(Lockdown Special) Best Modern Comedic Exchanges Pt.1

Mar 28, 2020
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I felt that in today's climate, we needed to laugh a little, so I decided to compile my favorite comedic exchanges of all time. If you're on lockdown like me and feeling a little down from all the darkness going on right now, I hope these clips make you laugh and keep you entertained while we are unable to see our family and friends. Stay safe out there guys and please, stay home if you can.

  • 1. Bad Boys 2 2. Deadpool 2 3. The Interview 4. The Longest Yard 5. Superbad 6. 30 Minutes or Less 7. Wedding Crashers 8. Ted 9. The Other Guys

    BenjyBenjyYear ago
    • Thanks man

      JombiJombi9 months ago
    • Seen 4 of 9. Not bad

      The Washington RedskinsThe Washington Redskins10 months ago
    • Helicopter scene from the dictator

      Jack PitmanJack Pitman10 months ago
    • thank you

      Pasta soupPasta soup10 months ago
    • T S haaaaaaa.............. Lets aim for the bushes.😏

      Shawzy BoyShawzy Boy10 months ago
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    Philomena HardyPhilomena Hardy6 days ago
  • 1:55 LMFAO 😂😂😂

    Billion Dollar BabyBillion Dollar Baby22 days ago
  • Vince Vaughn is so awesome

    131untouchable131untouchable24 days ago
  • “Breadcrumb trail of gayness”

    pedromcdodgepedromcdodge2 months ago
  • Lmao!! Classics

    John DoeJohn Doe2 months ago
  • "Dammit i shouldn't have let nick explode that time "

    Anthony Roman /A.R. ProductionzAnthony Roman /A.R. Productionz3 months ago
  • Move bitch get out my way

    Karla MarquezKarla Marquez3 months ago
  • Dude Jessie Eissenberg be in the best movies American Ultra Zombieland Now you see me and I totally forgot about 30 minutes or less than you for helping me remember such an awesome movie❤❤

    Chill VibesChill Vibes6 months ago
  • Why the fuck would it be between that and Muhammad?!😂 I swear I literally watch this movie every other day and never get tired this was that funny comedy before snowflakes truly took over

    Chill VibesChill Vibes6 months ago
  • This is way to funny

    Myka Scholten-NelsonMyka Scholten-Nelson6 months ago
  • 6:27 thumbnail and surprisingly I found that just randomly fast forwarding

    The DevilThe Devil8 months ago
  • What did we learn from the last one Lets just play cheap

    bram henstrabram henstra8 months ago
  • Weard to see Adam Sandler’s name related to something funny

    Mo2Mo29 months ago
  • m&m just pulled an uno reverse card on that talk show host.

    Shannon SmithShannon Smith9 months ago
  • Eminem: it's like gay peekaboo Me: laughing hard

    The Lyric GuyThe Lyric Guy9 months ago
  • No.

    Fred HerbertFred Herbert9 months ago
  • Bad Boys 2--that scene is real? Will Smith dropping N-bombs (minus the "r" of course) and F-bombs. Wow, that seems like a departure from his overall career.

    Adam SaxeAdam Saxe9 months ago

    Nick PowellNick Powell9 months ago
  • we ain't goin back.

    HuntagHuntag9 months ago
  • Rip caretaker :(

    tokyotokyo9 months ago

    DotardoDotardo9 months ago
  • I am a muslim and I know only 1 guy named muhammad.

    Astro.NomadAstro.Nomad9 months ago
  • Will smith holding dual Glock 17s is the shit.

    Lee DevilleLee Deville9 months ago
  • “Half a stars⭐️ vs superstars”

    Physoh MadnessPhysoh Madness9 months ago
  • You ever made love to a man? *no* WOULD YOU LIKE TO

    oofie just ate youoofie just ate you9 months ago
  • breadcrumb trail of gayness lol

    skerrkroskerrkro9 months ago
  • Will Toledo scoring beer to the boys

    donaliasdonalias9 months ago
  • “Why don’t I slit your throat and watch the dust come out!”

    Emilio ChavezEmilio Chavez9 months ago
  • Eminem not a good actor, he is in fact gay. No slight I mean he’s still probably the most talented rapper ever, but the guys really gay.

