Best Modern Foot Chase Scenes

Mar 23, 2020
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Today i got some foot chase scenes for ya. Its hard to find good footchases so i hope you like these ones. Some of them are more comedic than others but i tried to keep a good blend of action and comedy, so i hope you enjoy watching people run around! my favorite is probably District B13 or MI: Fallout, cuz I love me a good Tom Cruise run. Let me know what your favorites were in the comments!

  • 1. District B-13 2. Captain America: Civil War 3. Hawaii 5-0 - Season 7 4. Game Night 5. Mission Impossible: Fallout 6. Hardcore Henry

    BenjyBenjy11 months ago
    • Ong Bak 1 - btw @benjy, thank you so much for compiling this.

      Ilzanno SharkyIlzanno Sharky2 months ago
    • @real anidoromu thank movie came in when my kids where toddlers they are almost tweens

      holylambmediaholylambmedia8 months ago
    • should have put in baby driver's foot chase scene

      Snoot BoySnoot Boy9 months ago
    • Wow that dude in Hawaii 5.0 damn unbelievable a real life superhero Haha First video as well

      Pp VkPp Vk9 months ago
    • @Move Advisor 🎯 Bingo you right.

      yankeesny28yankeesny289 months ago
  • B-13 is the best😲😲

    Prasad SawantPrasad Sawant10 days ago
  • Data waste e video nodidre,,dabba video

  • of course Tom Cruise is running in every movie 🔥🔥🤣

  • Hardcore Henry and District B-13 is so underrated, these movies are actually good

    Hack PlusHack PlusMonth ago

    The Skiing MusicianThe Skiing MusicianMonth ago
  • I’m surprised Jackie Chan isn’t in here lol, great video though!

    VanessaVanessaMonth ago
  • The creator of parkour just flexing and its a good flex

    sourav chaudhurisourav chaudhuri2 months ago
  • Jesus these people are too into tag.

    DevZenDevZen2 months ago
  • Last one camera angles osm

    Aastik ZimanAastik Ziman2 months ago
  • How there no James Bond?

    Roman TorteliRoman Torteli3 months ago
  • Art is about comfort

    john noblejohn noble3 months ago
  • They are painful

    john noblejohn noble3 months ago
  • @benjy someone stole your video and changed the last clip

    Jonathan BJonathan B3 months ago
  • hardcore parkour

    videostar75videostar753 months ago
  • Corridor Crew went over quite a few of these.

    Jasper LeeJasper Lee4 months ago
    • I was really into them back when I made this, they gave me great ideas!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Part 2 with Ride along 2 Neighbors 2 Captain America the first avenger Brick mansions Colombiana Casino Royal pls

    Christian AmadorChristian Amador5 months ago
  • Johnny english should be included 😊

    Leo StunLeo Stun5 months ago
  • Every chase scene should be shot in first person.

    mercurygummercurygum5 months ago
  • Would will smith in bad boys 1 count

    Jaden RiversJaden Rivers5 months ago
  • Round off back handspring suicide hi Henry bye Henry

    Milestone KennedyMilestone Kennedy5 months ago
  • I’m still a girl 😉

    Milestone KennedyMilestone Kennedy5 months ago
  • My favorite part in this movie is When He runs away from the police

    May ChangMay Chang6 months ago
  • Chris Brown in 'Takers' you forgot that one

    Siniya AdamsSiniya Adams6 months ago
  • Wait how did he not break he's arm?

    scouse nofeyzullascouse nofeyzulla7 months ago
  • These may be really good chase scenes, but the fact that the person running is often much more skilled then the people they are trying to outrun almost completely ruins the purpose of a good chase scene. Because the person running is way better than the people they outrun there is almost no tension.

    KovladKovlad7 months ago
  • Warriors versus baseball furies??

    MrEnergee1987MrEnergee19877 months ago
  • Good compilations without any bs

    Christopher GowlandChristopher Gowland8 months ago
  • This fella is the Jackie Chan, of parkour. Holy fuck!

    nothereforlongnothereforlong8 months ago
  • No Brick Mansion?

    Chromatic45Chromatic458 months ago
  • Incredible. ♡ T.E.N.

    Tracy NationTracy Nation8 months ago
  • 3:21 what is this running speed? lol

    PlanKPlanK8 months ago
  • 1:56 me going down stares in warzone

    CrusaderJoshCrusaderJosh8 months ago
  • 0:39 WTF a white guy jumped out the window then turned into a black guy on the way down. They didn't even have the same hair.

    rasheedqerasheedqe8 months ago
  • I personally think the short but sweet Captain America: The Winter Soldier had a better chase than Civil War, more intense and less wirework/CGI. Plus it really displayed how badass and powerful cap was when he’s busting through doors 😂

    VorticieFilmsVorticieFilms8 months ago
  • I really enjoyed hardcore henry except for that weird finale 🤔

