Best Modern Video Game Trailers/Cinematics

Jul 23, 2020
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Alright so something y'all may not know about me is that I love me some video games. I've been playing games since I was a kid and, to be honest, the reason I started making movie clip compilations is because when I was younger, I used to record clips from my games and I would piece them together much like I do now with movie clips. Those video game compilations gave me the experience I needed to do what I do with this channel. So I thought that I might as well put together some of my favorite video game trailers and cinematics in honor of where I started. I also think that some of these trailers dont get the recognition they deserve because many of these types of trailers are extremely well made and are, sometimes, the best part of the game (or the only part in Dead Island 2’s case lol). But yeah, I hope you all enjoy these trailers because even though they aren’t movie clips, they have everything I know you love; action, surprises and a lot of badassery.

Also I know like half of these clips are from zombie games.
But its okay because zombies are dope.

  • 1. Dead Island 2 (Unreleased) 2. Assassins Creed 3 3. Overkill’s The Walking Dead 4. Borderlands 3 5. Dying Light 6. Halo 5: Guardians

    BenjyBenjy7 months ago
    • @Minidemigod that came out 3 months after this video launched.

      TheDarkestDragonKing animationsTheDarkestDragonKing animations2 months ago
    • Sorry but where the fuck is DMC V intro?

      Djordje StepanovicDjordje Stepanovic3 months ago
    • where the hell is destiny 2: beyond light in all this

      MinidemigodMinidemigod4 months ago
    • Donny Williamson That’s Spartan Locke, dude!

      Tony HTony H7 months ago
    • I didn't know Luke Cage was in Halo.

      Donny WilliamsonDonny Williamson7 months ago
  • The guy at the end of the Dead island trailer is actually Jack black. Fun fact

    Barnie ReidBarnie Reid5 hours ago
  • That is a terrible list.... like half of those aren't even good, and the other half are just ok. You suck at making "Best" lists.

    CashPrizesCashPrizes6 days ago
  • Where is the botw trailer bro?

    SplatforceSplatforce9 days ago
  • Why isnt doom eternal not included?

    supa 91supa 919 days ago
  • I'm 17 and still remember the first time I saw the Assassins Creed 3 trailer. I had never been more hyped at a trailer, game or movie.

    Wee ToddWee Todd9 days ago
  • 2019 Warframe trailer. This should be in your list.

    Two StrokeTwo Stroke26 days ago
  • i miss Hardspace: shipbreaker. I know not everyone knows it but its good , trust me.

    Wieger van der BurgtWieger van der BurgtMonth ago
  • Mec the AC trailers always hit it hard also preferred we are ODST, Landfall and remember reach to the halo 5 one. Also the fall of cybertron trailers are a freaking jem.

    Ace Of SpadesAce Of SpadesMonth ago
  • I truly appreciate you adding the AC3 trailer. No one makes mention of it, and it's the literal BEST. Ever.

    captainturbo87captainturbo872 months ago
  • I'm 4 months late but I remember suggesting you doing a video game video :)

    Garrett FooteGarrett Foote3 months ago
  • SWTOR anyone?

    Sam WatsonSam Watson3 months ago
  • I wish AC3 were as good as the trailers

    Zukinu12 Skinny PZukinu12 Skinny P3 months ago
  • Wheres skyrim?

    Ray RosadinoRay Rosadino3 months ago
  • Next one of these gotta have league of legends and Apex cinematics

    leche milktealeche milktea3 months ago
  • di2: she kinda bad though...i mean he

    MinidemigodMinidemigod4 months ago
  • RIP Dead Island 2; you came and went pretty fucking quickly in the public eye. We will all miss you.

