Best Modern Villain Intro Scenes

May 17, 2020
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I already used arguably the best villain intro scene in my first character intro scenes video, Heath Ledgers joker. This time around I decided to focus on just villains, and I tried hard to make sure no two scenes were too similar. Sorry if my editing in the Departed clip was a little jarring, I was trying to shorten up the clip without skipping any key moments.

  • 1. The Departed 2. Dredd 3. Transformers: The Last Knight 4. The Dark Knight Rises 5. Inglorious Basterds

    BenjyBenjy9 months ago
    • A montage of forgettable Decepticons instead of Jokers Pencil Trick? You cannot be serious Benjy...

      David KotlarzDavid Kotlarz3 months ago
    • timestamps?

      Welt SiebenhundertWelt Siebenhundert9 months ago
    • Thank u king

      Saddek NedilSaddek Nedil9 months ago
    • original vs remake ;P

      TexasTom BoeTexasTom Boe9 months ago
    • 1 departed is soooo... infernal---affairs... (best movie ever!!!!)

      TexasTom BoeTexasTom Boe9 months ago
  • I swear to god mama in judge dredd doesn't blink when he shoots this is so epic imo

  • I’m surprised the guy from the profesional wasn’t In here, but transformers was

    Weird GuyWeird Guy2 months ago
  • A montage of forgettable Decepticons instead of Jokers Pencil Trick? You cannot be serious Benjy...

    David KotlarzDavid Kotlarz3 months ago
  • Amazing choices love them all The Departed Inglorious Bastards And The Dark Knight Rises my favorite😎 I love Bane/ Tom Hardy❤ Jack Nicholson Christopher Waltz all phenomenal actors❤ I love the departed because it's so underated so its not talked about a lot so stupid Hollywood can't fuck with it and Directed by Martin Scorsese And Leonardo DiCaprio Matt Damon Mark Wahlberg Vera Farmiga Such a awesome movie One of my favorites along with the Dark Night Trilogy❤ Thanks for uploading all of these

    Chill VibesChill Vibes4 months ago
  • My favorite part is poopstick then avouja shoshana

    Maximus907 WMaximus907 W4 months ago
  • අප තරම් සමීපව සහ අප සතුව ඇති හරස් යොමු කිරීමේ ධාරිතාවයෙන් එසේ කිරීම

    Cleopatra CarpenterCleopatra Carpenter5 months ago
  • Bro wheres the dark knight

    Ziter 910Ziter 9105 months ago
  • Jeez, she fell funny.

    R.I.P OBJR.I.P OBJ6 months ago
  • You kinda forgot duel of fates but imma let that slide cause it was made 21 years ago

    Kevin the TeletubbieKevin the Teletubbie7 months ago
  • where is Tai Lung ? There's no escape more badass.

  • As terrible of a movie the Last Knight was, those Decepticons had some pretty sick names

    Bamboozled NoodleBamboozled Noodle8 months ago
  • No one cared who I was until I put on the mask

    theMarvel geektheMarvel geek8 months ago
  • Aux Revoir Shosanna

    Antoine LamontagneAntoine Lamontagne8 months ago
  • you skipped the Bane part where he goes, "Perhaps he's wondering why you'd shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane." That line had such weight to it because it was the actual first time you heard him. plus it showed he was intelligent

    ButterMeMeatButterMeMeat8 months ago
    • True❤

      Chill VibesChill Vibes4 months ago
  • 2:00 min paradox. Oh yeah Funny!

    nickacelvnnickacelvn8 months ago
  • No villains can beat the German villains during the WW2. That's pure evil.

    Yi-hsiu LeeYi-hsiu Lee8 months ago
  • does anyone else find it weird the decepticons seemed to be based on the black stereotype and the only autobot based on that in the 1st movie was killed?

    systematic101systematic1018 months ago
  • I don't see how anyone can deny that Tarantino is a master filmmaker.

