Best Modern Sniper Movie Moments

May 3, 2020
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Today I've compiled my favorite movies scenes involving snipers. Each of these scenes are unique but all are awesome so i hope you guys enjoy! Let me know of any scenes i may have missed if i decide to make a part 2

  • 1. Hardcore Henry 2. Shooter 3. 6 Underground 4. American Sniper 5. Smokin Aces 6. Shooter (TV Series) 7. Gemini Man 8. The Losers

    BenjyBenjy10 months ago
    • How about Saving Private Ryan.

      Jeff FromentJeff Froment7 months ago
    • U a hero

      Albert GuerraAlbert Guerra7 months ago
    • Who else loves the losers?

      Carlos Cinco 557Carlos Cinco 5578 months ago
    • Hey

      Kaiser CKaiser C8 months ago
    • Ww

      ssairyssairy8 months ago
  • Captain price

    LDS ramonLDS ramon9 days ago
  • the american sniper scene made my heart drop 5:18

    Chrissie KingChrissie King14 days ago
  • Why does the first one have suppressed shots? They don’t have surpressors, as soon as they aim in, the trucks are there, and a sniper wouldn’t be running around that fast, still quick to his position, but not like that, and they’re exposing themselves to much

    I like modern warfare And war zone it’s funI like modern warfare And war zone it’s funMonth ago
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    Daniel RcDaniel RcMonth ago
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    mmawft Scenes Fightmmawft Scenes Fight2 months ago
  • 8:36 Mia malkova❤️❤️ Watch in 240p

    Yoyo animeYoyo anime2 months ago
  • Hardcore henry was a good movie

    the admin user the admin userthe admin user the admin user3 months ago
  • I loved hardcore Henry, it was refreshing to see a first person movie with a silent protagonist. It's good as a prove of concept that doom can be translated into a movie without needing an different main character or team. It can work with just Doom marine/guy/slayer in first person and be pure violence and gore.

    Gael TimeGael Time4 months ago
  • Can't believe that that's 720p

    louis matlouis mat5 months ago
  • 1st ones dialogue definitely COD

    Ethan SamuelsEthan Samuels5 months ago
  • I can't sin no more

    Jose SantosJose Santos6 months ago

    Yusof TVYusof TV6 months ago
  • 13:05 what is this movie

    GAB THE VLOGGAB THE VLOG6 months ago
  • බිම මැදකළු පිජාමා වලින් සැරසී කුඩාපැරණි තාලයක් කියවීම

    Irma PotterIrma Potter6 months ago
  • huh? in the ryan reynolds one, the cops are literally shooting blindly at a building that they have literally no idea where the shots are coming from. a newborn, a stock broker, and a 70 year old women fatally shot to death😂quality police work

    j.p.j.p.7 months ago
  • මෙම පොත සඳහා නාමාවලි වාර්තාවක්

    Alexis DavidsonAlexis Davidson7 months ago
  • I think The Seige of Jadotville deserves more recognition.

    JJ O'RiordanJJ O'Riordan7 months ago
  • Tf did I see in the first clip

    ZephyrZephyr8 months ago
  • What is the song played when the mowhwahk guy is wrecking havoc in the first clip?

    monkerulzmonkerulz8 months ago
  • First one was the spec ops mission from mw2 and mw 3

  • 14:20: "Snipins a good job mate"

    Eric CaissieEric Caissie8 months ago
  • Usando camuflagem florestal em um ambiente urbano poha gênio hein

    Sidnei666Sidnei6668 months ago
  • the 4:20 on the wall tho :D min 1:41

    georgisk8georgisk88 months ago
  • Hardcore Henry is the most underrated movie ever.

    IceQIceQ8 months ago
  • 13:36 The ancient Tibetan Philosophy

    Hilton JonesHilton Jones8 months ago
  • you forgot the sniper scene from polar...

    Roc de Moner RosRoc de Moner Ros8 months ago
  • I think the danger of a sniper lies in the fact that they are basically ghosts

    Raphael LaufRaphael Lauf8 months ago
  • Enemy at the gates should have been in the list

    Ravikumarj792 4Ravikumarj792 48 months ago
  • god damn the pressure on the first clip holy shiiiit...

    Suicide BoySuicide Boy8 months ago
  • Asshole movv

    atul mishraatul mishra8 months ago
  • Hitman: Sniper had more recoil than the first one 😂😤

    Jin-zoo MunJin-zoo Mun8 months ago
  • Still gives me goosebumps in that American Sniper scene. I keep putting myself in his shoes. Tough Tough situation

    mjbalicemjbalice8 months ago
  • 10:48, he did everything right up until this point, using the Kestrel and adjusting the scope turrets etc. Then he leans his head so far down on the stock of that rifle there's NO WAY he's gonna have a chance of looking down that scope!

