Best Modern Character Intro Scenes

Mar 16, 2020
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These are some of my favorite scenes where we get introduced to a new character. I got a little action and a little comedy but all of these scenes are awesome in their own way, but let me know if I missed any good ones

  • 1. Now You See Me 2. The Wolf of Wall Street 3. Inglourious Basterds 4. The Nice Guys 5. Blood and Bone 6. Zombieland 7. The Dark Knight

    BenjyBenjy11 months ago
    • Pin it dude

      FixinToFixinTo9 months ago
    • Pin your comment❤️

      NudlesNudles9 months ago
    • 10:23 what was that transition lol

      Donovan CooperDonovan Cooper9 months ago
    • @Kawh you can watch it on USworlds

      Christian L.Christian L.10 months ago
    • Do you make money off this or do you get copyrighted, just a friend asking a friend

      BigToeJoeBigToeJoe10 months ago
  • I was hoping to see Death's intro from Supernatural. It is one of the best.

    Levene GrantLevene GrantMonth ago
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    Budi wanBudi wan2 months ago
  • Who else saw 7 of diamonds

    Jack WalterJack Walter2 months ago
  • Whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you crazier.

    Kevin MulliganKevin Mulligan3 months ago
  • john wick?

    kamal beelkamal beel3 months ago
  • I have a few of your videos saved in my playlist. I can watch these over and over!

    John BrownJohn Brown4 months ago
    • @Benjy wHy SOoOo Serious?

      John BrownJohn Brown4 months ago
    • Love to hear it man thanks for makin me smile!

      BenjyBenjy4 months ago
  • Blood and bone was the best one

    Christian AmadorChristian Amador4 months ago
  • Inglorious Bastards is probably one of my favorite movies

    The8bitdin0The8bitdin04 months ago
  • Wolverine on X-men Apocalypse

    White TrashWhite Trash5 months ago
  • "I'm not saying I wasn't a little bastard- I mean....I grew up Irish" I felt that

    Gabriel ToddHamiltonGabriel ToddHamilton6 months ago
  • Loki in the Avengers! 😃🤟

    Zylice LiddellZylice Liddell6 months ago
  • The second I saw now you see me on the list I knew it was wrong haha

    Zach SZach S7 months ago
  • Booger sugar!

    BPTN MRPHYBPTN MRPHY8 months ago
  • The best one is the captain price intro in modern warfare 2019

    andre hahaandre haha8 months ago
  • *Daniel Pleinview in There Will Be Blood*

    Sr. M!CK3Y SΣXUΛLSr. M!CK3Y SΣXUΛL8 months ago
  • I'm high as hell right now and I said 7 Diamonds I'm bugging out right now

    CRX JamaicanHalfBreedCRX JamaicanHalfBreed8 months ago
  • Michael & Ledger where the best

    Illidan StormrageIllidan Stormrage8 months ago
  • May I pitch Peter B. Parker from Into the Spiderverse’s intro for a sequel?

    RJWRJW8 months ago
    • One of the best movies period

      BenjyBenjy8 months ago
  • 2:45 Was Pop Rocks really...😂

    Nick GregoryNick Gregory8 months ago
  • WHAT???? The 7 of diamonds was the card that I saw in my head when I was trying to follow along with the trick. How in the world can a movie do a live magic trick without it being live?

    LetsPlayDailyLetsPlayDaily8 months ago
  • holy fuck i chose 7 of diamonds

    Ramu KakaRamu Kaka8 months ago
  • Where is The Fanatic. That "i cant talk too long, gotta poo" is iconic.

    ClaremoreClaremore8 months ago
  • Lmao that was the card i saw aswell

    WaylithWaylith8 months ago
  • it's less intro's and more half the films itself

    Jerome BaldsingJerome Baldsing8 months ago
  • Why the dude at the urinal keep looking down.. What's he looking at? 🤔

    Josh StockJosh Stock8 months ago
  • First guy totally got laid

    Robert FuhrmanRobert Fuhrman8 months ago
  • 1:17 i thought of the same card

    Subscribe to the SlothSubscribe to the Sloth8 months ago
  • 4:10 and 4:00 why were both servants black 🤔

    Tajay BaileyTajay Bailey8 months ago
  • R.I.P Kimbo Slice.

    Pharaoh VitoPharaoh Vito8 months ago
  • The thing I never got with the Joker scene, why didn't he just spit out the grenade and run? Wtf was keeping him there?

    Tyrone MooreTyrone Moore9 months ago
  • Is there a part 2?

    EzzahEzzah9 months ago
  • the card one i was thing of 7 diamond on god

    Ralee KetRalee Ket9 months ago
  • Now You See Me has no place on the "Best" anything list. Seriously.... What?!

