Best Modern One-Take Fight Scenes

Oct 13, 2020
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Alright you guys I’m back from my 2nd hiatus! Sorry for the break in videos, I never forgot about you all, I just got caught up with school and life. Don’t worry about me though, I’m doing great and I hope you all are doing the same! Anyways, I decided to get my shit together and make another video for you guys and i felt like my channel needed another fight video, especially since Fox just blocked another one of my videos; Funniest fight scenes. For this video, I put together some of my favorite fights that are shot one-take style. Now, before I get anybody in the comments complaining, most of these scenes are not true one-takes, just cleverly shot to look so with hidden cuts throughout. Another thing I wanted to point out is that these aren’t specifically just hand-to-hand fights either. I got a bit of everything in this video so I hope y'all enjoy!
Love you guys, stay safe and be good people.
Thanks for stickin’ around.

  • 1. Extraction 2. The Protector 3. Aquaman 4. Daredevil - Season 2 5. Oldboy 6. Zombieland: Double Tap

    BenjyBenjy4 months ago

      plet. splet. s16 days ago
    • Extra recommendation True Detective, Watchmen HBO and Creed the first fight.

      Giulyano Vinicius Sans SilvaGiulyano Vinicius Sans Silva3 months ago
    • Thanks for this, allowed me to avoid the Zombieland: Double Tap clip (no spoilers...I haven't seen it yet).

      Bruce LortzBruce Lortz4 months ago
    • No Hard Boiled? Though, it's more like a shoot-out.

      Ahs OeiAhs Oei4 months ago
    • Thanks alot for the titles buddy.

      Jimmy rofrylJimmy rofryl4 months ago
  • 2:57 That guy ate that door

    Corey AdolfiCorey Adolfi14 days ago
  • In the last scene they are all just using 2x4s

    Joseph KennedyJoseph Kennedy16 days ago
  • Extraction is great movie

    CyberAztec 2001CyberAztec 200122 days ago
  • I finally know where Robot Chicken got the idea for their 100th episode. Wow do I feel stupid.

    DJ WolfensteinDJ Wolfenstein25 days ago
  • You honestly couldve just used Extraction for the whole list

    Agitated AnusAgitated AnusMonth ago
  • these are pretty good. the best fights scenes and one takes i have seen on tv programs would have to be from Blindspot and Cobra Kai

    NickzapappNickzapappMonth ago
  • Typically AWESOME!!!!! Merry Christmas, Benjy!

    Nick AbatinoNick Abatino2 months ago
  • Okay how does dude in the second one have that much stamina, I would be winded by the 2nd floor.

    Sachin AmareshSachin Amaresh2 months ago
  • if you have a style of scene that I think is impressive is with one take, and when it’s even more action.

    Giulyano Vinicius Sans SilvaGiulyano Vinicius Sans Silva3 months ago
  • Oldboy fight is probably the most gritty and realistic one man army scene ever, I have to rant about it: Most fights like that would have the enemies surrounding the protagonist attacking him one at a time while he flawlessly predicts every single attack and knocks out every single enemy with perfectly precise strikes all without even getting out of breath. Not Oldboy though. The enemies bum rush him (at least as best they can in a confined hall way), nobody fights perfectly they all make mistakes, he doesn't predict every attack like he has the sharingan, he's not performing ludicrous acrobatics that would be exhausting and ineffective in real life, he gets beat the fuck up, enemies don't magically pass out when they take enough damage, and by the end they're all exhausted.

    Skyler PelleSkyler Pelle3 months ago
  • What about Atomic Blonde? That has a brilliant one take. Great video as always dude

    I drink your milkshakeI drink your milkshake3 months ago
    • @Benjy Oh yea I forgot about that, 100% my bad, thanks though.

      I drink your milkshakeI drink your milkshake3 months ago
    • Thank you! And that fight is in an earlier video of mine, great scene!

