Most Badass Movie Moments Pt.4

Apr 11, 2020
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It feels like forever since i posted a badass movie moments video, since all of my comedic exchanges blew up, but I definitely didn't forget about them. So i figured that Id compile this video for you guys who have been waiting patiently for part 4. It ended up being a little long, but I think the scenes I picked are worth the time. Thanks for watching guys, I appreciate y'all
Edit: sorry if the audio is a little inconsistent, im using a new video editor. at least I have better quality now! lol

  • 1. Skyfall 2. Sicario: Day of the Soldado 3. American Gangster 4. Legend 5. 30 Minutes or Less 6. Straight Outta Compton 7. Sherlock Holmes 8. Book of Eli 9. John Wick: Chapter 2

    BenjyBenjy10 months ago
    • Thanksman

      Sanket DhumalSanket DhumalMonth ago
    • John wick is bad to the bone or just say badass

      Lisa SwintLisa Swint2 months ago
    • Book of Eli is number 1 dude,

      ChristianChristian6 months ago
    • @Tyler Mcgowan yeah twins

      David De CuyperDavid De Cuyper7 months ago
    • @Tyler Mcgowan yeah twins

      David De CuyperDavid De Cuyper7 months ago
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    Amalita PeriniAmalita PeriniHour ago
  • The equalizer literally describes badass movie scenes

    Connor FeketeConnor FeketeDay ago
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    Thomas SThomas S6 days ago
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    zachary shapirozachary shapiro14 days ago
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    Vuk CeklicVuk Ceklic26 days ago
  • 6:01 yooooo

    lightapple 500lightapple 50028 days ago
  • Bruh Tom hardy is the best actor ever 😂

    BrazilianBurritoBrazilianBurrito28 days ago
  • 3:45 are you really treatning a man that pulled a gun on you like it's nothing in the middle of a crown? you're asking to get your brain checked by a bullet 11:13 if you see a blind man in the middle of the apocalypse, respect the man and don't think you can beat him easily 12:37 John Wick......enough said I'm surprised nothing from the Equalizer is in this list

    Sonic_ExtremeSonic_ExtremeMonth ago
  • This is all good but I would have thrown in that scene in the departed when Leonardo DiCaprio beats that mob enforcer with a coat rack. That scene was 🔥

    Justin HudsonJustin HudsonMonth ago
  • I remember that movie "kiss him, he meant kill him" as is the name of this movie. I watched it a hell of a lot years ago and I would like to one more time.

    Gizmo GamesGizmo GamesMonth ago
  • Man this guy deserves more subs. These comps are awesome!!!

    TheTNTwitherTheTNTwitherMonth ago
  • The smelly chord shortly load because taiwan expectantly beam amongst a adorable hawk. steadfast, thankful cricket

    Llewellyn VannoteLlewellyn Vannote2 months ago
  • Bro, that dude that made a fit cuz there was no shoot out reminded me of my little sister! I was dying laughing! XD

    Søuth DakøtaSøuth Dakøta2 months ago
  • “He’s in shock. I think he meant kill him.” Backs into the shadows.🔥

    Cheyanne CenicerosCheyanne Ceniceros3 months ago
  • 2:28 lol

    Ingram KaybenIngram Kayben3 months ago
  • if things are going bad for you, be thankful at least you're not a james bond girl.

    BuccaradoBuccarado3 months ago
  • i know you wanna make your money but do you really have to have so many ads? really annoying

    Alissa TobinAlissa Tobin4 months ago
    • I dont make any money it's the copyright holders who monetize my videos

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • we jus gonna ignore 007 finding a single shot of scotch more valuable than a woman

    NoBreadNationNoBreadNation4 months ago
  • Too bad skyfall had to settle with that 5 dollar helicopter cgi

    r_ elentless01r_ elentless014 months ago
  • *Shoot the guy in front of people* *Gets back in the diner like nothing happened* BADASS

    Kyudo KunKyudo Kun5 months ago
  • My time is really different

    Jose SantosJose Santos6 months ago
  • I don’t have a gun otherwise

    Jose SantosJose Santos6 months ago
  • Wher3 I come from you do it yourself n never on camera to make it look like a movie

    Jose SantosJose Santos6 months ago
  • I never thought we'd see the day Jesse Eisenberg is in a badass compilation

    Roman TorteliRoman Torteli6 months ago
  • 2:20 best way to handle road rage

    Heroic Knight101Heroic Knight1016 months ago
  • දේශීය වශයෙන් එතරම් නොවේ නිර්මාණය කිරීම පිළිබඳ තර්ක තවමත් පවතී

    Adelia FarmerAdelia Farmer6 months ago
  • The Sherlock fighting scene is just awesome man. Love the editing and camera work; and Robert Downey is just such a good actor.

