Best Modern Hand-to-Hand Fight Scenes Pt.3

Mar 4, 2020
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This might as well be a Scott Adkins special because we got two fights from him in here (almost put three but i thought better of it), along with some other favorites of mine. Hopefully yall enjoy the third part to my favorite hand to hand fight scenes, and thanks the views and the comments on my other videos! it means alot

  • 1. The Punisher - Season 2 2. Spectre 3. John Wick 3: Parabellum 4. Accident Man 5. IP Man 3 6. Kingsman: The Golden Circle 7. Avengement

    BenjyBenjy11 months ago
    • Johnny Silverhand vs arasaka corps

      Saul Y.Saul Y.13 days ago
    • In Kingsman Golden cirle when he got put in the meat grinder ohh it was lights out

      Chrissie KingChrissie KingMonth ago
    • Without Into the Badlands, any list is a joke. I’m out.

      SommyBliss NriamaSommyBliss Nriama8 months ago
    • @Cipri Gutierrez e x c u s e m e

      AlkemystixAlkemystix9 months ago
    • Thanks bro

      Divyanshu SinghDivyanshu Singh9 months ago
  • Angle Slam

    Marquan Brand-mooreheadMarquan Brand-moorehead3 days ago
  • No Statham in Expendables 2 church scene "I now pronounce you man and knife." I have scene a 3rd degree black belt get wrecked by an experienced street fighter. The street fighter was smaller and much much more durable. I also watched a different 2nd degree black belt get wrecked by a 16 yr old kid that had enough of his bullying. It is all about will power.

    Del McCormackDel McCormack15 days ago
  • There is a reason Scott Adkins is on here twice

    BuffaloSoldier92BuffaloSoldier9216 days ago
  • Finally Hollywood learn from Asian fight movies

    Alberto LPAlberto LP17 days ago
  • 09:49 Spin yer partner 'round 'n' round.

    RemakeTheStarsRemakeTheStars24 days ago
  • Honestly I'd love a movie with a cool British main character who's not James Bond

    Quatschk0pf R.W.Quatschk0pf R.W.24 days ago
  • Never thought I'll be up a 3 am watching people get fucked up

    Bad Habits GamingBad Habits Gaming26 days ago
  • Never thought I'll be up a 3 am watching people get fucked up

    Bad Habits GamingBad Habits Gaming26 days ago
  • If only James Bond knew how to throw leg kicks

    Daddy PDaddy PMonth ago
  • The first elevator-scene: Why not just grab the nearest limb and hold on to it for dear life? One officer for each limb. Much like male nurses did with big unruly patients in old style mental asylums. Then the fifth officer steps in an ends the commotion with he's tazer. The main character could easily be wrestled down and neutralized this way. I like the second James Bond scene better. Size and numbers does count.

    farbror Frejfarbror FrejMonth ago
  • Kurt Angle would be proud of Wick💯😭

    Mr.Johnson 160Mr.Johnson 160Month ago
  • Hit them

    Flaming CroatanFlaming CroatanMonth ago
  • I dont just foight people anymore, I fackin destroy thum.

    WaveForcefulWaveForcefulMonth ago
  • Is it me or these fight scene of the 10 years have just been amazing...Scott Adkins is pretty awesome.

    Anthony HenryAnthony HenryMonth ago
  • Great start to my day. Typical awesome Benjy, thank you!

    Nick AbatinoNick AbatinoMonth ago
  • The punisher is a BEAST John Wick is a skillful player Daniel Craig’s character uses a lot of resources

    Gabriel GeorgesGabriel GeorgesMonth ago
  • What’s the name of the movie for the first fight scene with Scott Adkins?

  • 13:38 Happy wheels?

    Abra CadabraAbra CadabraMonth ago
  • John was pulling out WWE moves on them boys, he dropped both of them with a belly to belly suplex and then an Angle Slam respectively 🤣🤣🤣

    Vonn KhyreeVonn Khyree2 months ago
  • 13:06 I wonder if that was a little homage to Jackie Chan’s movie “Wheels on Meals.” When Sammo punches the bad guy and the bad guys head goes back and hits Jackie in the face.

