(Lockdown Special) Funniest Modern Character Intro Scenes

Apr 15, 2020
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Changing it up a bit, today I got some of my favorite funny character introduction scenes. If you liked my past comedic videos, Im sure yall will like this one too, as I revisit movies from past videos. I hope these keep you entertained while I work on my comedic exchanges part 4, stay safe out there guys!

  • 1. Spider-Man 2. A Haunted House 3. Tropic Thunder 4. 21 Jump Street 5. This is the End 6. Cabin in the Woods 7. Step Brothers 8. Wedding Crashers

    BenjyBenjyYear ago
    • is it really Tropic Thunder? Lmao it looks like a parody.

      Septon SephgreiafieldSepton Sephgreiafield11 months ago
    • Daniel Montano-Lobe lmhyjf.kmhgkkjmmbbohfm,(n Jlkflojuyyhjfbgvc💰💰💰🛢💰⭕️🆑🈹🈹🇹🇰🇸🇸🇸🇲♠️♠️📣📣♠️📣🔍🔍🖌🖌🖋🧮

      Sandro LopesSandro LopesYear ago
    • ty

      Shkodran OsmanajShkodran OsmanajYear ago
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    • Benjy you need pcu

      Cam CrippsCam CrippsYear ago
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    Gwendolyn MitchellGwendolyn Mitchell29 days ago
  • Hey man haven't heard from you in a while where you at?

    A8TP 7A8TP 72 months ago
    • I got a video coming soon, just been real busy! Thanks for checkin in ❤

      BenjyBenjy2 months ago
  • The prickly driving dewailly excite because george aesthetically train astride a ten map. curly, bewildered blow

    Adam YasinAdam Yasin3 months ago
  • Not even kidding. Jameson not only looks like my Uncle except 10 years older 90%, but He Also Talks like my Uncle 100% lol

    John AkridgeJohn Akridge8 months ago
  • 3:55

    Ingram KaybenIngram Kayben9 months ago
  • 9:40 I don’t remember this part in Detroit Become Human

    Liglerian ALiglerian A10 months ago
  • JK Simmons in Spiderman was a fucking BRILLIANT casting choice

    Cory CantuCory Cantu10 months ago
  • Did anyone else notice they said the name Eddie in the first Spider-Man?

    HeadHunter33HeadHunter3310 months ago
  • 06:40 AND. 09:10 MOVIE NAME PLEASE

    MYTH T.VMYTH T.V10 months ago
  • I’m here to exorcise yo bitch maiyne 😂

    Quick ReactionzQuick Reactionz10 months ago
  • I need that BOTTLE BONG

    SquadShit 101SquadShit 10110 months ago
  • None should include Will Ferrell

    larry robinsonlarry robinson10 months ago

    Jack RiffleJack Riffle10 months ago
  • Jamison sounds like every CNN and MSNBC news anchor!!!😂😂

    Ghostdog InugamiGhostdog Inugami10 months ago
  • Moooommm the meatloaf .... FUCK!!!! lol

    delpierodelpiero10 months ago
  • Chaz is my idol..meatloaf!! Fuck!

    Coty HunterCoty Hunter10 months ago
  • after YTP Jameson Has A Conniption I can't take Sam Raimi's Spider-Man serious anymore

    Hernán FerrerasHernán Ferreras10 months ago
  • Loaded

    Please, Your name on ID. 2;Please, Your name on ID. 2;10 months ago
  • Thanks for the reminders of why I can't stand Will Ferrell, the least funny comedian of all time.

    Todd HagemanTodd Hageman10 months ago
  • Will Ferrell is a fking LEGEND

    Sagar RaoSagar Rao10 months ago
  • The bong in 9:46 where can u get one of those from?

    Ehsanul KarimEhsanul Karim10 months ago
  • Ice cube is a crack up!

    BTBT11 months ago
  • peter parket straight up cheated on his job yet eddie is "a villain" when he does the same. Bitch peter fuck u venom rules

    Black MulletBlack Mullet11 months ago
  • “Give him 10% discount, eh make it 5%”

    NoVeDNoVeD11 months ago
  • “If I was you I’ll just be out , let’s just go ..” 😂😂💯

    Kevin MartinezKevin Martinez11 months ago
  • I love that J.J.J. isn't blind to Spider-Man's good deeds and comes to the harsh truth that would be present, (The Boys-esque) like it being for artificially boosting one's image. Thankfully; Peter is just a good kid that still needs maturing and growth.