    ScergyBoi the 2ndScergyBoi the 2nd4 months ago
  • What about bf1?

    iker beumeriker beumer5 months ago
  • Love the video I just have one gripe about the assassins creed one , its amazing like but they keep doing british soldiers in 2 ranks doing volley fire , there was one bit with 3 but the point of volley fire is a constant stream of rounds that can't be penetrated, still luv the game tho 🤣 oh I mean 3 ranks kneel and reload second rank moves in front and fires and over an over , I dunno why it annoys me🤣

    Bipolarbear 4873Bipolarbear 48736 months ago
  • The cameramen are the real zombie champs

    Blind StudioBlind Studio6 months ago
  • Incredible Work 👍

    Querencia.tvQuerencia.tv6 months ago
  • I'd gladly run with an uncanny valley look if my damn ear pods would stay in

    laughingalienlaughingalien6 months ago
  • When I was a kid, my family and I never had enough money for game consoles, the closest thing I had was a wii and a ds with a three ish games each. But growing up video game trailers and gameplays made me feel like I was playing the game myself

    ItsOnionItsOnion6 months ago
  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla was short but awesome.

    Michael PipkinMichael Pipkin6 months ago
  • im upset that a handsome (ignoring the wig) and atheletic man like the dude in dead island 2 would be one of the first to die instead of being the most enojoyable douche character

    YimraYimra6 months ago
  • So here I am asking myself. Why animated films can't be like this? Why every animated film need to has this cartoon style and all of them, even for adults need to be about comedy?

    Jason 619Jason 6196 months ago
    • You might like the movie Beowulf

      BenjyBenjy6 months ago
  • Bro yes! This is such a good fucking idea for a list. There are some bad ass ones to choose from. Basically any trailer blizzard entertainment makes is dope as well.

    Yer Moms BabydaddyYer Moms Babydaddy6 months ago
  • No Batman here :(

    jj6 months ago
  • If only Halo 5 were a good game... 343 ruined it big time with trying to add Locke in retroactively.

    Kafen8dKafen8d6 months ago
  • 10:11 That's a Woodkid song; it's the same guy from "Iron", that awesome music from that awesome Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer.

    Diogo CezarDiogo Cezar7 months ago
  • This was 💯🙌🏼👍🏼

    Titus Trey-FrazierTitus Trey-Frazier7 months ago
  • Every time I see a borderlands trailer I think to myself why I don’t play it

    Faded-TearzFaded-Tearz7 months ago
  • Ubisoft needs to stop making games and start making movies

    Eljay201Eljay2017 months ago
  • AC3 and AC4 have the best cinematic scenes

    Zach PezzuoloZach Pezzuolo7 months ago
  • You fucking blew it with dead Island 2 instead of one

    8 Ball8 Ball7 months ago
  • Oh hey, someone remembered Dead Island 2 exists. Cuz I'm pretty sure Deep Silver hasn't.

    Sept77Sept777 months ago
    • Honestly though

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • Missing a few: Arkham origins, Arkham knight, ac unity, ac 2. Those are my favourite

    Tommy TuckerTommy Tucker7 months ago
  • 14:14 thought the Avengers were gonna make an entrance

    A ToiletA Toilet7 months ago
  • The 'Total War: Warhammer - Norsca' cinematic trailer is damn awesome. A recommendation if you are looking for stuff :)

    Jinpachi BobochanJinpachi Bobochan7 months ago
  • Where's assassins creed revelations

    AlrightDylanAlrightDylan7 months ago
  • Battlefield 1 is missing for some reason

    Riley PopeRiley Pope7 months ago
  • TO THIS DAY, I still think it's amazing how the guy in the DI2 trailer didn't notice ANYTHING. Especially the helicopter

    Daniel PazDaniel Paz7 months ago
  • Dead island 1 gotta be on the next one

    juliojulio7 months ago
    • I wanted to put it in this one but i didnt want both dead island trailers XD next time you'll see it

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • The AC3 trailer is making me look at my tv and Xbox 360 like. 😘😩😵😋

    играю игры-244играю игры-2447 months ago
  • Fuckin Dead Island 2. Will see a release never.

    LeotasLeotas7 months ago
  • I remember I was in my first year of college when the trailer for Assassin's Creed 3 came out and had never played an Assassin's Creed game. The trailer alone made me buy the game and now I'm an AC fanatic. Now that's the power of a good trailer. Good video bro!