    Bogey BearBogey Bear9 months ago
  • Your piss hitting urinal sounds feminine 🤣😝

    rohan sharmarohan sharma9 months ago
  • That scene from wedding Crashers. I saw it theaters. Spit out my popcorn and was laughing so hard I could not breath lol

    Josh JackzoneJosh Jackzone9 months ago
  • You should put The Implication exchange from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Peroni PeroniPeroni Peroni9 months ago
  • One of the rare times that Will Farrell has made me laugh.

    Paul ApsleyPaul Apsley9 months ago
  • As a kid of the 80s, i didnt laugh even once...

    Max PaxMax Pax10 months ago
  • What happened to will smith

    Patrick AndrePatrick Andre10 months ago
  • The superbad mclovin scene is legendary but the tuna aggressively hunting lions with a kelp breathing system is pure gold

    saeeddeanablesaeeddeanable10 months ago
  • Mohamed is most popular name in the world

    Khaled SullimanKhaled Sulliman10 months ago
  • I need movie recommendations like SuperBad.

    Jay KayJay Kay10 months ago
  • I actually have the id at 6:26

  • Why is it so awkward to hear Will smith use the N word? I felt umcomfortable

    shuri kenshuri ken10 months ago
  • Hector omg

    TrentonTrenton10 months ago
  • U old sailor u😂

    Ty NokiTy Noki10 months ago
  • Wedding crashers greatest of all time

    True AlphaTrue Alpha10 months ago
  • "Gay twitters blowing up! Gay twitters blowing up!" Man all of Twitter is gay.

    Shivam GoundarShivam Goundar10 months ago
  • 11:00 OMG ! No I'ma tell YOU DIRECTLY TO YOUR FACE

    Brandon Robert WeaverBrandon Robert Weaver10 months ago
    • Roflmao!!!!!!

      Brandon Robert WeaverBrandon Robert Weaver10 months ago
  • the happiest moment for an actor is to receive an oscar the happiest moment for a musician is to receive the Moon man award. the happiest moment for a journalist is when a famous come out in your show

    william eiwilliam ei10 months ago
  • Eminem: im a homosexual James franco: meeeeaaaning?

    James MataJames Mata10 months ago
  • I'm surprised this is not on tiktok yet

    Humorous bg proHumorous bg pro10 months ago
  • McLovin. Classic!!!!!!!!

    C AC A10 months ago
  • ‘McLoooving’..great movie 😁😆

    Wasim AliWasim Ali10 months ago
  • You forget the James Franco scene in this is the end

    Sean OwensSean Owens10 months ago
  • Bread crumb trail of gayness

  • oh my god... he had his finger on the trigger!!!!

    Gerardo RamirezGerardo Ramirez10 months ago

    syksyk10 months ago
  • I ABSOLUTELY love that Reggie comes back for the next film. One of the best parts of the movie seeing him.

    GrandCanvas8012GrandCanvas801210 months ago
  • Facebook network movie guy is like the Kristen Stewart of actors.

    Ken YasueKen Yasue10 months ago
  • Guys.... guys.... hectors rectum is real

    TobesTobes10 months ago
  • Will Smith overdid it in the first scene

    The PMThe PM10 months ago
  • Eminem is gay in our show...fucking hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    Luis Martin PerezLuis Martin Perez10 months ago
  • more more more

    Abdellahi HeiballaAbdellahi Heiballa10 months ago
  • Haha you can't's handle yourselves coming out of the closet huh people's..... Hahaha

    J Chr GJ Chr G10 months ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/mI1_i4O5amF8h4M

    Mr.InternetMr.Internet10 months ago
  • Hectors rectum

    alla fine moriremo tuttialla fine moriremo tutti10 months ago

    jacob mjacob m10 months ago
  • *“gAy tWiTtErs bLowIng uP!”*

    motionsbygreenbirdmotionsbygreenbird10 months ago
  • Bad boys that scene never gets old lol

    ethoe vangethoe vang10 months ago
  • Anyone else badly find out why you get stars in Gta after watching this?

    eric13zombieeric13zombie10 months ago
  • why does this video have 5m views but he has 71k subs???? GUYS SUBCRIBE. He is making your days more fun.