    Illidan StormrageIllidan Stormrage8 months ago
  • 個人的には6番目の Hardcore Henryが最高だと思う。斬新なカメラワークと演出は飛び抜けて素晴らしい!展開がスピーディで全く完成度が高い作品だ。

    369 Koujita369 Koujita8 months ago
  • 10:30 He actually broke his left foot on impact in that scene. You can see him hobbling after he pulls himself up. ( I see someone beat me to the punch lol

    RunningWolf PupRunningWolf Pup8 months ago
  • David Belle, Jesse la flair

    shyoriyi uxioshyoriyi uxio8 months ago
  • David Belle

    shyoriyi uxioshyoriyi uxio8 months ago
  • When winter soldier first jumps down the building his legs touch the ground so slowly and delicate like there is barely any weight to this guy. Kinda weird stunt mistake or smth

    Serban GeorgescuSerban Georgescu9 months ago
  • 9:25 Where they get that coffee table? WOW!!

    John BrownJohn Brown9 months ago
  • Parkour is starting to feature in most footchase scenes nowadays. It can be a bit tedious because you know that so much of that stuff (not all, but much) has to be pre-planned and choreographed to the enth degree. Which means it simply isn't realistic for the attendant plot narrative to hold that the protagonists aren't intimately, asin 'second-nature' familiar with every minute detail of the terrain ahead-of-time. It's like obvious superpowers within a filmic universe that isn't supposed to cater for them. It clunks the viewer experience.

    R PR P9 months ago
  • 2:30

    Sharon Sharon 68Sharon Sharon 689 months ago
  • 2:15

    Sharon Sharon 68Sharon Sharon 689 months ago
  • Half of Hardcore Henry was a chase scene the other half was a first-person fighter/shooter. Liked it overall, but had to watch it in two sessions, only movie to ever give me a headache, think it was because I was watching so closely trying to find scene cuts.

    Patient ZeroPatient Zero9 months ago
  • In the beginning of the Hardcore Henry chase after Henry falls, what was the guy doing? Tying his shoes???

    Tomahawk M468Tomahawk M4689 months ago
  • This had me in stitches lmao of only it was real

    Mushtaq AhmadMushtaq Ahmad9 months ago
  • James Bond 007

    Robert MainaRobert Maina9 months ago
  • Corridor Crew has a great in depth look at the bts of some parkour stuff. They even get the guy who did the stunts as black panther for that captain america scene to talk about it.

    gamesforjake1gamesforjake19 months ago
  • Yamakasi is missing.

    CornexCornex9 months ago
  • Tracers should be in this

    Tony MartinezTony Martinez9 months ago
  • Aw man. You forgot Brick Mansion

    Jon CarrJon Carr9 months ago
  • Bitch Dress onn

    Tyler DenistonTyler Deniston9 months ago
  • =

    Tyler DenistonTyler Deniston9 months ago
  • Catch..\_*

    Tyler DenistonTyler Deniston9 months ago
  • no Bad Boys? how disappointing

    moreno685moreno6859 months ago
  • The first french movie is sick, David Belle is class

    Beerus God of DestructionBeerus God of Destruction9 months ago
  • First clip: the bad guy too smart to know where he will going, too stupid to not catch him

    Aryan WirawanAryan Wirawan9 months ago
  • District b-13 is just like brick mansions

    HurkZillaHurkZilla9 months ago
    • Benjy well shit I didn’t know that ..

      HurkZillaHurkZilla9 months ago
    • Brick mansions is a remake of district b13

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • 1:41 😂

    Darrin BaileyDarrin Bailey9 months ago
  • That first on cole

    Maddison GulleyMaddison Gulley9 months ago
  • Expected Captain America: Civil War to be here and now I'm satisfied.

    Koji YaoKoji Yao9 months ago
  • The first clip didn’t make sense as the chasers seemed to always be right behind him despite all the “random” routes he was taking. Style over substance. And Where TF was Casino Royale?

    Pondjumper1Pondjumper19 months ago
  • 15:50 wow that was actually important, i agree with him

    Moch GamingMoch Gaming9 months ago
  • District B-13 The best of the two.

    JarheadJarhead9 months ago
  • Tom cruise the king of runs

    rouchdat moorouchdat moo9 months ago
  • 2:56 I am one with the bird lol

    D e v o n t ’ eD e v o n t ’ e9 months ago
  • Whoooooooa @ 15:55

    _ chapp_ chapp9 months ago
  • Ong bak, Casino royale, Tracers, any Jackie Chan's movie)

    JOS TEGJOS TEG9 months ago
  • el numero 3 parkour puro !!!!

    Gustavo ArriagadaGustavo Arriagada9 months ago
  • That Hawaii 5-0 chase was pretty entertaining for a TV chase

    Jay ForbesJay Forbes9 months ago
  • That's some hardcore parcore.