    Iggy StardustIggy Stardust7 months ago
  • The best video game trailer hands down is the bf1 trailer

    Alex LipniewskiAlex Lipniewski7 months ago
  • Literally all the Assassins Creed cinematics before origins were 10/10

    Ari WinerAri Winer7 months ago
  • I think your new content always brings new viewers who are going to undoubtedly b*tch about you not putting the one clip they jerk it to twice a day. Keep doing what you're doing, Bro.

    S. A.S. A.7 months ago
  • Freaking..awesome!

    Ricky SarmientoRicky Sarmiento7 months ago
  • 13:48 Oh hey, look out for that bigass rock in your way.... 13:50 Yeah, never mind.

    Aaron David KapnerAaron David Kapner7 months ago
  • Wilhelm Scream at 2:07.

    Donny WilliamsonDonny Williamson7 months ago
  • Wow, almost a day and so few views? Gonna make a comment here to boost the algorithms (or something). This made me realize I've not been following videos games. I remember the Destiny live action trailer (with Led Zepplin's Immigrant Song), and the Borderlands 1 trailer (DJ Champion version) being the best ones. Then again, I really love the Atari 2600 Pole Position commercial (search for it).

    Bruce LortzBruce Lortz7 months ago
    • @Benjy No worries, we'll beat that fucker back into shape.

      Bruce LortzBruce Lortz7 months ago
    • I'll look it up Bruce and thanks! The algorithm doesn't like me right now...

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • Hells yeah!

    grimcitygrimcity7 months ago
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes

    Mondo CabazoMondo Cabazo7 months ago
  • Nothing beats the assassins creed trailers. Could have added the cyberpunk trailer too

    Chase CieslarChase Cieslar7 months ago
  • Bro if you do a part 2 you should definitely look into the Ghost of Tsushima trailer. But this video is fuckin lit 💯

    Ethan REthan R7 months ago
  • So now you've just become my favourite compilation channel :D

    dream.dream.7 months ago
  • Assassins Creed Revelations still to this day has the best Cinematic Trailer and that's a fact.

    Captain HunchNutsCaptain HunchNuts7 months ago
  • Hey Man i really enjoyed your Channel 💯👍🏽👍🏽

    Sr LalruatdikaSr Lalruatdika7 months ago
    • Thanks man!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • Love how you’re branching out! Another banger

    Ben WBen W7 months ago
  • Awesome vid bro! If you make more of these in the future you should include the Overkills The Walking Dead - Aiden trailer! One of my personal favorite 👍

    LowFrameLowFrame7 months ago
    • It was so hard to pick between those 4 trailers, they were all so good!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • I thought 0:00 was Vice City 💯 😜

    Toge InumakiToge Inumaki7 months ago
  • Goddamn that Walking Dead game could've been good.

    Stoormtrooper 22Stoormtrooper 227 months ago
  • I just hoped so badly for RAID:Shadow Legends to pop up randomly 😂

    daKoabidaKoabi7 months ago
  • Brooooooooooooo. I wasn't expecting that for the first one

    S3NS3IS3NS3I7 months ago
  • Witcher 2

    DisturbedUSADisturbedUSA7 months ago
  • Good stuff, there were a few of these I'd not seen. Can we get an 80s action movie moments one?

    Lane MyerLane Myer7 months ago
    • @Benjy No worries! Enjoy your videos a great deal.

      Lane MyerLane Myer7 months ago
    • I'm only 22 so that a little out of my area of expertise but ill see what I can do!

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • Definitely would add Witcher 3 trailer

    John Nowak Kind SirJohn Nowak Kind Sir7 months ago
  • Fun fact: the Dying Light trailer explains how Brecken (the guy in yellow) got injuried and why he has bandages on his head when you meet him in the beginning of the game.

    K20p9K20p97 months ago
    • yoo whatt that whole time i thought that was crane

      BobbamammaBobbamamma4 months ago
    • I recognized him as soon as i got the game

      George JeffGeorge Jeff6 months ago
    • Holy hell I never put the pieces together

      Saint AriserSaint Ariser7 months ago
  • You forgot Battlefield 1

    Brown SoonaloteBrown Soonalote7 months ago
  • Knights of the old republic have some of the best cinematic

    Ugly GuyUgly Guy7 months ago
  • Benjy your videos are awesome man, love getting the notification that a new video is out!