    Jordan CardonaJordan Cardona6 months ago
  • The classic pencil trick Legends use em to look cool

    CyberSentientCyberSentient6 months ago
  • I watch all your videos over and over. I only skip the Skyfall scene. What a waste of good Scotch!!

    John BrownJohn Brown7 months ago
    • @Benjy 150 plus days in lock-down and I gave up business and just treading water. You my only friend 2020 I even gave up my vehicle insurance cause got nowhere to go..

      John BrownJohn Brown7 months ago
    • You're awesome John that means a lot to me!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • They bought a gun to a pencil fight

    benny kobenny ko7 months ago
  • Wtf is wrong with you weirdos

    Jose SantosJose Santos7 months ago
  • Epic line: You just brought a gun to a bomb fight!

    Max CashMax Cash8 months ago
  • A Fu*$in pencil

    Air FishAir Fish8 months ago
  • # 6 not for this top, patetic fight with the walls

    adrian beliciuadrian beliciu8 months ago
  • Eli hands down...but it was the bar fight inside/ stand alone. Best ever...

    SinistralxSinistralx8 months ago
  • With a pencil..>!

    AkintundeAkintunde8 months ago
  • හදිසියේ බිලී බලා ඉවතට හා

    Carmen PerryCarmen Perry8 months ago
  • "He's in shock. I think he meant kill him." And then backs into the shadows. BADASS!!!

    Zion NewkirkZion Newkirk8 months ago
  • When someone utters the "where's ma money" statement. You know shit's about to hit the fan..

    Flimsy RammyFlimsy Rammy8 months ago
  • If it was the old 007 he would have hip shot the glass off and pimp slapped the woman and forced her to make out with him😂

    PRT001PRT0018 months ago
  • sometimes i feel like the babayuga is overrated if he can get hit like that at close range by a musician.

    SIDΞKICKSIDΞKICK8 months ago
  • How did fat dude take a shot to the head then try get up again?...

    ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ8 months ago
  • thanks for the reference

    danilo gabrieldanilo gabriel8 months ago
  • Best ever😂😂

    John smithJohn smith8 months ago
  • people ought to start taking Denzel abit more seriously, if he says something he sure as hell will live up to it!

    Big Bad WolfBig Bad Wolf8 months ago
  • sherlock holmes

    Hemm HummHemm Humm8 months ago
  • Book of Eli one of my favorite Denzel Washington movies so underrated honestly.

    Raymundo PliegoRaymundo Pliego8 months ago
  • discombobulate!

    Nikola BabadzhanovNikola Babadzhanov8 months ago
  • How in chaos's name do you frakking miss a walking target at less than four feet with a pistol?!

    Michael MortonMichael Morton8 months ago
  • വാവു...👍👍😍😍❤️❤️

    Shinoob SomanShinoob Soman8 months ago
  • fck that scene with a pencil man

    ShizzlesShizzles8 months ago
  • Sicario Legend Eli

    Bo HarrisBo Harris8 months ago
  • We're not far from Eli😬😬

    Bo HarrisBo Harris8 months ago
  • You gotta do one of these with the fight scene from Second Hand Lions

    Skyler BroussardSkyler Broussard8 months ago
  • I love Tom Hardy.

    Josh JackzoneJosh Jackzone8 months ago
  • 11:13 thank me later.

    Fosi94Fosi948 months ago
  • 🔥🔥

    Erick EstevsErick Estevs8 months ago
  • 13:54 I always knew those #2 Ticonderosa pencils are good for something else....

    Jeff HartwigJeff Hartwig8 months ago
  • 0:12 I knew Anton Chugar wasn't lost to history...

    Jeff HartwigJeff Hartwig8 months ago
  • He just wanted a shoot out...

    Dank 2whiteforchainzDank 2whiteforchainz8 months ago
  • Was that a gun pellet the woman was using against john wick?

    Mad ClownMad Clown8 months ago
  • Add the scene from Unforgiven when Clint shoots up the bar and then says "any you boys that dont wanna die, best get on out the back" and they run like hell

    Daniel JonesDaniel Jones8 months ago
  • Turns out Tony Stark is a man of brawl, besides genius and wealth

    Fresh ArtzFresh Artz8 months ago
  • Most Badass Movie Moments....You mean all John Wick movies right?

    NaosNaos8 months ago
  • The Sicario 2 Scene is even more Badass because the dude just got shot in his fucking head.

    Unknown K.Unknown K.8 months ago
  • I liked when he was like '' ok I am done with those fools trowns a grenade and BOOM

    Omega CoolerOmega Cooler8 months ago
  • 1:20 where did the gun disappear?