      BenjyBenjy3 months ago
  • Dude, I can't be the only one who uses your lists to find new shit to watch! Thanks, Benjy!

    Guillermo ZepedaGuillermo Zepeda3 months ago
  • Benjy makes a vid with clips from “The Message Man”

    Pranav TurlapatiPranav Turlapati3 months ago
  • Dude you should make a vid with other one take scenes that aren't fight scenes Haunting of the hill house had some great one take scene that were spooky asf

    Sylvia BarbozaSylvia Barboza3 months ago
  • Damn good work on this. It makes me want to watch the movies or shows more because you cut it perfectly for the fights only. I dont always see the best fight scenes in media outside my bubble lol

    BanidilBanidil4 months ago
    • Thanks man! Glad I could show you something new!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • This channel held us down while everybody was on lockdown! Salute!

    J AJ A4 months ago
  • Thor is a savage in extraction

    TheoTheo4 months ago
  • Umm hello?! True Detective Season 1? Although it wasn't really a fight scene or shootout it was brilliantly shot! Besides that, glad you're back! Edit: Believe it or not, you offer a great service with these videos - suggesting movies to watch (through individual scenes) that I would normally not have the time to investigate.

    John MejiaJohn Mejia4 months ago
    • That is a great scene I definitely did blank on that! It may have fallen into the "too long" category like Creed 2 but I was so blown away by it the first time I saw it. Still dont understand how they pulled it off Edit: and thank you for saying that :) means alot

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Benjy, your fans have missed you!!

    tricia Fullertricia Fuller4 months ago
  • lets go the goat is back

    CadenCaden4 months ago
  • eventually the single-shot fight scene will become as annoying and played out as the hyper-cut fight scenes became. it might already by happening. i nearly dozed off halfway through john wick 3, and that's practically blasphemous.

    geekdiggygeekdiggy4 months ago
  • He's back at it again

    Yeisnel ArgoteYeisnel Argote4 months ago
    • Heart :)

      Yeisnel ArgoteYeisnel Argote4 months ago
  • Glad you are doing great Benjy! You made gold once again!

    Paul LarimorePaul Larimore4 months ago
    • Thank you Paul!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Glad to hear you are well! These are some good picks. Forgot how good The Protector is. Haven't seen Extraction yet but that scene might send me to Netflix.

    Cy ReanoCy Reano4 months ago
  • That one from Extraction, I feel like the cameraman had the most choreography work of all

    Patient ZeroPatient Zero4 months ago
  • Thank you so much, sir.

    Michael BellingerMichael Bellinger4 months ago
  • Zombieland 2 was bad but that scene was awesome. I hope the people who worked on it have a bright future making better movies

    Johan LiebertJohan Liebert4 months ago
  • :)

    Steven ChenSteven Chen4 months ago
  • Hope you good and took a break nice comp you got here all BANGERS🙏🏽

    • Appreciate it my man!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Awesome bro keep up the good work!👍

    Daddy_ CoolioDaddy_ Coolio4 months ago
  • Yjhy

    Sandra MiniauskieneSandra Miniauskiene4 months ago
  • 1 Extraction 2 The Protector 1:55 3 Aquaman 5:48 4 Daredevil season 2 7:15 5 Oldboy 10:25 6 Zombie land Double Tap 13:30

    Chaos_banane-135Chaos_banane-1354 months ago
  • I have reason to believe that Oldboy and The Protector were the only ones 100% one-take, the rest were released post 2010s and some cuts were stitched in flawlessly, but in the end if it's executed right, it looks right.

    Dusty BluesDusty Blues4 months ago
    • If you know what to look for, most of the cuts are really easy to spot and your observations seem to be correct

      Rimmer StoelingaRimmer Stoelinga4 months ago
  • What a choice in video. A+ dude.

    Daniel CardiffDaniel Cardiff4 months ago
  • Kinda surprised there's no John Wick here

    John Nowak Kind SirJohn Nowak Kind Sir4 months ago
  • Benjy is back, baby! Glad to hear you're doing well.