    Rob NeedlemanRob Needleman7 months ago
  • assassins creed graphics look insane

    99997 months ago
  • man that i remember that halo 5 trailer dropping and i thought it was for an actual movie. which also brings up the question : benjy are you playstation or xbox gang?

    Nathan NguyenNathan Nguyen7 months ago
    • If he answers that question another console war will start

      CrazygunmanCrazygunman7 months ago
  • I think this needs a part two, theres too many good cinematic trailers.

    Toni BamboniToni Bamboni7 months ago
    • I feel like The Crew 2 had a great trailer.

      Digital CamaroDigital Camaro7 months ago
  • 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎😎

    Montilla WeathersbyMontilla Weathersby7 months ago
  • I can’t believe you put halo 5 on here, the previous games had much better action cinematics, the one that you showed makes the covenant, the ruthless faction that destroyed entire planets look like bumbling idiots, they’re slow and clumsy

    dooderinodooderino7 months ago
  • You are the best ❤️❤️

    احمد الفاتحاحمد الفاتح7 months ago
  • say what you will about halo 5, but seeing 4 Spartans tear through a battlefield gives me chills

    Konungur DrekaKonungur Dreka7 months ago
  • Sir you did not disappoint!!!!

    Dwayne IngramDwayne Ingram7 months ago
  • forgot the Starcraft 2 teaser trailer!

    tazercowtazercow7 months ago
  • I’m so glad I subscribed to you

    Matt HamlinMatt Hamlin7 months ago
  • Benjy what’s good I’m glad to have another vid from you. You actually the best

    McCringleberryMcCringleberry7 months ago
  • Assassins creed 3 trailer is awesome! Really good looking considering how old it is. Also cool to you you are expanding your content from movies and series to video games. Keep it up!

    NeonBlueDiamondNeonBlueDiamond7 months ago
  • Early overwatch cinematics were heat too

    sum light sum slight sum on discreetsum light sum slight sum on discreet7 months ago
  • Imagine not having the escape from tarkov trailer

    nick ninetysixnick ninetysix7 months ago
  • Putting so much time and effort into their trailers just for you to buy the extra dlc's

    Tristan AltamiranoTristan Altamirano7 months ago
  • Bravo six, going dark

    Aaron OstachAaron Ostach7 months ago
  • That Halo trailer was mind blowing!

    Matthew RobertMatthew Robert7 months ago
  • you could make this entire video only out of Assassin's Creed trailers

    Humberto AlemanHumberto Aleman7 months ago
  • duuude hell yes the only thing I love more than movies are video games!

    FH_SwimmonsFH_Swimmons7 months ago
  • I know it's your opinion of "best modern video game trailers/cinematics" but how can you not have StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void in it? :D That's some goosebump cinematic right there. Or the legendary Wc3: TFT Arthas kills his Father cinematic.

    GhostDevil007GhostDevil0077 months ago
  • Personally, I feel like Infinite’s E3 trailer is better than Guardians’ clip.

    Hornet F18Hornet F187 months ago
  • Umm Star Wars Old Republic Cinematic's?

    Reaver Reap576Reaver Reap5767 months ago
    • that got cut out in the cutting board :( a little too long

      BenjyBenjy7 months ago
  • May I suggest escape from tarkov announcement trailer

    Blake JacobsBlake Jacobs7 months ago
  • It's a shame AC 3 was botched

    William DunhanWilliam Dunhan7 months ago
  • 12:14 cum-chata. dont think ill ever be ordering that cocktail if i see it.

    Snoop_donoSnoop_dono7 months ago
  • love your content bro

    notslayer34notslayer347 months ago
  • I love dying lights transitions. It’s so simple, just changing angles based on parkour and movement, but it’s oddly captivating for me. The music is also a great plus. And then the twist ending where it’s just “what you think you get the crate? Fuck you”. Good game imo, cliche story but the mechanics are solid, especially sharp weapons slicing necks.

    Tiber SeptimTiber Septim7 months ago