    Dallas SteelDallas Steel2 months ago
  • I love the Ip man films. But I do have to laugh at the wing chin beating Muay Thai

    Francis board CoppolaFrancis board Coppola2 months ago
  • 12:19 12:31 13:22 all the same grunt sound effects jus sayin good scene tho

    Aaron EdelsteinAaron Edelstein2 months ago
  • Best bet next time is just upload all the John Wick movies. Good comps though.

    Mr. TexahoanMr. Texahoan2 months ago
  • şlap şlap zbam

    bekir aytaşbekir aytaş2 months ago
  • Ah, i see John Wick is a master of the style "Drunken Stepdad"

    Ian LyonsIan Lyons2 months ago
  • 2:52 Ah yes. Black Mom Kune Do

    Red EmeraldRed Emerald2 months ago
  • Bautista just backhanded this woman and she INSTANTLY fainted, the power of this man is incredible

    Marcus FarrMarcus Farr3 months ago
  • I gotta say...John Wick in a knife shop equals you gonna get fifty knives stuck in you...hahahaha....priceless.

    Alex GAlex G3 months ago
  • Electric bullwhip...hahahahaha

    Alex GAlex G3 months ago
  • As much as we all love John Wick we can all agree. That a lot of it is also fake 😆😂

    kyle pricekyle price3 months ago
  • I wonder if specter should of been rated r for strong violence

    Matt BurkeMatt Burke3 months ago
  • Never seen so bad fights like in john wick lol

    doble Ddoble D4 months ago
  • Kingsman has some of the best music to go along with a fight ever

    DJ WolfensteinDJ Wolfenstein4 months ago
  • Bro avengment and the accident man look like they go hard when it comes to fighting and I love it

    Zero The assassinZero The assassin4 months ago
  • Videos like these really make me realize how much I prefer fight scenes (and action movies in general) where the main character isn't bullet proof. Sure they've got plot armor, at least up until the end, and in general they tend to be better than everyone else, but when they just effortless do what they do and the disparity between the fighters is so great that it suspends belief it's harder for me to take the move seriously. Which for an action-comedy like a Statham flick, or Kingsman is totally fine, they're not meant to be taken seriously, but for more serious movies it just sort of ruins it for me, but when the main character is just barely scraping by, and just barely managing to outplay his opponents, not only does it feel more believable, but it makes the eventual victory that much more satisfying, which is why I enjoy movies like John Wick, The Punisher and the scene from Avengement was pretty good too. My favorites will always be the Raid series (Raid Redemption and The Raid 2). That's like... the epitome of over the top yet believable fight scenes for me. So sad we'll likely never see the 3rd movie.

    SolusSolus5 months ago
  • 1:05 Dave Bautista looks good in a suit

    Will MaasWill Maas5 months ago
  • Holy fuck... that last fight.... 😳😳

    Emile -Emile -5 months ago
  • Jon Bernthals yell is like the A-10's brrrt, if you hear it, you're about to get fucked up.

    KenniBoii 19KenniBoii 195 months ago
  • 2:39 he really said some "Give me a second" XD

    Angel SanchezAngel Sanchez5 months ago
  • Give it to the black guy to react without being touched, first few seconds. I have slow internet So I was able to watch carefully

    Steven SanchezSteven Sanchez5 months ago
  • Since you included punisher, why not daredevil? It has the best fight scenes in any tv show

    wilson fiskwilson fisk5 months ago
  • The Bond one is way too quiet

    Category 1Category 16 months ago
  • Dude when their adrenalin goes down, they have to lie down for a few weeks

    Fluffy JackieFluffy Jackie6 months ago
  • I love the little "I'm about to fuck you up" pout that the Punisher pulls everytime he's fighting.

    asmartist enthusiastasmartist enthusiast6 months ago
  • Where is bvs warehouse scene more realistic then any of these

    hard as phukhard as phuk6 months ago
  • Well, Bond, that is what happens when Drax the Destroyer comes after you!

    woodraxwoodrax6 months ago
  • The last scene was the most badass.

