Most Creative Hand-to-Hand Fight Scenes

Jul 28, 2020
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I feel like I've been slacking on my hand to hand fight scene videos, so here is two in a row for you guys. I think this is going to be the last video I post this week, from now on Im going to be posting on a weekly basis. But I digress, these fights are actually some of my personal favorites. These fights are all unique because one or both of the characters have a certain ability that affect the fight dynamic, even if that ability is just being Denzel Washington. I hope you guys enjoy these fights as much as I did!
Love you guys, stay safe and be good people.

  • 1. The Equalizer 2 2. Upgrade 3. Now You See Me 4. iRobot 5. Daredevil - Season 3

    BenjyBenjy7 months ago
    • Q

      Aleesha MariyamAleesha Mariyam16 days ago
    • Equalizer had WAYYYY too many chopped shots and I already poated a comment on one that was just 0/10 for scene editing and action commited.

      Black LiberalmanBlack LiberalmanMonth ago
    • Dare devil 2,equalizer1 &2 raid redemption1 2,Bourne 3.anything shaw brothers

      rashawn evansrashawn evans2 months ago
    • i thoght irobot was genmini man

      mega saiyanmega saiyan2 months ago
    • These are al my favorite movies

      Ski1lzSki1lz2 months ago
  • Bro you should put The Raid and The Night Comes For Us in this man

    M. Zia AkhtarM. Zia AkhtarDay ago
  • I love the Equalizer 2 fight scene, I just wish the front of the car actually looked damaged after hitting 3 cars

    Gitch FitnessGitch FitnessDay ago
  • Daredevil definitely!!

    James EllerbeeJames Ellerbee2 days ago
  • Besides the Equalizer those were all horrible.

    Joshua DuffyJoshua Duffy2 days ago
  • The adorable cowbell suddenly command because tomato inspiringly protect aboard a general gentle eyebrow. premium, assorted poison

    Thomas SThomas S4 days ago
  • 7:46 plot twist: origin story of the Hulk

    Fazil GokmenFazil Gokmen7 days ago
  • Ima try that jacket move

    SavenificationSavenification9 days ago
  • The fight scenes in all three seasons of daredevil were incredible

    L.L. CraftL.L. Craft11 days ago
  • Hell yeah this guy knows his shit

    Chris 2000Chris 200012 days ago
  • The Robot was just like: "Shii the amberlamps"

    Rodwil EstrellanesRodwil Estrellanes22 days ago
  • It's always the Malibus that suffer

    Joe BarrettJoe Barrett23 days ago
  • Upgrade has a terrible ending

    Usman TsamiyaUsman Tsamiya24 days ago
  • The Upgrade fight sequence is by far the best in this compilation. Very well choreographed, the camera work is well helmed and to top it all was made with just 3 million. One of the most underrated films ever!

    Jake SmithJake Smith25 days ago
  • Dare devil is action series.??

    kukúkukú29 days ago
  • Self defense tip, no martial arts necessary. Buckle up, Slam on the brakes.

    Matthew SpidellMatthew SpidellMonth ago
  • I love how in the first scene, the driver just casually does all that while driving crazily. What did he think it wouldn't get reported to police? Also how tf did those elbows prevent him from stabbing the knife into the driver's shoulder? He couldn't just eat one to get the knife in him?

    Orange WaterOrange WaterMonth ago
  • 1:49, He just drove the knife into his own right lower chest area. That shot was HORRIBLE. Lmao

    Black LiberalmanBlack LiberalmanMonth ago
  • Anything with a franco is NOT original. Lmfao

    Black LiberalmanBlack LiberalmanMonth ago
  • Wait didn’t that dude say “ Don’t get emotional “ And right after he teases him he gets emotional 😭 like wtf?!

    Kurtis sandbergenKurtis sandbergenMonth ago
  • Yo what’s up with all these Malibu’s? Like Chevy commercials or what?

    KieranklipzKieranklipzMonth ago
  • Equalize 2: I need a car thats indestructible like that.

    Richard DanglesRichard DanglesMonth ago
  • Don't fuck with a Denzel

    Joe CannabyteJoe CannabyteMonth ago
  • You have missed tenet🔥🔥

    C PoonkundranC PoonkundranMonth ago
  • What a bunch of garbage.

    Popeye the piratePopeye the pirateMonth ago
  • Now You See Me Was The Shit

    Zek AllenZek Allen2 months ago
  • Who ever made this video has zero taste in films. These so called fight scenes are shit. Denzel Washington can't act for shit. I,Robot scene isn't a fight. Watch Act films then you'll see how it's done.

    Exploring BeyondExploring Beyond2 months ago
  • pls can we have part 2 of this????? This is defo the best type of fight scene imo

    Charlotte SubbotCharlotte Subbot2 months ago
  • Garbage pics. For martial arts no Michael jai white or Donnie yen aka IP man

    rashawn evansrashawn evans2 months ago
  • John wick 1 an 3 and shaw brothers film,raid redemption

    rashawn evansrashawn evans2 months ago
    • And IP man 1-³

      rashawn evansrashawn evans2 months ago

    Gustavo HenriqueGustavo Henrique2 months ago
  • For your next hand to hand fight compilation, you should pick one from the AMC show Preacher, especially the My Sweet Lord fight and the Hallway fight in Season 4.

