closing the guy down and held it like a 80s action hero

      Bipolarbear 4873Bipolarbear 48736 months ago
  • GOD!😎SHIT!!😎JAH!!!😎

    Hayden RichardsHayden Richards7 months ago
  • To be fair, the entire Sicario movie was a Holy Shit moment.

    RADIN SYAHRADIN SYAH7 months ago
    • Glad they wasted them all

      William LowryWilliam Lowry7 months ago
    • True

      Ryan BeckerRyan Becker7 months ago
    • @TheWow1323 that's how Latín Américans fell like hermano

      DavidP RochaDavidP Rocha7 months ago
    • Imagine that holy shit moment but for every single day you step out of your house. That's how we mexicans feel everyday.

      TheWow1323TheWow13237 months ago
    • yup

      DavidP RochaDavidP Rocha7 months ago
  • That bear fucked him up

    Logan KyllonenLogan Kyllonen7 months ago
  • The USworlds Champ is here!!! The name’s Benjy. This channel is what I started using USworlds for years ago in the first place.

    Javy MacJavy Mac7 months ago
  • Sicario needs it's on video of "holy shit" moments!! Several in that movie!! My favorite...When Alejandro wasted the cartel leader's family at the supper table, I literally jumped out of my seat!!!

    Emmett ReddingEmmett Redding7 months ago
  • Leos two hunting dogs the second the bear showed up: "ight imma ahead out"

    Taylor DaltonTaylor Dalton7 months ago
  • In the Judge Dredd scene wouldn't it be best to hit the ground and then crawl the opposite direction they're panning to? Just speculation on if im ever stuck in ahotel and mini guns are being fired at me

    Taylor DaltonTaylor Dalton7 months ago
  • 2:05 How do you miss with a full auto weapon at that range??

    MiSt 526MiSt 5267 months ago
  • (Gets out of car) (Initiative 94%) You want a divorce? You wanna take our money? I'll show you the meaning of ugly! (Body falls) (Initiative drops - 200%) ...yknow... there is too much ugly in the world already... (Gets back in car)

    Blaklyon Den RadioBlaklyon Den Radio7 months ago
  • Since Hollywood doesn't seem to want to make another Judge Dredd film, the creators of this "Dredd" should do a TV series. Netflix would be a perfect place for it. I absolutely loved this film, and it's a shame it didn't get a sequel.

    Steve 82Steve 827 months ago
    • Dredd was so so so so SO overdone, by God! I skipped through it.

    • Agree- loved Dredd.

      Joe GaleJoe Gale7 months ago
    • @Zombie Knight Yeh I liked that one too.... Till THIS one came out.. (y)

      Nosey ParkerNosey Parker7 months ago
    • @KJ the one with Stallone was more accurate to the comics

      Zombie KnightZombie Knight7 months ago
    • The one with Sylvester Stallone was better in my opinion

      Zombie KnightZombie Knight7 months ago
  • Don't write movie moments when the first two clips are from series!!!! DUMMY!!!

    Panta Rei 83Panta Rei 837 months ago
  • Not a good idea to poke a bear. Not even with a gun and knife.

    Abhishek PatidarAbhishek Patidar7 months ago
  • Bruh first guy with the AK is a stormtrooper.

    Ace TechAce Tech7 months ago
  • Ok the first one got me say holy fuck i wasnt expecting any of that

    goob doobgoob doob7 months ago
  • One of the few videos, I have seen in years, that actually delivers on the title. Whew, this was intense, to say the least.

    PatchupPatchup7 months ago
    • Thanks!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • I dont know what that first one was ,but not one holy or one shit from me. Whats happening to movies today.

    Steve MccartSteve Mccart7 months ago
  • Bruh how about Uncut Gems the end scenr my jaw literally dropped

    Alex CarlinAlex Carlin7 months ago
  • that bear scene...aint no freakin way im ever going camping again...

    Vessel of the AuditorVessel of the Auditor7 months ago
  • its a shame they didnt make a sequel to Dredd. that was a pretty awesome and gritty movie! and, i have never watched Ozark, but i do believe i will have to now. thanks for the upload!

    Guy Who Hates EverythingGuy Who Hates Everything7 months ago
  • Man Lionardo got fucked up bad

    DEATHDEATH7 months ago
  • The fuckin' bear....I know people don't rate The Revenant, but that scene on the big screen...Jesus Christ.

    Brad AntcliffBrad Antcliff7 months ago
  • dredd is awesome. people may not realize it's a knockoff of the raid but its badass just the same.

    Justin RileyJustin Riley7 months ago
  • I wanted the bear to win. She was protecting her young.

    Piet van den HaagPiet van den Haag7 months ago
  • I really freaked out when I saw the fight with the bear. Dam that was a good scene in that movie!

    DavidDavid7 months ago
  • Every fast food joint needs an AK in the event of "Karens"

    YellowPrimeYellowPrime7 months ago
  • Check out Act of Valor, the swift boat rescue scene. Actual Live Fire

    Dave WansleeDave Wanslee7 months ago
  • At some point firing 20mm like that I would think they start hitting something structural in that building in Dredd... Half of 'End of Watch' is those Oh Sh*t moments (and one of my favorite movies), I love the 'don't cut the vest' line when they load him in the ambulance...

    fooman2108fooman21087 months ago
  • Do people in the Sahara wear a mask?

    Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson7 months ago