    Donald DadeDonald Dade8 months ago
  • Christoph Waltz made the rest of the list a joke

    ricex2ricex28 months ago
  • Christoph waltz can play your favorite person ever (django) and also be the scariest most intimidating guy ever. (Inglorious bastards)

    Thehenhen 7Thehenhen 78 months ago
  • hans landa - disturbing as hell but great acting

    Erikk Carte BlancheErikk Carte Blanche8 months ago
  • All those transformers on lockdown were LITERALLY personifications of Black Stereotypes....damn....

    Joshua CazoeJoshua Cazoe8 months ago
  • I got hit by a forklift

    Mondo CabazoMondo Cabazo8 months ago
  • The Dark Knight and Dark Night Rises have two of the best vilain intro ever. But Hans Lada is number 1.

    KhenpoDubKhenpoDub8 months ago
  • Hansen Landa is the perfect example of how you can be polite char. ming, and an absolute MONSTER. I remeber forgetting to blink durring the strudel scene. I was a terrified as she was, and still to this day dont know if he knew. I remeber that thanking God I didnt live in over there in those times.

    Rodney NobleRodney Noble8 months ago
  • The transformers names are really cringy.. lol dreadbot? Nitro Zeus?

    Josh StockJosh Stock8 months ago
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    Alendy SendaAlendy Senda8 months ago
  • My god that hans Landa is so painfull

    Billy the KidBilly the Kid8 months ago
  • My favorite Scorsese film is the one with that Rolling Stones song.

    sugarfreelemonadesugarfreelemonade8 months ago
  • Christoph Walz was absolutely terrifying as Hans Landa.

    Donny DonowitzDonny Donowitz8 months ago
  • The Last Knight was terrible but that scene was awesome

    Scissor LizardfishScissor Lizardfish8 months ago
    • The only good scene XD

      BenjyBenjy8 months ago
  • "Block legend says she feminized the guy with her teeth" OUCH!

    yeyo1990yeyo19908 months ago
  • Au revoir, Shoshanna! Hans would later regret those words.

    Booth BoothensonBooth Boothenson8 months ago
  • 10.17 - is a powerful film.... my best actor and scene --- it made chris waltz

    n x1n x19 months ago
  • Hi George Floyd --- cause hawark --- we want peace, theres always bad cop good cop....look they aren't black ... stupid humans 8each other ... love to all x

    n x1n x19 months ago
  • Bane was crazy good. But Hans... Hans is terrifying.

    ValhallaValhalla9 months ago
  • How do you make a great villain? Cast Christoph Waltz.

    Chiggy ChiggyChiggy Chiggy9 months ago
  • *No Heath Ledger's Joker?*

    Khan SkywalkerKhan Skywalker9 months ago
  • Hans Landa has got to be the best written villain I've ever seen. Just how he can go from a cheery disposition to stone cold serious at the drop of a hat is terrifying. And using other languages to trick his targets was genius. Evil, but genius.

    Ryan HussRyan Huss9 months ago
  • Great list but no Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War???

    ACE MusicACE Music9 months ago
    • @Benjy Understandable

      ACE MusicACE Music9 months ago
    • Disney would never allow that

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • The dude from no country for old men buying his candy wasn’t on here.

    jkl 931jkl 9319 months ago
  • 12:38 The change in his face

    AtomicPickle1AtomicPickle19 months ago
    • When you see a "back to school" commercial.

      Ryan HussRyan Huss9 months ago
  • cersei and littlefinger made the list

    UltimateLegandGamingUltimateLegandGaming9 months ago
  • A tamp after lighting is the sign of a real pipe smoker. Col. Landa is evil but experienced.

    grumblekingrumblekin9 months ago
  • TDKR was the first film where i genuinely felt worried for the main character, Bane was just too much of a beast.

    Doctor SamDoctor Sam9 months ago
    • I'm with you on that. That movie reaches a _really_ low point that most films (especially action) fail to portray, and it takes you with it... there comes a point when you feel almost as desperate for a resolution as the characters in the movie.

      Kitchen SpiderKitchen Spider8 months ago
  • Jack nicholson is without a doubt one of the greatest actors of all time.