    Bhuchandra SinghaBhuchandra Singha6 months ago
  • That dude trying to be Hammer girl

    Maruthi MachaMaruthi Macha6 months ago
  • I've had glass stuck in my foot from stepping on a broken bottle for months now. 8:12 terrifies me.

    Joseph ZicaroJoseph Zicaro6 months ago
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    ben jben j6 months ago
  • I couldn’t see anyone fighting the guy in the second clip that’s crazy

    Gibsen FaulknerGibsen Faulkner6 months ago
  • You know you're the GOAT when you make the list twice! Shout out, Scott Adkins!

    Ajay SeaAjay Sea6 months ago
  • I like how the Punisher just chucked the baton at the police officer's body after fighting him like he was real pain in the ass 😂.

    Casey TeagueCasey Teague6 months ago
  • Sir please mention the names of movies

    Navdeep SinghNavdeep Singh6 months ago
  • Only John Wick make a belt look like a murder weapon. god damnit what a monster

    MusiikBoyyMusiikBoyy7 months ago
    • what about Mexican moms they make anything look like a murder weapon😂

      slasher 370slasher 37020 hours ago
    • John wick proved that school rules are useless because now anything is a weapon.

      Charmanders 0203Charmanders 02032 months ago
    • @louis santiago yes thats why i say this.

      MusiikBoyyMusiikBoyy4 months ago
  • Man just 1v14

    EverythingisalrightEverythingisalright7 months ago
  • Anyone else fantasize in school about beating people up who were a threat.

    EverythingisalrightEverythingisalright7 months ago
  • watch enough fight scenes and you start to see how completely ridiculous most of them are.

    geekdiggygeekdiggy7 months ago
  • Make a video with all Punisher fight scenes

    • And of John Wick too

      VALEN GOMESVALEN GOMES7 months ago
  • Yo John Wick 3 fight is the BEST

    DatB0i0 95DatB0i0 957 months ago
  • I wasn't interested in this video but when ip man clip started i literally hit the like button 😂😂

    Hafiz Mustafa Sultan - HMSHafiz Mustafa Sultan - HMS7 months ago
  • Your dad didn't hate you, he just resented you because you are the physical embodiment of him having to own up to his neglectful act of not "pulling out". You are a blessing to us all but most of all a born winner because you ran a race again millions of others to a finish line in which the winner will survive and all other with die. YOU ARE A NATURAL BORN WINNER!!!!

    Chris OwensChris Owens7 months ago
  • Fun fact:one bullet is enough

    Harish KumarHarish Kumar7 months ago
  • Bruh, Dave Bautista gives no fucks if you hit him, probably gave the girl trying to protect her man a concussion with that backhand

    Zuiwi .R6Zuiwi .R67 months ago
  • 11:20 what is this movie called

  • John wick literally angle slammed a dude

    SparrowSparrow8 months ago
  • The first few seconds when the Punisher pushes the cops in the lift - the guy on the left just falls over but he never touched him lol. Great scene yeah lol

    Martin CarlineMartin Carline8 months ago
  • I have to say the kingsman fight was very weak since it seemed to most fake out of them all.

    SevenspentSevenspent8 months ago
  • All you need 6:26

    Liglerian ALiglerian A8 months ago
  • 8:24 The Power Kick! Love you Donnie! 😍

    Anuj GiriAnuj Giri8 months ago
  • No The Raid? That's some bullshiiitt

    Alan StevensAlan Stevens8 months ago
  • This will be first day back in pubs after covid lockdown

    Kevin ConneryKevin Connery8 months ago
  • bru how many times is john wick gonna flip people over

    Ethan 3Ethan 38 months ago
  • 2:50 the asians were doing fine until he pulled out daddy's belt

    MattMatt8 months ago
  • When you finally catch the player that was targeting you for the 5th time in the game 4:18

    yuri995yuri9958 months ago
  • OMG ! they almost shoot the camera guy at 10:50 !!!

    Franck RichardFranck Richard8 months ago
  • 13:37 Coming back with the gun was probably the worst idea that kid ever had.