    ToreDL87ToreDL878 months ago
  • 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    ALL IN ONEALL IN ONE8 months ago
  • Too bad American Sniper has no correlation to the actual autobiography written by Chris Kyle. In fact, he stated in his book that he had no emotions whatsoever pertaining to any of his kills.

    Epic Cowboy MemesEpic Cowboy Memes8 months ago
  • Anybody else like me wondering why he’s wearing a Gilly suit in an urban combat zone

    Micah DavisMicah Davis8 months ago
    • No cause I watched the movie

      Moocus14Moocus148 months ago
  • i was waiting for Jackson from Saving Private Ryan 😭

    Muhammad Ridwan RahmanMuhammad Ridwan Rahman8 months ago
  • I went 100K sebscraib help me

    SURUR HDSURUR HD8 months ago
  • 0.22...... Which one was the ‘Sniper’?

    Paul LargePaul Large8 months ago
  • How did you miss the Wanted final scene

    Is this JishIs this Jish8 months ago
  • And what is with Red sniper?

    Dönerbude 931Dönerbude 9318 months ago
  • Where’s saving private Ryan????

    chiefchris91chiefchris918 months ago
  • Sniper=death comes from afar!!!

    basilis hellasbasilis hellas8 months ago
  • When Bradley cooper choked in fright when playing Kyle. Made that moment feel more intense.

    Olivia MooseOlivia Moose8 months ago
  • What Sniper wears a Gilley suit on top of a roof

    Dead XDead X8 months ago
  • these movies are awesome

    Kumarr rahul54Kumarr rahul548 months ago
  • Who else thought of captain price in the first one

    Copperhead SteveCopperhead Steve8 months ago
  • Ummmm..... standing on top of a building in a grass/camo outfit? That would make you stick out like a sore thumb, lol.

    beyerchbeyerch8 months ago
  • Shooter tv series is goated

    JamFam 3lThactchJamFam 3lThactch8 months ago
  • Am I trippin or the guy in the first clip sounds like jason statham?

    Vernon ValenciaVernon Valencia8 months ago
  • Who the fuck won't see a fucking bush on top of a concrete building

    F. MercuryF. Mercury8 months ago
  • Am i the only one that noticed the bank's name in the last one? it's Goliath just like how i met your mother.

    Matt BMatt B8 months ago
  • 1st clip was shit

    Joseph HensleyJoseph Hensley8 months ago
  • Is that not Maynar James Keenan on the first one

    So EsSo Es8 months ago
  • උදෑසන ආහාරය අගය කරනු ඇත

    Brenda CooperBrenda Cooper8 months ago
  • you should also mention the names of the movies in the video

    Vaibhav PandeyVaibhav Pandey8 months ago
  • “lethal government experiment” Is that a Cap Am reference?

    Roel QRoel Q8 months ago
  • The speech Chris does in The Losers is basically his character in another movie of his. Push.

    Vance McCarthyVance McCarthy8 months ago
  • 1:41,5 =4:20

    Dr. PrchuuuDr. Prchuuu8 months ago
  • I loved the 1st and last vid best because it made me laugh the most the others were just OMG

    NovaRaider 1stNovaRaider 1st8 months ago
  • No helmet

    Naveen GajreNaveen Gajre8 months ago
  • needed the sniper scene from the accountant

    Sajid HowladerSajid Howlader8 months ago
  • I love that Chris Evans did Captain America First Avenger the next year after The Losers. So that's speech he made was extra funny.

    Pandas are coolPandas are cool8 months ago
  • the bad guy with a shotgun in shooter, Is that the same guy who played Booth in Bones?

    Alexander WoodAlexander Wood8 months ago
  • Would a 50 really amputate an arm like that?

    Dr. KnowDr. Know8 months ago
  • Me after watching Jocko review this movies. NOT REALISTIC!

    ShuriverShuriver8 months ago
  • a G-suit around buildings... on a roof.....

    tegunntegunn8 months ago
  • This pubg game

    Sagar KumarSagar Kumar8 months ago
  • 2 campers with ghillie and one gunslinger without brain, damn i'm too much playing mobile...

    imiimoimiimo8 months ago
  • What even is the losers

    Varun GuptaVarun Gupta8 months ago
  • The last one makes it look like chris evans is a good guy, but then u realise they just killed some cops

    Aljaž JesenAljaž Jesen8 months ago
    • @Benjy true

      Aljaž JesenAljaž Jesen8 months ago
    • They didnt kill the cops he shot them in their bulletproof vests, that's why there was no blood

      BenjyBenjy8 months ago
  • Why isn't "Enemy at the Gates" on this list? Unbelievable

    kalel jorelkalel jorel8 months ago
  • The most impossible shot is gemini man scenes.

    alkahehalkaheh8 months ago
    • risky? yes. unrealistic? maybe a lil bit? its possible to hit such a shot. only because its a very fast moving target it impossible??? :D and for the jokes. guys... its Deadshot hitting it!