    Brendan MilburnBrendan Milburn2 months ago
  • Add inception and TeneT to this list.

    Auror '97Auror '972 months ago
  • 1:30 what movies this one?

    unknownunknown2 months ago
  • 13:45 lol it looked like he was practicing on a speed bag!

    John GateJohn Gate2 months ago
  • Arrow 6x03 - Car fight scene. Check it out

    Nathan CadyNathan Cady2 months ago
  • These Chevy adds are getting crazy

    Raymond ColchadoRaymond Colchado2 months ago
  • Now You See Me had way too many cuts, but it was a clever fight scene.

    Spud ManSpud Man2 months ago
  • Daredevil is an instalike

    Hrehan JHrehan J2 months ago
  • American action scenes have too many cuts and the stupid shaking camera.

    Digital Bitch SlapDigital Bitch Slap2 months ago
  • You peep the reverse emotional trump card played in upgrade mans basically gets called emotional but then brings out the emotion out of him straight up amazing

    • @Benjy yee

    • Nice catch

      BenjyBenjy2 months ago
  • Guess u dont fly that often

    oathkeeper kingdom490oathkeeper kingdom4903 months ago
  • 2:37 Jesus Christ he looks like a real life version of Joel from The Last of Us.

    ザバレタしないザバレタしない3 months ago
  • Oh for fuck sake, Stop throwing things at me!!

    sam Jacksonsam Jackson3 months ago
  • Daredevil gives a crappy show not only creative, but in all aspects.

    Giulyano Vinicius Sans SilvaGiulyano Vinicius Sans Silva3 months ago
  • I think I would have used the gun first

    The Partisan13The Partisan133 months ago
  • im confuse on who's the good or bad guy on daredevil

    Pierce RiotPierce Riot3 months ago
    • The bad guy is the guy murdering people in the beginning who says "I'm daredevil"

      BenjyBenjy3 months ago
  • 8:17 LMAO don’t you ever disrespect the Chucks

    St. ChristopherSt. Christopher3 months ago
  • This is the best

    Ski1lzSki1lz3 months ago
  • Daredevil fight scenes throughout the show are all so awesome,

    Belaze SBelaze S4 months ago
  • I robot was a ass whopping 😅🤣🤣🤣

    Terrance RhodesTerrance Rhodes4 months ago
  • 2:15 Would've severely fucked up his hand being directly behind the slide like that.

  • Cancelling daredevil on netflix was the worst decision ever. Great show. Great cast. Great fight scenes. I mean.

    GYU LKRCAGYU LKRCA5 months ago
  • Man why did he do the prius like that

    H SH S5 months ago
  • රොරි මාමා කෙනත් මාමා උපක්‍රම කරයිද

    Debra RobbinsDebra Robbins5 months ago
  • Daredevil is THE BEST show I've ever seen.

    Spartan B-193Spartan B-1935 months ago
  • Ur vids r awesome keep up the good work

    Christian AmadorChristian Amador5 months ago
  • gambit style

    Felipe PernambucoFelipe Pernambuco5 months ago
  • Upgrade is dope

    Bryan HanyBryan Hany5 months ago
  • yo is it me or does that daredevil scene just beat every one in the whole video

    Willy TeareWilly Teare5 months ago
  • Daredevil needs a season 4

    Aaron ForemanAaron Foreman5 months ago
  • I took my brother to see upgrade the day it came

    Ethan DiffeyEthan Diffey6 months ago
  • 10:30 and I was like what the? Until I figured out it was a transition to the next clip lol

    Supernova Enc.Supernova Enc.6 months ago
  • When I saw this title, the first thing that can into my mind was the clip from Now You See Me!! Thank you. And Upgrade looks awesome.

    Josiah L.Josiah L.6 months ago
  • "They Live" , "Quiet Man' , "Enter the Dragon", Drunken Master, Goldfinger -Hand to hand

    Chris PerrienChris Perrien6 months ago
  • Daredevil had the most realistic fight scenes I've seen in a super hero show

    Aniekan EbitoAniekan Ebito6 months ago
  • This guy Denzel is so fu*kin talented and dedicated, I literally don’t have any words to describe this person’s ability to transform in any person’s character, he played Malcolm X twice can you believe it? Twice?

    LoveLove6 months ago
    • @Denzel Julian lmaoo

      KitxuniiKitxunii28 days ago
    • Thank you men

      Denzel JulianDenzel JulianMonth ago
    • What other movie he played Malcolm x in

      nana acquahfulnana acquahfulMonth ago
    • Talent doesn't exist, look how much he gets for each role. He puts a dam good effort in to make more money plus these actors go to acting college & see acting coaches. So where's the talent!!