    AdamAdam9 months ago
  • The Nice Guys is criminally underrated

    Peter GrobelPeter Grobel9 months ago
  • In that Now You See Me scene, they quite clearly either blurred the other cards, or emphasised the seven of hearts somehow, because even when I paused the video, I couldn’t tell what the other cards were

    Will JacksonWill Jackson9 months ago
  • I just fucking realized Samuel L Jackson was the narrator for Inglorious bastards!

    Nate AndersonNate Anderson9 months ago
  • Man, Jesse Eisenberg's card trick with that background score was dope! what an actor!

    Fayaz SyedFayaz Syed9 months ago
    • Yes that theme is one of my favorites ever!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Wtf I was thinking of 7

    SmokyBacon XDSmokyBacon XD9 months ago
  • My man's slippers flyin off his feet from that whoopin @9:56 🤣🤣

    Ryan RiddickRyan Riddick9 months ago
  • what? am I the only one who chose King of hearts?

    HeyItzScotchHeyItzScotch9 months ago
  • Kimbo... not even in fiction

    Fernando MilanFernando Milan9 months ago
  • Dererks introduction in stepbrothers tops all of these

    Jack KevinJack Kevin9 months ago
  • That whole 7 of diamonds thing was insane

    Chris LarsonChris Larson9 months ago
  • what is the movie at 8:00

    josiah carpenterjosiah carpenter9 months ago
  • what the frick he actually guesed my card wtf

    CarsExtractCarsExtract9 months ago
  • the actor for stiglitz would be great for Wolfenstein

    BYGTOPP2BYGTOPP29 months ago
  • Heads up: Serious adult content from 2:02 to 3:05. Gag, report, and leave.

    Fire eater 9107Fire eater 91079 months ago
  • 13:42, I know for a fact that you can't lift that money-filled bags that easy and throw with one hand!!!

    ANNMS MusicANNMS Music9 months ago
  • *WhErE DiD YoU LeArN To CoUnT?!*

    Devansh KamdarDevansh Kamdar9 months ago
  • Man I find Jesse Eisenburg so fuckin annoying.

    Shy RebelShy Rebel9 months ago
  • The nice guys such a great movie

    Micheal KellyMicheal Kelly9 months ago
  • 2:12 didnot see that coming

    MemesWorkMemesWork9 months ago
  • What’s the name of these movies

    nyanya9 months ago
  • Blood and bone

    hasarutoe tensakeyhasarutoe tensakey9 months ago
  • im straight but damn is hugo god damn handsome.

    Logan OutlawLogan Outlaw9 months ago
  • Heath Ledger > Joquain Pheonix

    Pranav TurlapatiPranav Turlapati9 months ago
  • Blade should be on the list.

    toysurgeontoysurgeon9 months ago
  • damn bro i really did pick that 7 card doe....

    Frost The BuccaneerFrost The Buccaneer9 months ago
  • Michael Jai White makes me sad for straight guys. How the hell are we supposed to go up against that when women know that dude is still out there? Damn. Give us a chance bro.

    johnathan nussjohnathan nuss9 months ago
  • I know its not a new movie, but you're missing this one:

    Gonçalo AlmeidaGonçalo Almeida9 months ago
  • in tarantino's universe stiglitz killed rommel 5:15!

    radiopinkzeppelin2radiopinkzeppelin29 months ago
  • wolf of wall street always get to me

    Bridgett DevoueBridgett Devoue9 months ago
  • That Joker intro...

    Mc- DevMc- Dev9 months ago
  • title of movie please

    griya masterangriya masteran9 months ago
    • Top of the comments!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Til next time brotha

    Austin LamAustin Lam9 months ago
  • Of course they save the best for last

    Ray ShabazRay Shabaz9 months ago
  • 5:56Translator anybody

    Phuckin UPhuckin U9 months ago
  • I saw the 7 of Diamonds card in the deck and it was in my mind too when he revealed it that mind fucked me

    Call Me Quavo RatatouilleCall Me Quavo Ratatouille9 months ago
  • I think that bone intro is unbeatable

    LordHabibi ILordHabibi I9 months ago
  • What’s the movie at 8:17?

    S LS L9 months ago
  • what was the second clip from

    Jack NolanJack Nolan9 months ago
    • Benjy thanks

      Jack NolanJack Nolan9 months ago
    • The wolf of Wallstreet

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Where’s the movie list?

    Mondo CabazoMondo Cabazo9 months ago
    • Wait I don’t see it WTF

      Mondo CabazoMondo Cabazo9 months ago
    • Pinned at the top of the comments!

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • What was the movie with the jail fight scene.