    Virus - 1462709Virus - 146270911 months ago
  • “I’m here to exercise your bitch mane”

    Mansy MousaMansy Mousa11 months ago
  • The title "Lockdown Special" is the most ironic thing coming from people who claim they live in the number one free country in the world. The data shows it wasn't necessary to lockdown any place because the places that didn't run fascist doctrines didn't have more cases reported than the idiots who did lockdown. Some places even had way less than what was expected. What do you keep telling citizens that live in a police state to pacify them? "You live in the #1 most free country in the world" [America land of the hypocrites home of the corporate media brainwashed] lolz

    0ne Zer00ne Zer011 months ago
    • @Benjy you English write much?

      0ne Zer00ne Zer011 months ago
    • You big mad

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • I always thought free cable was the ultimate aphrodisiac.

    KC Jimbob-OmbKC Jimbob-Omb11 months ago
  • Man dakota johnson in Jump street is looking super yummy

    Lin YLin Y11 months ago
  • There are more than 10 funny movies

    Stephen RyanStephen Ryan11 months ago
  • "MA!!! THE MEATLOAF!!!"

    Mr. StewartMr. Stewart11 months ago
  • shank a nigga, come in, read the scripture, shank a nigga, come in, read the scripture lol

    Joyson WildhartJoyson Wildhart11 months ago
  • Wait you're tellin me that at some point Ironman and Spiderman had sexual tension? Holy shit, do not bring this to fuckin tumblr's attention. Or maybe do... idk, this lockdown got me questionin everythin

    Notz LestradeNotz Lestrade11 months ago

    Jacob GarciaJacob Garcia11 months ago
  • “Dude died in a hand gliding accident...what an IDIOT” lmao

    Thatdude KyleThatdude Kyle11 months ago
  • Mom the meatloaf! FUCK!

    ErikErik11 months ago
  • 15:53

    Josh BlancherJosh Blancher11 months ago
  • “(Lockdown special)” is kinda cringy but whatever

    JJ BroskieJJ Broskie11 months ago
  • I have a crush on Jonah Hill now

    Jane RobinsonJane Robinson11 months ago
  • Ma! The meatloaf! Want to see 21 Jump St and step brothers again after this. If anyone cares.

    Jane RobinsonJane Robinson11 months ago
  • 0:07 🤣🤣

    Jose VazquezJose Vazquez11 months ago
  • Quickly beginning to realise this guy don't watch a lot of funny movies.

    Sam NielsenSam Nielsen11 months ago
  • My boi wasn't lying about the funeral.

    Shalom CollegeShalom CollegeYear ago
  • Cendric the entertainer funny as phuck

    hasarutoe tensakeyhasarutoe tensakeyYear ago
  • Kirk Lazarus is a fuckin legend

    Niko BellicNiko BellicYear ago
  • J.K. Simmons..... thee ONE and ONLY .. J. Jonah Jameson!

    1 Bad Jesus1 Bad JesusYear ago
  • Me: man, no one could do a better character intro than this Derrick: pow pow I'm Deeerrick and I can sing high like thiiis

    Madee KurmanbayevMadee KurmanbayevYear ago
  • "Do you have like a loaded gun? " It got me hard..😂

    Tali WallingTali WallingYear ago
  • Watched a few vids im hooked. U deserve the sub bro good work

    Cody RoarkCody RoarkYear ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy11 months ago
  • There's no better way to end this video.

    OrthoËpicOrthoËpicYear ago
  • Not gonna lie, Danny McBride's intro might be the greatest character intro ever

    ballisticmonkey999ballisticmonkey999Year ago
  • This is the end is just a sleep over during quarantine

    Fran DiscoFran DiscoYear ago
  • "Ik she look old. But she a freak. She got skills" lmao

    MajikMajikYear ago
  • What is the movie after Step Brothers?