      Exploring BeyondExploring Beyond2 months ago
  • I took molly and acid and went and saw Upgrade in theatres. All I can say it was the best movie Ive seen while high

    Trapaholic DubstepperTrapaholic Dubstepper6 months ago
    • Sounds like quite the experience haha

      BenjyBenjy6 months ago
  • If y'all like these y'all need to watch The Raid 1&2 (language is in Indonesian) The Night has come Beyond Skyline Triple Threat Mile 22

    FuturisticTvFuturisticTv6 months ago
  • Upgrade Yeh!!!!👍

    KELEVRAKELEVRA6 months ago
  • Little Franco needs to do more action films.

    Eric AlstonEric Alston6 months ago
  • gotta see upgrade. Very accurate list, at least in terms of creativity.

    Brick Fox ProductionsBrick Fox Productions6 months ago
  • Hulk was still upset after losing against Thanos. That's why Bruce Banner didn't turn to Hulk.

    rocker handsomerocker handsome6 months ago
  • So daredevil is a n00b that just throws stuff at blind people rofl

    Sgt JohnsonSgt Johnson6 months ago
    • Tr0LL L0L0L

      Sgt JohnsonSgt Johnson6 months ago

    keat van lowekeat van lowe6 months ago
    • Full agreement. After the first screening,Upgrade instantly become one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies.A really great picture.

      CHRIS 83CHRIS 836 months ago
  • Hahahah this scene is incredible.

    Garrik EnglishGarrik English6 months ago
  • This list needs some raid in it.

    andrew grantandrew grant6 months ago
  • 7:45 I expected him to turn into hulk lol😂😂😂

    AakashAakash6 months ago
  • From where was that Daredevil fight scene. Was not he blind?

    vikas singhvikas singh6 months ago
  • Where the hell is Bourne Identity or Ultimatum???

    MedMan30MedMan306 months ago
  • Where can I watch upgrade?

    Shabae bradfordShabae bradford6 months ago
  • Everybody gangsta until computers fight each other on a 50/50

    The Sizzling DazzleThe Sizzling Dazzle6 months ago

    Greever2483Greever24836 months ago
  • 2:25 I can kill you with a bread!

    Wan Sakuga 作画Wan Sakuga 作画6 months ago
  • *7:47** Mark Ruffalo?*

    PETER ZARIPETER ZARI6 months ago
  • Hmm...idk if iRobot should have been on this list. Good movie but the hand to hand wasn't great

    Adrian FosterAdrian Foster6 months ago
  • The hitler looking guy just isn’t a good actor

    C fC f6 months ago
  • The fight scene you put together are the weakest, no creativity. You sir are silly 😂

    anthony museanthony muse6 months ago
    • @anthony muse How did that go to the world's approval? Also please enlighten me with what you think a good fight scene is

      Hrehan JHrehan JMonth ago
    • @Hrehan J true, I don't do shit for the world's approval. But you commented so that makes 2. Your in your emotions as if you made this video.

      anthony museanthony museMonth ago
    • There's a reason you have only a single subscriber, Anthony

      Hrehan JHrehan JMonth ago
  • Denzel Washington 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Jishnu SomanJishnu Soman6 months ago
  • Upgrade was was better than Venom

    ParadoxyronParadoxyron6 months ago
  • Creative but stupid. He should have stopped the car ASAP not carry on driving like an idiot. But it's a movie, so whatever...

    BikeHubBikeHub6 months ago
    • no, the idiot is you. if he stop, the bad guy had better chance and moreover the driver didn't knew yet if he was trying to kill him. so he deliberately drive in the wrong way to testify whether he notice or not and he didn't because his intention was somewhere else i.e., to kill the driver. So he drove in sway motion to off balance him.

      rocker handsomerocker handsome6 months ago
    • Yeah I agree. Still a pretty good movie.

      Digital CamaroDigital Camaro6 months ago
  • Go For Live streaming..... coldplaysX.weebly.COM

    Evan MeganEvan Megan6 months ago
  • You know *you* are the real Daredevil, when a poser is wearing your outfit and you can still go toe to toe with him, in a zip up sweater and jeggings.

    GorcStewGorcStew6 months ago
  • The Bullseye/DD fight was great, but the best scene in the series was the right scene with DD on the stairs/hallways. That may be the the best fight scene I've ever seen.

    Matthew FuraMatthew Fura6 months ago
  • I think on the last one you were subjective

    Y daddyY daddy6 months ago
    • I'm always subjective

      BenjyBenjy6 months ago
  • In first clip (Equaliser 2) he smashes the car into parked cars yet there's zero damage in the end shot. Moments like that just makes it laughable, and it happens far too often in movies.

    J SmithJ Smith6 months ago
  • Truth be told i cant see shit in the daredevil fight

    Savio Empathy AngelSavio Empathy Angel6 months ago
  • Did anyone notice the swivel seat in the 1st fight scene

    William Mayo JrWilliam Mayo Jr6 months ago
  • Cuts everywhere.. and too dark

    AsipAsip6 months ago
  • Where is John wick??????

    Clinton TerangClinton Terang6 months ago