    Lane MyerLane Myer4 months ago
  • Hope you having a good day/night

    Tristan AltamiranoTristan Altamirano4 months ago
  • I was just rewatching the best video game trailer one when this one popped up. Weird.....

    Michael PipkinMichael Pipkin4 months ago
  • I literally love u and these vids no homo lol cuz ion see anybody else doing what u do 🤷🏼‍♂️ call it a weird flex they might but u just built different bro 🙌🏼💯

    Titus Trey-FrazierTitus Trey-Frazier4 months ago
    • Haha thanks bro I appreciate it! Means alot

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Hey man hope you’re doing well. Thanks for taking time to provide us with some banger content (as always). Stay safe my man

    Ben WBen W4 months ago
  • Good to see the compilation king returns, despite less content being produced to make content from,hope all's well bro :)

    Christopher GowlandChristopher Gowland4 months ago
  • gotta do the one from cobra kai s2 mate

    Juliet OscarJuliet Oscar4 months ago
  • The Protector looked like a damn video game.

    Manc3rManc3r4 months ago
  • Great stuff..glad to have u back

    Joseph KitchensJoseph Kitchens4 months ago
  • Great vid, glad you’re back! Hope school is going well. If/when you are going to do a part 2 it’d be pretty cool to see some kingsman.

    Wallace BullockWallace Bullock4 months ago
  • Stay strong and always keep your head up, bro.

    Jeffrey GardnerJeffrey Gardner4 months ago
  • Is that Oldboy clip in german?

    CornexCornex4 months ago
  • I know this isnt a WTF moments video, but you could add so much from the Boys S2.

    CornexCornex4 months ago
  • Let’s go your definitely one of my fav youtubers I was getting worried there

    ziggxyziggxy4 months ago
  • The man is back, lets go!

    Toni BamboniToni Bamboni4 months ago
  • Good video man I’ve missed these

    Jack SimonJack Simon4 months ago
  • you dont need to worry about the videos, all quality like allways dude, thanks for coming back, and i hope that you are not very stressed.

    job pedrojob pedro4 months ago
    • I'm doing good my friend, I hope your doing the same! Thank you!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Them daredevil one takes just hit different

    Shannon MShannon M4 months ago
    • I've always loved the Punisher Season 2 Trailer, with the Metallica music: To me, there is a certain artistic melding of the action/music/mood that our guy Benjy reproduces with his compositions.

      Bruce LortzBruce Lortz4 months ago
  • 9:24 Oh yeah that guy is never gonna walk again. lol

    Venom87542Venom875424 months ago
  • Is the supposed to be cod

    jjj hi dadjjj hi dad4 months ago
  • What is this

    jjj hi dadjjj hi dad4 months ago
  • I don’t usually comment on videos, but I just wanted to say you’re the best compilation channel on USworlds IMO.

    What are you doing in my SWAMPWhat are you doing in my SWAMP4 months ago
    • I appreciate it man!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Yay Benjy! You're one of my two favorite young men! 😘😘😘

    Leah DudleyLeah Dudley4 months ago
    • @Benjy And I love you!

      Leah DudleyLeah Dudley4 months ago
    • Love you!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Welcome back yo! Fly content as usual, just a bit of a request, add some Shaw Brothers to your rotation. Thank you in advance.

    Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson4 months ago
    • Thanks man, I'll check it out!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • *Benjy posts* "Aw yea, here we go bois"

    Virus - 1462709Virus - 14627094 months ago
  • When I saw this video I smiled... it's good to see you again Benjy

    Thomas McDonaldThomas McDonald4 months ago
    • When I saw this comment i smiled, Thanks my friend!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • I love it when fight sequences are in one shot

    The D KnaxThe D Knax4 months ago
  • That really got my attention. One take scenes rule. Thank you my brother that was breathtaking.