    Michael DearthMichael Dearth9 months ago
  • Please. Waltz deserves better than the company shown here. No violence, no histrionics, just the "banality of evil".

    sham421sham4219 months ago
  • 5:00 anybody who played Battlefield 3 campaign recognizes him? ;)

    jammerc64jammerc649 months ago
  • "No one cared who I was until I put on the mask." Tell the truth: how many of you have been quoting this line recently? I sure have.

    WhiteKnight LeoWhiteKnight Leo9 months ago
  • Christoph Waltz is the best among the lot

    sas macsas mac9 months ago
  • by far inglorious basterds is the best one IMO. Breaks from the generic

    monstermonster9 months ago
  • This scene from Inglorious Bastards is one of the best of all time especially as you don't at first realise what a monster Waltz is .....

    Tim CaseyTim Casey9 months ago
  • Theres a lot of good bad guys out there, I do like the unexpected ones though. One of my faves has to be Keanu Reeves in "Man of Tai-Chi". He legit plays a great bad guy

    Andy ShooterAndy Shooter9 months ago
    • And to say Waltz is my fave bad guy, understatement. Inglorious is where I fell in love with him as an actor

      Andy ShooterAndy Shooter9 months ago
  • Where's Hannibal Lector?

    Jason.Jason.9 months ago
  • Why is the audio mixing on The Dark Knight so bad? I've always wondered that

    DavidDavid9 months ago
  • How about No Country For Old Men?

    8BIT8BIT9 months ago
  • 4:58 I thought he said "foreigners".

    CTN1488CTN14889 months ago
  • Where tf is star wars?

    The SenateThe Senate9 months ago
  • Hans Landa is the best one Christoph Waltz is a genius

    CitizenfourteenCitizenfourteen9 months ago
  • I feel like No Country For Old Men deserves a spot.

    Silas TofteSilas Tofte9 months ago
  • 15:32 "Poopstick"

    nodnarB regzteMnodnarB regzteM9 months ago
  • speaking of villains, after WW2 Gestapo Muller was interviewed by this Jewish US officer. He mentioned that they caught this French Resistance fighter and to make him talk, they had his wife next door screaming her lungs out as the SS questioned her. ONLY problem was that she wasn't the fighter's wife, but rather Muller's secretary. The Frenchy of course told them everything. This tactic reminded me of this role by Herr Waltz, subtle but effective.

    frank hernandezfrank hernandez9 months ago
  • Christoph Waltz THE most brilliant actor I've seen! Love him in anything

    frank hernandezfrank hernandez9 months ago
  • AU REVOIR Shoshana!!!

    Picard + Discovery FandomPicard + Discovery Fandom9 months ago
  • The Dark Knight Rises started off so spectacularly...

    Chris SinclairChris Sinclair9 months ago
  • Davy Jones from PotC Dead Man's Chest Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2 Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron Darth Vader from Star Wars: A New Hope A couple ideas if you wanted to make a second one :)

    Alex WoodAlex Wood9 months ago
    • Thanks!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • They couldn't have picked a better, more stone-faced actor for the Farmer in the scene with Hans. The stare-down they had is chilling.

    III VI IXIII VI IX9 months ago
  • Any inclusion of Tarantino scenes indicates a low IQ

    PugironPugiron9 months ago
  • inglorious bastrds scene is ok when you see it once, after that it becomes stale and over the top and cringe producing

    Alexander GourAlexander Gour9 months ago
  • Hans Landa is the only one deserving of Oscar here. Rest were like cartoons compared to Colonel SS Hans Landa. Truly chilling

    fxpfxp9 months ago
  • The nazis uniforms looked so good

    Jon MannJon Mann9 months ago
  • Why is tf5 in this and not megatron’s entrance in 07 tf

    TrentTrent9 months ago
  • That sequence. Yeah. Cop. Soldier or Criminal. My Life Story.

    zorro456zorro4569 months ago
  • Existed a school of right in the nazi party¿

  • 12:37 to 12:42 (immediately pause); Look at the very subtle change in expression between these two timestamps using the arrow keys. The right side of his mouth and eyebrows are ALL he needs to convey a shift in tone. MARVELOUS acting!