    S.Barani TharanS.Barani Tharan8 months ago
  • විටත් දන්නවා මම ආහාර අසාමාන්ය කාල

    Ada SandersAda Sanders8 months ago
  • Pencil. A fucken pencil...

    john5nguyenjohn5nguyen8 months ago
  • The last segment, yeah that's just John Wick's average trip to his favorite deli during his lunch break.

    metatechnocratmetatechnocrat8 months ago
  • On měl druhý náboj Bond ve zbrani na JEDEN NÁBOJ? -_+

    Korewu AshKorewu Ash8 months ago
  • 2:19 movie?

    Lazy ClayLazy Clay8 months ago
  • Everyone a badass assassin until John wick kills you with a pencil

    Ian DanielsIan Daniels8 months ago
  • 2:20 That guy know exactly how to react to road rage XD

    InishizbablutInishizbablut8 months ago
    • Name?

      Comp- NightmareeterComp- Nightmareeter5 months ago
  • Hated most of it Figured out early densely was blind and director let Gary old man go way too nuts.Supposef to end of civilisation yet Kim is shows.up.looking like she.just went shopping on rodeo drive. Fact book was bible was meaningless to me.

    larry robinsonlarry robinson8 months ago
  • 4:36 how many fucking word in one sentences

    SUY BUN LONG-M4SUY BUN LONG-M48 months ago
  • John Wick has some interesting scenes but a wee bit unrealistic in how the other people move, just like the fat guy with the chainsaw in the book of eli how he had such a delayed overhead attack for the dramatic silhouette scene

    The LostThe Lost8 months ago
  • D I S C O M B O B U L A T E

    F VF V8 months ago
  • 3:42 me imagining myself in a fake argument in my mind

    Masked_GamerMasked_Gamer8 months ago
  • Badass idea. Make a channel that plays clips like this non stop. From all different eras. I would pay for that.

    Andy HAndy H8 months ago
  • Legend is such an underrated movie

    GhostslayerGhostslayer8 months ago
  • Ive met Denzel Washington before and actually had the chance to talk with him for a good 20 mins, hes chill and very polite and a very devoted Christian. so seeing him blow Idris Elba's head off is very unnerving for me.

    DeshiRyzeDeshiRyze8 months ago
  • I cannot stand tom hardys voice.

    Robbie PfunderRobbie Pfunder8 months ago
  • John Wick 2 - I didn't enjoy it whatsoever. Book of Eli was great.

    fxpfxp8 months ago
  • I dont think people realize that in "the book of eli" the man was blind

    Egyptian MagicianEgyptian Magician8 months ago
  • Gordon Ramsey: 4:35 - 5:40

    ItzZz DubstepItzZz Dubstep8 months ago
  • 11:36 Tis but a scratch

    Dank_ Vader69Dank_ Vader698 months ago
  • LOLOL@ ice pube being portrayed as tough. LoL

    Jason GilliamJason Gilliam8 months ago
  • Always a bad movie portrayal of violence. Real life will scare the shite out of you fucks!

    Bill LatimerBill Latimer8 months ago

      Bill LatimerBill Latimer8 months ago
  • Forget assault rifles! Now it's time to ban assault pencils.

    twombonutwombonu8 months ago
  • Sicario is really badass

    Edward CorpusEdward Corpus8 months ago
  • The Book of Eli is one of the most underrated films I’ve ever seen amazing story and writing

    XII ProphetsXII Prophets8 months ago
  • Guy - " Are you listening to me " Eli - "I am now" Guy - " Good " Eli - " you listening to me " Guy - " Yeah " Eli - " good, put that hand on me again and you won't get it back " And he never did get his hand back, that's the most badass moment 👌🏾

    Lorcan McDonaldLorcan McDonald8 months ago
    • @Ace Sym g Book of Eli

      sportslover213sportslover2138 months ago
    • What movie is taht

      Ace Sym gAce Sym g8 months ago
  • Dont be a woman in any James Bond film....

    MrEvldreamrMrEvldreamr8 months ago
    • jep every movie... eather they fuck em or killed them

      Luigis MoustacheLuigis Moustache8 months ago
  • That is one sharp blade

    9LiVeS42 09LiVeS42 08 months ago
  • This scene is amazing 👌🏽🔥

    peaky mindpeaky mind8 months ago
  • Throw in Scott Adkins from avengment

    Nickilus MercerNickilus Mercer8 months ago
  • John wick is the only person alive who can make a pencil intimidating

    Party TimeParty Time8 months ago
  • Ahhjjaa pinche gorda no se queria morir.

    Andres varela-salmeronAndres varela-salmeron8 months ago