    Charlie JenningsCharlie Jennings9 months ago
    • Blood and bone

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • What was the first movie?

    NexruzNexruz9 months ago
    • Now you see me

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • What move is at 1:30

    Shoan CoffeeShoan Coffee9 months ago
    • The Wolf of Wallstreet

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • Now I have to go watch Kimbo Sean Gannon fight.

    Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin9 months ago
  • Name of the first one?

    PocosPeroLocosPocosPeroLocos9 months ago
    • Now You See Me

      BenjyBenjy9 months ago
  • I don’t know if this counts as a modern introduction. But to me Trinity’s into in the Matrix will forever be the greatest in my opinion.

    Juan RuizJuan Ruiz9 months ago
  • hit

    em1o smurfem1o smurf9 months ago
  • 01:06 oh my god i hate this movie so much. this scene, jesus. i hate this guy

    Matheus LuizMatheus Luiz9 months ago
  • 0:02 oh the video starts with the worst movie and actor 🤪

    Matheus LuizMatheus Luiz9 months ago
  • I Believe whatever dosen’t kill simply makes a stranger

    Oscar BecerraOscar Becerra10 months ago
  • Damn I forgot how fire Michael Jai Whites intro was in blood and bone

    짱트둥이짱트둥이10 months ago
  • What is the name of tha movie where that man punch that man who is smoking with that 13 year old girl?

    mohammad fahadmohammad fahad10 months ago
    • The Nice Guys

      BenjyBenjy10 months ago
  • Robert Downey Jr. made a good entrance in “Sherlock Holmes”

    Philosopher 9264Philosopher 926410 months ago
  • Just a suggestion, Bill The Butcher in Gangs Of New York. First see him killing people with a cleaver and leading a gang.

    Daniel SalesDaniel Sales10 months ago
  • What is the movie after wolf of wall street?

    mike rotchmike rotch10 months ago
    • Inglorious basterds

      BenjyBenjy10 months ago
  • did Columbus guess my card?

    Floyd ClemensFloyd Clemens10 months ago
  • 10:25 transition after the words to the guitar sentence was great!

    TappajaavTappajaav10 months ago
  • Damn, i missed the episode where Black Dynamite goes to jail

    CharManyrdCharManyrd10 months ago
  • 10:35 Great product placement... xD

    Arun MadhavanArun Madhavan10 months ago
  • Bane's scene should be here

    Peter MathibePeter Mathibe10 months ago
    • You'll see him soon;)

      BenjyBenjy10 months ago
  • That how Luke cage should've fought lmao

    Sylvia BarbozaSylvia Barboza10 months ago
  • Inglorious basterds is such a great fucking movie

    Sylvia BarbozaSylvia Barboza10 months ago
  • The fact that he put that scene from Wall Street on here without censorship and he still has ads makes me loves this channel more lmao. Now excuse me imma go do some drugs outta bitch's butt hole

    Sylvia BarbozaSylvia Barboza10 months ago
    • @Kind Brute Number one, my male biology prevents me from applying any form of less-than-humid temperatures to the end points of my chest area. :) Second, I'm just over-weary of this culture being so obsessed with sex. It's very difficult, if not impossible, for men nowadays to avoid seeing sexualized women, and while there's nothing wrong with sex, the pervasiveness of porn, soft porn, hard porn, and technically-not-porn-but-never-mind-it's-still-nudity porn makes me seriously respect men (and women) who are able to break their pornography addictions. I'd just appreciate a little head's up in the video. I don't want it to be an enforceable law or something stupid like that.

      Fire eater 9107Fire eater 91078 months ago
    • @Fire eater 9107 legit every movie clipped in this vid is not for 6 year olds. chill you r tits and parent your kids

      Kind BruteKind Brute9 months ago
    • Why?! I would've seriously appreciated a head's up for that! What if a six-year-old clicks on this video?

      Fire eater 9107Fire eater 91079 months ago
  • Jokers intro was tuff. I’ll give him that.

    Capricorn BlackCapricorn Black10 months ago
  • "The Rundown" is a classic, but maybe too long for this format. After showing all of the stats for the various players, when Beck (The Rock) calls and admits he's actually afraid of hurting them. Kicks all of their asses and then that final pop up window appears showing his stats. Awesome.

    Bruce LortzBruce Lortz10 months ago
    • Agreed!

      Josh DodgeJosh Dodge10 months ago
  • Who else saw the 7 of diamonds in the first clip

    Ayushya TewariAyushya Tewari10 months ago
    • Subliminal messaging my man

      Josh DodgeJosh Dodge10 months ago
  • American History X? Robocop 2?

    Marco Antonio Ortíz GMarco Antonio Ortíz G10 months ago