      SplidtterSplidtter8 months ago
    • Fkn unrealistic, stupid and to fkn risky

      Matth4DevilMatth4Devil8 months ago
  • ඇගේ ඉහළ තොල්වල ලේ තිබුනි ඇය ඔහු දෙස විකාරරූපීව බැලූ අතර පසුව ඇය දෙසට හැරුණාය

    Louise CarrLouise Carr8 months ago
  • No offence but the first scene is kinda low

    Kristian Jude QuedaKristian Jude Queda8 months ago
  • Machanmare kandunokku horror short movie plss sapport suscribe and share

    JubuJubu8 months ago
  • Is that Jason Statham,,,,, 1st??

    ZulfyZulfy8 months ago
  • 13:13 "Before we get started... Does anyone wanna get out?"

    Jovan MitroJovan Mitro8 months ago
  • බේන් මහතාට එල්ලෙන පෙනුමක් තිබේ ආහ්හොඳයිපුළුල්යිඔහු පවසයිඔහුගේ උගුර ඉවත් කරඇණවුම් කළ බැරල්පිටුපස මුහුද දෙස බලා අඳුරට නොපෙනී යයි නමුත්අහ්මෙය කුමක් වනු ඇත්ද හෙළිදරව්වක්කෝලි මහත්මයා මම හිතුවේ ඔයාට ඕනේ කියලා

    Lilian DorseyLilian Dorsey8 months ago
    • @Duck Sauce that's sinhala

      Alfian FerdinanAlfian Ferdinan8 months ago
  • The first scene looks fake lol

    berlinberlin8 months ago
  • That first one took me back to when I used to play Sniper Fury, especially with all the headshots.

    P TP T8 months ago
  • The last one was the best one

    Watch4Watch48 months ago
  • First video Like.. wat ze fuk wazz dat dude!?

    Watch4Watch48 months ago
  • Hardcore Henry isn’t a sniper movie nor is Gemini man but ok

    KonungrKonungr8 months ago
  • what is the ne of scend last movie

    Md ashrafur RahmanMd ashrafur Rahman8 months ago
  • How did that scene in hardcore Henry go from making bolt action rifle noises to making pump action shotgun noises?

    Walter ThornburghWalter Thornburgh8 months ago
  • 8:15. Why do people feel the need to iver exaggerate the barret m107/ m82 and it’s power. 50 bmg would go right through a person. Not sending them across the room. It wouldn’t blow out windows either. I’ve seen people shoot a 50 bmg through a house of cards and didn’t knock it over

    Jesse CarpenterJesse Carpenter8 months ago
  • Spectacular Sniper Scenes.... I love it I was hoping to see the movie titles in your description though

    Seye OnayemiSeye Onayemi8 months ago
  • 7:09 oh thanks god

    the_Pirate .Ex3the_Pirate .Ex38 months ago
  • 14:18 That cowboy hat wearing badass is so damn sexy!!!

    PrincessPoopyPantsPrincessPoopyPants8 months ago
  • 0:38 "Yeah guys, just aim for that green ghili suit on top of that grey building"

    brrrlakbrrrlak8 months ago
  • මම කවදාවත් පිළිතුර දැනගෙන හිටියේ නැහැ කලක සිට මම එය දැනගනු ඇතැයි සිතුවෙමිනමුත් දැන් මට කිසි විටෙකත් එසේ නොවන බව පිළිගත හැකි අතරඑම පිළිගැනීමේදී එය සැබවින්ම වැදගත් නොවන බව විමුක්තිදායක අවබෝධයක් සොයා ගත්තේය වැදගත් වූයේ මෙන්න මෙන්නමේ පුදුමාකාරව්‍යාකූලභයංකරබියජනක මුහුණු දෙස බැලීමේදීමෙහි ක්‍රියාකාරිත්වය දුරින් වියමෙහි පැහැදිලි ශක්තියක් වියමෙහි දී විශ්වාසය ආත්ම විශ්වාසය සහ හවුල් විශ්වාසය සැබවින්ම සංකේතවත් කළ හැකිය

    Christal LewisChristal Lewis8 months ago
  • American Sniper is the only good movie. Movies suck so bad.

    CarbonGlassManCarbonGlassMan8 months ago
  • why need a camouflage on a rooftop

    Justin WangJustin Wang8 months ago
  • When the kid picks up the RPG my heart stopped

    Harvey SullivanHarvey Sullivan8 months ago
    • American Sniper. Damn good movie!

      JudyGurlJudyGurl8 months ago
  • How big was that fucking pool?

    A Pog SquirrelA Pog Squirrel9 months ago
  • Fuck that first one is cringy. So many levels of cringe. Why would a sniper wear a full ghillie in an urban environment surrounded by decaying buildings? Lol

    ConstantinosConstantinos9 months ago
  • 0:15 gilley suit of a roof...makes sense

    Corona catCorona cat9 months ago
  • I don't remember that out of Hardcore Henry. I'm gonna have to watch that again.

    madwilliamflintmadwilliamflint9 months ago