    David BrowneDavid Browne9 months ago
  • Hans is the best however jack nicholson is fantastic

    lukeg brettb tlamlukeg brettb tlam9 months ago
  • Thanos has such a scary entrance too! Badass

    Dennis AlmeidaDennis Almeida9 months ago
  • Don't put best intros and make edit cuts to the intro... Ignorant move

    Steve RogersSteve Rogers9 months ago
    • @Benjy still trying to get the last word?? Start with a real sentence... Morons can't get a real job, cause your dumb, so you pretend to be a USworldsr. Not mad just think your editing skills are a joke and as of now so are your shit talking skills.

      Steve RogersSteve Rogers8 months ago
    • @Steve Rogers you big mad

      BenjyBenjy8 months ago
    • @Benjy funny cause your video is an edited lie, so if you can't handle criticism get off the net... Your a moron and your channel is shit

      Steve RogersSteve Rogers9 months ago
    • Dont think you know what that word means

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • I see Hans Landa in my nightmares. That scene in the diner with him and Shoshanna is terrifying

    Andrew LaurieAndrew Laurie9 months ago
  • Cutting off Banes "they're expecting one of us in the wreckage brother" part really takes away credit from his intro and how influential he is to his followers. A marvelous scene nonetheless

    GojiraGojira9 months ago
  • The inglourious basterds scene puts us exactly in the French persons shoes and we along with him make the decisions

    Hasan KaiserHasan Kaiser9 months ago
  • The inglourious basterds scene is so good because us along with the French guy keep trying to tell ours3lves that hans landa is just too full of himself and that he doesn't actually know... But we keep getting told he does

    Hasan KaiserHasan Kaiser9 months ago
  • Hans Landa Is a brilliant villain.Cunning and very intelligent.With out raising his voice he can be intimidating.Christoph Waltz is an amazing actor.Love watching movies he is in.

    adam laneadam lane9 months ago
  • And then the niggas had Obama! Fuck yeah🤟🤟

    Jurgen ParkourJurgen Parkour9 months ago
  • Thing is gonna be relax until you see Christoph Waltz’s Poker Face.

    CholzéCholzé9 months ago
  • The Departed was the best movie I’ve ever seen iml and the fact this video opened up with that put a smile on my face.

    Christian HuyeChristian Huye9 months ago
  • Honestly one of my favorite bad guy intro scenes comes from fast and furious Hobbs and Shaw, no seriously come on Hettie asks "Who the hell are you" Brixton "Bad guy!" Come on it's fucking gold!

    AussieBlokeGordoAussieBlokeGordo9 months ago
  • inglorious bastards is one of my top movies ever

    Strato_54Strato_549 months ago
  • Thanos intro should be here

    CLIFFCLIFF9 months ago
    • Disney loves to block my videos so I didnt even wanna test it lmao

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Wheres kylo ren?

    Aj FloweAj Flowe9 months ago
  • I'm going to join with many others and say Hans Landa is one of the coolest villains ever.

    AnsonidakAnsonidak9 months ago
  • Is that General Neller?

    heartbreakj 13heartbreakj 139 months ago
  • i mean mamas ok...

    -Attack of the youtube copyright bot--Attack of the youtube copyright bot-9 months ago
  • Hans landa is a good guy, he keeps the parasites away

    GallenteanGallentean9 months ago
  • 3:22 Is that Ben Stiller?

    Jamu DeskaJamu Deska9 months ago
  • I feel sorry for Hardy playing the villain after Ledgers performance. Those are some big shoes to fill. Nonetheless, his performance was outstanding and deserves more credit. Mad me an even greater fan.

    Michael VatterMichael Vatter9 months ago
  • I feel sorry for Hardy playing the villain after Ledgers performance. Those are some big shoes to fill. Nonetheless, his performance was outstanding and deserves more credit. Mad me an even greater fan.

    Michael VatterMichael Vatter9 months ago
  • Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.

    StillNoUsernameStillNoUsername9 months ago
  • I had never heard of Christoph Waltz until I saw IB. This scene was so intensely riveting.

    Noho 2000Noho 20009 months ago