    Unknown K.Unknown K.8 months ago
    • and then he followed it up by punching him in the face.

      sam Jacksonsam Jackson8 months ago
  • Finally, a James Bond scene! Awesome!

    Denis KinyuaDenis Kinyua8 months ago
  • At 0:42 why does her hair puff?

    ultron22ultron228 months ago
  • 3:40 ohhh noo he missed the knife attack... what the fuck... this dude is supposed to be a fucking proffesional killer, and he cant even hit someone with a knife while his back is open xD

    DepressiveGamingDepressiveGaming8 months ago
  • 2:40 most stupid movie fighting scene ever... why the fuck would you be scared of getting whipped by a belt xD while having two knifes in your hands just fucking take the hit and trust it into him...xD

    DepressiveGamingDepressiveGaming8 months ago
  • This channel deserves more recognition

    Justin again justinJustin again justin8 months ago
  • *fights in chinese*

    StopCampinglolStopCampinglol8 months ago
  • I love the John Wick fight because of the level of respect between the fighters. The two assassin's realized John wasn't at his best (what with having just had massive fight and having recently lost a finger) and gave him the opportunity to get up and fight like a true assassin rather than kill him dishonorably.

    James RayJames Ray8 months ago
  • Punisher + JW❤️❤️❤️

    Madhuresh PratapMadhuresh Pratap8 months ago
  • The rooftop fight in Jackie Chan's Who Am I would be nice too see in the series

    xArcangel32xxArcangel32x8 months ago
  • @Benjy I hope you made one where they fight in the beginning of Blade Runner 2049. What a way to start a movie!

    John MejiaJohn Mejia8 months ago
  • fak it, I subscribed to your ass

    John MejiaJohn Mejia8 months ago
  • As humans we wish we could do half that stuff.

    EpCotts ChannelEpCotts Channel8 months ago
  • Insane, i absolutely loved it 👍💯

    mick mcgrathmick mcgrath8 months ago
  • I could barely watch this sooo stupid how fake fight scenes have become to please the viewers nowadays. most these fights I was waiting for them to rip the shirt off and have a superman S on the chest. OMFG

    ThrillhunterThrillhunter8 months ago
  • Boy does hollywood make intense violence look attractive.

    darthspeaksdarthspeaks8 months ago
  • Scott Adkins does the best fucking fights in the world, closely followed by Donnie Yen.

    ValelacerteValelacerte8 months ago
  • Of course the punisher and John wick are on here.

    Raging BullRaging Bull8 months ago
  • The Raid?? seriously??

  • Thumbs up of course. 1. 3 Cops put on permanent DI with multiple broken ribs, cheekbones/facial bones and at least 1 broken neck. 2. Ending after the commercial break, (ie, it's not here) but James Bond gets the win over Batista after heavy outside interference by his female valet (who gets a good dose of equal opportunity for women from Batista) and a LOT of foreign objects. The crowd reaction is mixed, lol. 3. 2 Ninja assassins realize they are outclassed in a handicap match against 1 John Wick. In this clip anyway, they take the count out loss. 4. The British disability system takes on half a dozen newcomers as the group fails to realize the advantage of a straight out swarm, choosing to be paralyzed as opposed to winning cheaply. 5. Woman on elevator: Oh-oh, whenever a heavily tatted guy in a long red robe and long hair takes off his sandals in the elevator, I'd like to go potty now. Tatted guy in red robe: This old coot in black semi-formal attire is my lunch. Guy in black semi-formal attire (Ip Man): You are hardly worth my time. I didn't even take any damage from you. Get your weak game outta here, punk. 6. Kingsmen: Hey, I'd like 200 lbs of freshly ground meat, not beef, but meat! 7. The British OASDI system would like to thank the avenger for killing everyone in the bar and not disabling them, thus avoiding massive lifelong payouts; plus, the avenger "no-sells" everything that was thrown at him!

    Ark RazorArk Razor8 months ago
  • Avengement 1, Kingsman 2, Spectre 3. That's how I see it.

    Spartacus AntipasSpartacus Antipas8 months ago
  • So why stop the fight between Bond and the Dave Bautista character right before the best part?

    Todd HagemanTodd Hageman8 months ago