    Dean BatemanDean Bateman4 months ago
  • These one takes are like obstacle courses

    Deangelo DupreeDeangelo Dupree4 months ago
    • Yeah you're kinda right haha

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • I forgot how fucking good The Protector was

    BrandoBrando4 months ago
  • Super pumped to see you have a new upload. I hope you and your family and friends are doing ok. Much love big homie.

    KingCookie 30733KingCookie 307334 months ago
    • Much love to you my friend thank you!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Creed

    Soflo SportsSoflo Sports4 months ago
    • That was in the cutting board, it was just too long! Great scene tho

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Chris Hemsworth is a true legend.

    Borge GushBorge Gush4 months ago
    • He truly was a beast in this one

      FaulesArschlochFaulesArschloch4 months ago
  • Sadly didn’t put in the entire Extraction scene. I’m guessing copyright? Anyways great video (again)!

    Cole DuffyCole Duffy4 months ago
  • I knew one day you would put old boy!!! Great film

    Trinidad GuillenTrinidad Guillen4 months ago
  • Yoooo my man back wit another banga!!! Yes sir!!!

    tony latrelltony latrell4 months ago
    • Thanks my friend!

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  • Nice to see u back, time to hit that 100k my guy

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    • Hell yeah!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Ayyy glad to see you're still posting great content!

    Bennett H.Bennett H.4 months ago
  • I’m glad to see the scene from Zombieland getting recognition. Completely didn’t expect that badass tracking shot

    Alex WrightAlex Wright4 months ago
    • That was an elite level scene right there.

      Arcade Stick GamingArcade Stick GamingMonth ago
    • me neither! kept waiting for it to end but it didnt! great scene

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • To be honest you could probably make a seperate video just for the Daredevil long takes

    josh stewardjosh steward4 months ago
    • Ah yes, the prison 11 min longtake is quite impressive

      CT-3953 CT CheckmateCT-3953 CT Checkmate2 months ago
  • 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎😎

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  • Good to have you back dude!

    Birdman BlizzardBirdman Blizzard4 months ago
  • Been a while bro, welcome back! Thanks for the new vid!

    YeyzonYeyzon4 months ago
    • no thank you!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Benjy’s back!

    Carlo BasileCarlo Basile4 months ago
  • Great compilation! I was pretty scared you got a strike or something, glad to see you're fine!

    K20p9K20p94 months ago
  • Greatly appreciated. Great work as always.

    John BrownJohn Brown4 months ago
    • good to see you John thanks man

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  • Hey man you good you haven’t posted in a while I’m glad you back.

    McCringleberryMcCringleberry4 months ago
    • Yeah for real I was gettin a little worried I was just thinkin about him yesterday lol.

      A BA B4 months ago
  • If you ever do another most savage moments check out supernatural, dean kills stein family. It’s insane

    Alfie EvansAlfie Evans4 months ago
    • ill check it out!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Welcome back 🐐

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  • It's been awhile

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  • Glad you are back brother. Checked everyday for an upload!!! Keep up the great work.

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    • Appreciate it my friend!

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  • Needed a good Benjy video

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  • Disappointed the Kingsman church scene isn't here

    Devon deBorstDevon deBorst4 months ago
    • @Benjy ;)

      Devon deBorstDevon deBorst4 months ago
    • been saving that scene since my channels conception ;) youll see it soon

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  • Bro I have been waiting for your videos for so long

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  • Me literally 4 hours ago: "Damn Benjy hasn't posted in forever. I hope everything is ok." *looks at my phone 2 minutes ago* "AYYYYYYYY"

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    • @Benjy Hows school going?

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    • @Benjy We appreciate *you*

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    • appreciate the thought my friend!

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  • I always wait for your next upload! relatively new subscriber (8 months maybe) but I respect the hustle.

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  • Fuck Fox All My Homies Hate Fox

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  • The beast is back

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  • Sweeet

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  • the protector had better be number one!!! edit: Love your work, benjy

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  • I’m so early the timestamps guy hasn’t commented

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