    Thomas AndersonThomas Anderson9 months ago
  • So - no Jackie Chan love? Weird¿

    Steven HunterSteven Hunter9 months ago
  • The first one is better than Marvel

    Studyroomhk TutorStudyroomhk Tutor9 months ago
  • i wish i had such agility without the bullet to the head

    dysfunctional vetdysfunctional vet9 months ago
  • The best foot chase scene is Connor chasing the devient in Detroit Become Human.

    General Winning SmileGeneral Winning Smile9 months ago
  • I suggest looking in to the chase scene in ong bak. Tony Jaa is a freak.

    Jonathon ZacariasJonathon Zacarias9 months ago
  • If parkour is supposed to be the quickest point from A to B possible, why are all these random criminals doing the flashiest most reduntant shit? Could the producers really not come up with a better way to catch the bad guy after a parkour scene than "Police officer was somehow better at parkour than the person who's practiced parkour"? It's fucking ridiculous and wildly innacurate even taking the fact that this is a show into account. These morons have plenty of actual resource material to draw from but all they do is watch "Best parkour moments 2020", hire the cheapest most mediocre free running choreographer they can find then let them run with it despit the fact they all look the same like the moves were inspiried by the last free running competition held globally

    FunWithSmileyFunWithSmiley9 months ago
  • Been enjoying the channel. You totally missed Casino Royal's opening foot chase

    Andrew LewandowskiAndrew Lewandowski9 months ago
  • Can anyone name a movie room cruise didn't run in?😳😎😂

    John WhiteJohn White9 months ago
    • Tropic Thunder;)

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Wow that dude in Hawaii 5.0 unbelievable.. almost real life spiderman

    Pp VkPp Vk9 months ago
  • Must have seriously irritated those chasers in banleiu treize. Arbeit macht frei, & all that . . .

    george mirageorge mira9 months ago
  • District B-13 reminds me of the movie brick mansions the one with Paul walker the parkour movie

    Zander BowenZander Bowen9 months ago
  • Let me give you some facts about the first film: It is a French film called “District 13” or “B13”, and the guy who did the amazing (and real) run there, is David Belle. His father and him (later with some of his friend) invented something that you’ve been watching all this time, an art of movement, Parkour. This film may not be the best, but David Belle is. Also, you probably already know there is a Hollywood remake for the first title called “Brick Mansion”. Even though this film is still not that good, let’s give some respect to it as this is one of the last films of Paul Walker ever made.

    MNTB DJWMNTB DJW9 months ago
    • @HarroKitteh parkour and free running is similar but different can't u understand

      Lone SoldierLone Soldier8 months ago
    • @Lone Soldier Read the entire thing...

      HarroKittehHarroKitteh8 months ago
    • @HarroKitteh

      Lone SoldierLone Soldier8 months ago
    • @Lone Soldier Exactly... google it idiot. The term was invented by him but it was pioneered way before.

      HarroKittehHarroKitteh8 months ago
    • @HarroKitteh before saying stupid stuff google it first

      Lone SoldierLone Soldier8 months ago
  • 40 age 😆😆

    hai brohai bro9 months ago
  • How do they catch up to this dude so quick. He's doing all types of parkour from floor to floor and they still right behind him 😂😂😂

    ShopCrateShopCrate9 months ago
    • is like Subway Surfer. No matter what the boy does to go fast the fat security is always one step behind him.

      Carlington SilburnCarlington Silburn4 months ago
    • They're doing it too, but sometimes land in dumpsters, etc.

      george mirageorge mira9 months ago
  • Last year I was making just the same things, but what happened this year so that I can't :-)

    Rosen RusevRosen Rusev9 months ago
    • You should still try! I love watching them

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago

    surxob sitisurxob siti9 months ago
  • Hardcore Henry is a badass movie

    YNGDMNDYNGDMND9 months ago
  • the man who just jumped out without thinking is so brave😂

    zheheng yangzheheng yang9 months ago
  • Ride along 2 should’ve been one in this vid

    Christian AmadorChristian Amador10 months ago
  • Where's War on Everyone?

    moorecav213moorecav21310 months ago
  • I really enjoyed Game Night

    David MitchellDavid Mitchell10 months ago
  • Oookay how tf did no one die in the Hardcore Henry clip? I mean was that whole escalator padded?? That woman’s fall AT LEAST would’ve knocked her out.

    Tom R.Tom R.10 months ago
  • I wouldve used reverse psychology and make em think i was goin top then climb back down 💀

    IamtohkneeIamtohknee10 months ago
  • Black panther run faster while chasing bucky than deliver the infinity gauntlet in end game

    Marcel AldoMarcel Aldo10 months ago
  • Great video GoPro has come a long way I see why my brother's can get a part as a stuntman we run too fast😂😂😂

    R. A.R. A.10 months ago
  • Wasn’t expecting that ending tho😳👌🏻

    RileyyRileyy10 months ago
  • Henry cavill's look😂😂😂

    ESKELORDESKELORD10 months ago