    Shubham PawarShubham PawarYear ago
  • 10:33 SANS???????

    daviddavidYear ago
  • Crazy that j.k Simmons went from angry newspaper man to an Oscar winning actor

    Jamie CornwellJamie CornwellYear ago

    Trayvon MondenTrayvon MondenYear ago
  • Its fucking hilarious until an ad interrupts half the scene

    Concrete_ TurtleConcrete_ TurtleYear ago
  • MA THE MEATLOAF...FUCK!!!😂😂😂😂😂

    gpet4040gpet4040Year ago
  • I wanna pimp slap Derek and his son

    SaltySoulsSaltySoulsYear ago
  • 10:32 megalovania

    Morbidity100Morbidity100Year ago
  • Cabin in the Woods shout out 💚💚

    Ainslee SAinslee SYear ago
  • "I'm just living a dream!" - Chazz 😂

    Andres LopezAndres LopezYear ago
  • Derricks gonna be real disappointed when he finds out his son is gay

    michaelmichaelYear ago
  • Tobey Maguire couldn’t be Spider-Man on the avengers because of his Daddy Issues with iron man

    OGGY 1998OGGY 1998Year ago
  • Give this account more subs people!

    Bot Or DieBot Or DieYear ago
  • 10:40 that acapella kinda fire doe

    808 Villain808 VillainYear ago
  • I’ve been a bad bad boy, fava

    R BAS3LR BAS3LYear ago
  • 9:28 he locked the car with the window down hahaha

    LoveAllGirls TheyMakeMeFeelSoGoodLoveAllGirls TheyMakeMeFeelSoGoodYear ago
  • It’s funny that Robert Downey Junior been hangin with Spider-Man since the 2000’s lol

    Save Asher GersonSave Asher GersonYear ago
  • the big lebowski?

    Kristian AndersenKristian AndersenYear ago
  • Someone is a fan of toby maguire

    Cheddar Goldfish CrakersCheddar Goldfish CrakersYear ago
  • Me: *Rest for one second.* My mom: 4:51

    noah shadownoah shadowYear ago
  • which better actors that wedding crashers scene would be actually brilliant

    Andrew The KidAndrew The KidYear ago
  • LOL when Cedric says "Bru Im gonna have to level witchoo This bitch don't look right", crazy movie there.. Your mixes are great to pass the time.. Keep it up..

    Crash GearCrash GearYear ago
    • Thanks!

      BenjyBenjyYear ago
  • Come on man there’s so much pussy in the world 😂 love his character

    Mackenzie BarefootMackenzie BarefootYear ago
  • honestly the cover of sweet child o mine was pretty good

    Votic SpeederVotic SpeederYear ago
  • I need that mug @9:40 ASAP

    Jaime LeeJaime LeeYear ago
  • Eddies been on it for weeks... Oops

    JCJCYear ago
  • God bless you for these vids

    pmpmanepmpmaneYear ago
  • Ice Cube is just gold I swear.

    AllWillFailAllWillFailYear ago
  • Have you seen The Nice Guys? If yes, there's at least 15 clips to make a whole comedy video! If not, you really need to!!!

    Niranjan PrakashNiranjan PrakashYear ago
    • Love that movie!

      BenjyBenjyYear ago
  • You shank a nigga, come here, read a scripture!

    Niranjan PrakashNiranjan PrakashYear ago
  • Throwback to some awesome laughs! Brilliant video.

    Daniel BothaDaniel BothaYear ago

    Walter AlscWalter AlscYear ago
  • Danny McBride was by far the funniest person in This is the End

    sz_pandazsz_pandazYear ago
  • 8:49 which film?

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor PhilipsYear ago
  • Danny Mcbride blowing O's in the bath tub is a big quarantine mood.

    GVRD1ANGVRD1ANYear ago
  • Danny McBride wiping his pee off with his boot has been one my favorite scenes for years

    Julian DavidsonJulian DavidsonYear ago
  • That was the best scene in cabin in the woods

    Borge GushBorge GushYear ago
  • “Ah you are good with money... fuck...” Has me dying 5:49

    FlikFlikYear ago
  • You ended this one perfectly!!! The meatloaf scene is classic!!!

    Alex BairdAlex BairdYear ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjyYear ago
  • “James Franco didn’t suck any dick last night? Now I know y’all are trippin!”

    Van MorganVan MorganYear ago
  • I never realized Marty locked his car door but left the front driver window all the way down 😂😂😂

    Willie BWillie BYear ago
  • 12:41- When the guy who bullied you from school tries to apologise.

    Matt SalvianiMatt SalvianiYear ago
  • "Shank! A muthfucka!... Read the scriptures."

    Ivan CastroIvan CastroYear ago
  • I'm the only one who would love to wake up in the morning and find Danny McBride in my kitchen?

    John DonovanJohn DonovanYear ago
  • I thought that was Robert Downey Jr.! PMSL

    Motley StewMotley StewYear ago