    Almir Isejni 02Almir Isejni 0210 months ago
  • i think superbad its the best comedy movie from 2000 since now

    MrStrassenapothekerMrStrassenapotheker10 months ago
  • Eminem is gay af tho

    Kiss711Kiss71110 months ago
  • Owen Wilson can someday star as Donald Trump in future comedy skits, or documentary about his presidency its the same anyway

    Jeriel BJeriel B10 months ago
  • Mc lovin they said 25 but the real age was 27 lmfaoooo

    Dree The GodDree The God10 months ago
  • An Irish R&B singer ahahah

    Big ChungusBig Chungus10 months ago
  • they should have showed the scene from the other guys when allen’s wife said she was pregnant. “GATORS BITCHES BETTER BE USING JIMMIES”😂😂😂😂

    I GI G10 months ago
    • Ty Buck fr!😂 then he kept denying he was a pimp, “what are you talkin about”😂😂

      I GI G10 months ago
    • Lmao that gator storyline is genius

      Ty BuckTy Buck10 months ago
  • "bread crum trail of gayness" - eminem

    Mike Vincent FudalanMike Vincent Fudalan10 months ago
  • Where is Dinner for Shmucks at!? Let's be real here.

    CampinCarl80CampinCarl8010 months ago
  • Why is Thanos here ?

    Septon SephgreiafieldSepton Sephgreiafield10 months ago
  • "You a virgin?" "Yes." "Well you better KEEP it that way cuse they're ain't no FUCKIN tonight!" x'D X'D x'D!!!!

    Thomas GrabowskiThomas Grabowski10 months ago
  • 11:50 Lol I love how the whole time Mark Wahlberg looks like he is actually invested in what he has to say

    Iggy StardustIggy Stardust10 months ago
  • Thank you for this. This rocked!

    Dark Eagle777777Dark Eagle77777710 months ago
  • Another 1 bites the dust

    Jose SantosJose Santos10 months ago
  • Superstar vs half a star

    HenryHenry10 months ago
  • My god those scenes are awful.

    misiummisium10 months ago
  • "I shouldn't have let Nick blow up that time" lmao I love that movie

    jmacsssjmacsss10 months ago
  • The longest yard was the best movie ever

    Philip JunPhilip Jun10 months ago
  • Kid wit da bomb is my guy

    X8_DevX8_Dev10 months ago
  • Vince Vaughn is great

    Omnia ParatusOmnia Paratus10 months ago
  • That Vince Vaughn scene is so underrated. You motorboating son of a B you old sailor you

    3xtra Terrestrial3xtra Terrestrial10 months ago
  • The other guys is one of the most underrated comedies of all time

    Leo KellyLeo Kelly10 months ago
    • Actual Amateur love how mark walhberg keeps saying buy to sheela ahhaha

      Big ChungusBig Chungus10 months ago
    • Big facts. It's the spiritual successor to Step Brothers for me.

      Actual AmateurActual Amateur10 months ago
  • Gay twitter is blowing up

    timothytimothy10 months ago
  • The entire Superbad movie should be in this video. Don’t @ me

    Nick SotoNick Soto10 months ago
  • forgot tropic thunder 🤦🏽‍♂️

    ya boiya boi10 months ago
  • If Will Smith called me n****. I’d get scared and run.

    Pierce OBrienPierce OBrien10 months ago
  • "i pretty much was leaving a breadcrumb trail of gayness"

    kipptkippt10 months ago
  • Background laugh at 6:48 😂

    Alexander CAlexander C10 months ago

    Kamerad RetardKamerad Retard10 months ago
  • Fun fact: Mclovin lives in waianae Hawaii 892 momona st one of the most dangerous place in hawaii

    John ScanlanJohn Scanlan10 months ago
  • That had me dead and sadly but happily he said hector from Eminem 😂😂

    Hector LopezHector Lopez10 months ago
  • Joey Diaz got 3 stars for eatin too many mufflas’

    Joey BananasJoey Bananas10 months ago